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At the end of 2010, Edwin left corporate America and started working for his own company EGLA CORP dba  EGLA COMMUNICATIONS.

As a founder and entrepreneur, Dr. Edwin has been its main architect and developer, as a founder and company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). EGLA CORP has generated revenues and maintained is 7000 sq ft facility in Boca Raton, FL.


Since 2017, Dr. Edwin runs and operatest a technology incubator & office space called the EGLAVATOR.

You can visit it own site at:

EGLA’s Software and Technology Innovations

EGLA CORP dba EGLA COMMUNICATIONS is an innovation company. EGLA’s culture is so excited about intellectual property that created its own technology incubator called, the EGLAVATOR.

EGLA has developed many things including a revolutionary multimedia platforms with patent issued and -pending technologies, creating products in health technologies, media, artificial intelligence, audio and video delivery to cable, web, and mobile, and others.

One of EGLA’s platform is now branded as MEVIA and was called as “Mediamplify”, the company’s media streaming service, but later on evolved to become CloudtoCable TV with a more advanced patented software implementation.

EGLA currently also owns also the cloud storage platform called the “Hula Drive”, which will provide affordable cloud storage available for media and assets.  

Mediamplify was hosted in several data centers, EQUINIX. and Amazon Cloud.  Today, EGLA hosts the entire platform only on AWS and locally in our facilities in Boca Raton.

EGLA is now working on other projects thru its incubator and accelerator, and partners with other ventures, and recently launched EGLA.ai or EGLA’s Artificial Intelligence play.

In the past, EGLA has been finalist in several startup events with Mediamplify, including MediaSparks, Emerge America’s and ETBS 2015. At EGLA, Edwin is still working on wireless computing and mobile systems with MobileCAD. In fact, Edwin’s cloud also hosts a 4G/LTE Network in partnership with Cirrus Core Networks, in Boca Raton FL.


The platform designed, implemented, and invented by Edwin, “Mediamplify® Amplify your Reach® ,” brings the cloud and Cable TV together, effectively simplifying the distribution of music and video content to web, mobile and Cable TV subscribers.

Recently,  Mevia has become the main focus with a new brand and great User Experience, renaming all devices to Mevia Cloud to Cable, Mevia Box, Mevia App, and Multimevia.

On November 2018 and December 2019,  Edwin was awarded with US Patents 10123074 and 10524002

Dr. Edwin currently works on the MEVIA Studio set of products based on this patent as well as other projects.

MEVIA Studio comes to solve issues found in broadcasting from mixing video, audio, graphics, and broadcasting in general to the web and cable TV & satellite systems.

In addition to all media streaming technologies, Dr. Edwin has also worked on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, winning a competition with the project called “Bitcoin Caster.” and at its incubator has worked on patents involving “Augmented Reality,Big Data,  mobile apps, Computer Vision, and medical devices.

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and all interesting machine learning technique is of his interest.  You can find one of his articles in the online at Medium.com on Radial Basis Neural Networks.


Dr. Hernandez is an executive producer for the following shows. He might appear in them as a host or a guest as well including:


Patent, Startups, and Innovation Assistance | The EGLAVATOR

Besides my daily routine, I help other with their patent issues and work together with all startups at the EGLAVATOR. The EGLAVATOR is my technology “Incubator / Accelerator” fostering innovation and creativity with other engineers and entrepreneurs in Boca Raton, Miami, and Tegucigalpa, Honduras

EGLA has no meaning, it’s just an acronym composed with the intials of  “Edwin,”  and his parents  “Gladys” and “Alcides” which are the owners and main shareholders.

Wireless Expert Witness, Mobile Expert Witness, Software Consultant, Chief Technology Officer, Inventor, Patents

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