Success Stories for EGLA CORP & EGLAVATOR in 2021 and Plans for 2022

We have many success stories for EGLA CORP to share.. I can share that I worked a lot in 2021 and will be working more in 2022. There is no difference on what is being accomplished specially with crypto currencies.  Many great goals, new patents filed, prosecuted, patent defense, technology licensing (e.g. Verizon Wireless) and more efforts to license patents & litigation.

Expert Witness Success and Panel Participations

TECHEDTV is in a hiatus! In 2021, I had several participations and Podcasts specially sponsored by IMS Expert Witness   including a participation with the Attorney General of Nevada.

In the Federal Circuit and  PTAB & IPR fronts success stories:

  • TPI vs Keller Williams – settled – Technical Expert Report & Damages Expert
  • Barkan vs Sprint Wireless – settled – Technical Expert Report 
  • IPR – Proven Networks vs. NetaApp – settled – Technical Expert Report 
  • Mobility Workx v. Verizon Wireless – settled – Damagesl Expert Report 

MEVIA Portfolio

More success stories for EGLA CORP include the MEVIA portfolio got increased with new patents issued including US Patent 11,140,441.  Now filing new applications, an increasing capabilities to include other new inventive aspects. 

The following section presents three main revenue streams for MEVIA:

  • tv subscription service with personalization
  • Cable Operator’s Licensing and SaaS for MEVIA
  • MEVIA Music for Cable Operator with personalization

The current model excludes revenues from:

  • MEVIAVERSE or widget personalization marketplace,
  • Ad revenues,
  • Content creation and licensing,
  • MEVIA Token and NFT Generation

In other words, MEVIA provides a SaaS model for MVPDs (Cable Operators and Satellite Providers) and vMVPDs (online streaming platforms as YouTube TV, Sling TV, FUBO) to include customization of their streams and access of their subscribers to the MEVIAVERSE marketplace. Additionally, VOD platforms such as NETFLIX, HULU, and other services may benefit from MEVIA personalization and aggregator functionality, however the current business plan excludes revenues from these sources.

We can still launch an offering of a COIN with an NFT Play, but that’s disclosed in a separate whitepaper.


Mobility Workx License with Verizon Wireless 

Last August, Mobility Workx, LLC and Verizon Wireless reached a licensing agreement and ended a four-year patent dispute over Mobility Workx’s wireless patent portfolio. Principals of Mobility Workx, Dr. Edwin Hernandez and Dr. Sumi Helal, were present at the settlement negotiation.

The licensed patents were invented around 2002 as part of Dr. Hernandez’ doctoral research at the University of Florida that was directed by Dr. Helal at his Mobile Computing Lab. In early 2000s, Dr. Helal was the director of the Mobile Computing Lab where he directed the inception and creation of many innovative technologies that were envisioned decades before their realization into actual wireless networks and mobile computing devices that we have and use today on a daily basis.

For more details on this agreement you can review it Here

EGLAVATOR and Innovation News

We moved to a new address at 791 Park of Commerce Blvd Suite 300, Boca Raton, FL, 33487 and setup a new EGLAVATOR under a 10,000 sq. ft. roof and soon, we will be expanding our reach to other areas with more startups and ventures.   Two TV Studios, 3D Printing Farm, Call Center area, and more tech than you can imagine for 2022.

Great success with PoinstsKash, Conduction Labs, and even art exhibits. 

Assisted and shared her with Startups that won a FAU Business Plan competition.

And provided assistance in “Español” on Social Media tips and SEO.

Next Generation Spaces 

I personally worked on a new project called, NEXT GENERATION SPACES using 3D printing designs, prototyping and works well to handle access to the EGLAVATOR via SMS or iMessaging.  We added a 3d Printing farm at the EGLAVATOR and electronic design for access control to the office space, in fact, any space benefits.

2022 Plans for the EGLA CORP

On MEVIA will be using our advanced streaming technologies and launching new products for MEVIA, launch MEVIA COIN and other systems.

Objectives for 2022  

In 2022, we expect to grow EGLA CORP even more with expansion in the following areas:

  • Expert witness consulting with expansion to offer other services
  • Startup funding and EGLA CAPITAL with more exposure in other business or old businesses. 
  • Blockchain technologies 
  • Licensing for MEVIA and Litigation enforcements 
  • Books to be published, white papers, and other publications. 







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