South Florida Startup News – Boca Raton’s EGLAVATOR


BOCA RATON, FL.  Fantastic! South Florida Startup news.  EGLA CORP is excited to share great news from our members of the EGLAVATOR.

The EGLAVATOR is Boca Raton’s office space and technology incubator. The EGLAVATOR recently relocated to new 10,000 sq. ft. facility that is more appropriate for growing technology companies and incubate new ventures.

EGLA CORP owns and privately funds the EGLAVATOR. EGLA’s team assist startups with technical expertise, cloud access, investments, and provides a community of innovators at our office space. EGLA is excited to share with South Florida some of the latest successes.

POINTSKASH, Inc a financial technology company with an innovative platform that allows credit card owners convert reward points into cash. Pointskash makes those loyalty points work for the consumer in the most convenient way. The platform also comes with other exciting features that attracted a funding round lead by a Silicon Valley VC fund.

. . “We are visualizing a 2022 full of new developments and exponential growth and helping our customers to easily convert those reward points into cash,“ said Steve Janjic, CEO and founder. EGLA CORP is excited to be a shareholder and assisting exciting fintech venture.

CONDUCTION LABS, Inc is a local leader in Bluetooth technologies and headset manufacturer. The team launched a truly wireless headset product, called “Etude” in a joint venture with ALOVA. As part of the launch, a Kickstarter campaign became the vehicle to raise close to $40,000 after just a few weeks. The team is now preparing new product launches in other sites like IndieGogo. “This is just the beginning, and our team is planning our technology roadmaps with more Bluetooth and wireless products” — Bruce Borenstein said

MOBILITY WORKX, LLC successfully reached a licensing agreement with Verizon Wireless for its patent portfolio that provided a cost-effective solution for wireless handset testing using emulation. Others provided intelligent algorithms and methods to speed up handoff processing – a key requirement in modern wireless communication networks. Dr. Sumi Helal and Dr. Edwin Hernandez, who is also a founder of EGLA CORP, provided a separate press release with additional details.

MEVIA and Cloud to Cable technologies will receive its 3rd issued US Patent under 11,141,440 and will be published by the USPTO soon. Dr. Hernandez will continue filing for more advanced continuations and other patents related to his streaming products.

These are some of the exciting developments from September at the EGLAVATOR and South Florida Startup news.

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