Who is Dr. Edwin Hernandez?

Brief Biography

Dr. Edwin Hernandez is an an inventor, intellectual property expert, and a serial entrepreneur with a few decades of experience in technology and software.  He graduated in 2002 with a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida.  Dr. Hernandez  has more than 25+ years of experience in the field of computer science, and industry experience working for companies like Motorola and Microsoft.  He also has 13 issued patents  where some have been licensed by mobile device manufacturers and carriers including Verizon Wireless.  Some of his inventions includes pioneering wireless handoff technologies and mobile certification testing now in use by millions of subscribers that he developed as part of his doctoral dissertation, and more recently a breakthrough multimedia streaming technology called MEVIA.  As an intellectual property expert Dr. Hernandez has consulted in more than 25 Intellectual property cases and has generated success & significant wins for his clients.  In graduate school, he was also a Fulbright scholar.

Dr. Hernandez has also been a judge for Mobile World Congress, the world’s most iconic wireless event with 100,000 attendees,. Also volunteers as a technical reviewer for academic journals, conferences, and other publications as editorial board member. 

Dr. Hernandez also holds a Masters degree also in Electrical & Computer Engineering also from the University of F.orida and a B.S. in Electronics Engineering from the Costa Rica Institute of Technology.  As an entrepreneur, he is the owner and founder of EGLA CORP  that includes a technology incubator and accelerator called EGLAVATOR, with several ventures and startups that include MEVIA, PointsKash and many other startups in the fields of blockchain technologies , artificial intelligence, streaming, devices, health tech, and other areas in computer science  & telecomm.

In the recent years, Dr. Edwin has assisted large to small corporations as an Expert Witness for patent and intellectual property cases in  PTAB, ITC, US Federal Court involving companies like T-Mobile, Verizon, Google, AT&T, Samsung, and many others. Including recently, as a Damages Expert testifying in court and surviving a Daubert challenges with many significant wins by his clients.

Dr. Edwin is a passionate for technology and innovation, a great software developer that still participates in Hackathons, Startup events, and marking its own prototypes.  In general,  he enjoys 3D printing, coding in several languages, mathematics, linear algebra, and prototyping and an avid blockchain expert..

As a subject matter expert in intellectual property,  Dr. Hernandez has participates in panels with numerous attorneys including one with the  Attorney General of Nevada, Law Review Editors, and many other experts in the area of “Data Breaches & Their Impact on Litigation”

Dr. Hernandez is a reviewer for several international conference committees, editorial boards member for several journals & IEEE publications.  Dr. Edwin also holds an advisory role position in several companies, board of directors member, and volunteers for the “Industry Advisory Board for FAU’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department since 2017.

He also hosts his own magazine and TV show series called TECHED.TV.   Dr. Hernandez was born in Honduras but is also a US Citizen, and a resident of South Florida. 

This is a brief biography but for a more detailed version please click here.


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