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Dr. Edwin Hernandez

Expert Witness, Inventor, Technology Professional & Entrepreneur

Dr. Edwin Hernandez is an expert witness, an inventor and a serial entrepreneur with technical expertise in the areas of computer networking, wireless and mobile communications, multimedia streaming, Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithms, and cloud technologies.  He has been part of the entrepreneurship world since 1997 and now provides strategic technical, licensing, and intellectual property advise to startups and even “Fortune 500” companies including Bank of America, Citrix, Nippon Telecomm, Intellectual Ventures, and many others in high technology assets. 

Dr. Edwin graduated in 2002 with a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida.  Dr. Hernandez  has more than 25+ years of experience in the field of computer science, working for companies like Motorola and Microsoft.  

Additionally, his expertise of more than 30 years in programming languages from C/C++ to Javascript, including modern platform using containers, SaaS,  Javascript (React and NodeJS), iOS & Android programming, and micro-services platforms.

Dr. Hernandez has a  Masters degree also in Electrical & Computer Engineering where he focused on topics of machine learning and fuzzy logic (AI) in the fields of networking. In his undergraduate work,  and as an Electronics Engineer, Dr. Edwin had great expertise in digital and analog circuit design, micro controllers, signaling, Radio Frequency, and  internet networking.  Dr. Hernandez also has worked with licensing and patent commercialization for Motorola and for his incubator.

In the recent years, Dr. Edwin has also consulted for large to small corporations as an Expert Witness for patent and intellectual property cases in US Federal Court involving companies like T-Mobile, Verizon, Google, and many others. Including recently, as a Damages Expert testifying in court and surviving a Daubert challenge. Dr. Edwin is a passionate for technology and  participates in Hackathons, Startup events, and holds 15 issued patents plus other patent applications in several innovation fields.

Currently acts as a co-founder of different startups including GUILLTESS TO GO, BRIDGE TO THE UNIVERSE LABS, MARINE CYBER SOLUTIONS, MOBILITY WORKX, and has Joint-Ventures with many other Startups at the EGLAVATOR. 

As an expert in intellectual property, Dr. Hernandez has participate in panels with the Attorney General of Nevada, Law Review Editors, and many others.

Additionally, Edwin’s patents cover aspects of handoff
mobility in 4G & 5G Systems, emulation & test conformance for mobility, wireless charging, media streaming for cable TV, a roaming engine for Windows OS, wearables,  Augmented Reality, and many others.

He also reviews research and conference papers for several journals & IEEE conferences.  Dr. Edwin holds an advisory role position for several companies, and  also volunteers for the “Industry Advisory Board” for FAU’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department since 2017.

His patents are licensed by multiple companies including wireless and mobile manufacturers including Verizon Wireless

Dr. Edwin runs a technology incubator in Boca Raton, called the EGLAVATOR.

His main companies are EGLA COMMUNICATIONS with MEVIA App & Platform and MOBILITY WORKX, LLC. for 4G LTE ad 5G technologies   He also hosts his own magazine and TV show called TECHED.TV.  

Dr. Hernandez was a Fulbright Scholar from 1997-1999.

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Dr. Hernandez was also a judge for GSMA’s Mobile World Congress 2019 and 2020, member of several IEEE Committees and Journal’s Editorial Boards as the “Journal for Networks & Systems Management,” and other organizations.

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Dr. Hernandez was born in Honduras and is a US Citizen.  Dr. Edwin can be reached at edwin at

For more detailed biographical Information:

EGLA & MEVIA | Mobility Workx | EGLAVATOR | Hackathons | Patent Brokerage| Expert Witness | Motorola | Microsoft | Gainesville
Costa RicaCOMTELCA | Honduras


2010 – Present – Life at EGLA CORP dba EGLA COMMUNICATIONS

At the end of 2010, Edwin left corporate America and started working for his own company EGLA CORP dba  EGLA COMMUNICATIONS.

As a founder and entrepreneur, he has been its main visionary, founder, and company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and owner.

Since 2017, I have a technology incubator & office space, and soon accelerator in Boca Raton, called the EGLAVATOR with a few success stories.

EGLA CORP dba EGLA COMMUNICATIONS has developed many high-tech ventures including a revolutionary multimedia platforms with patented technologies that integrates web widgets into TV streams. Additionally MEVIA enables audio and video delivery to cable, web, and mobile. Content providers can monetize their media content by selling and distributing their content on the Internet and to IPTV systems such as cable or satellite operators.

This platform service is now branded as MEVIA and was initially labeled as “Mediamplify.” MEVIA is a media streaming service, is powered by our patented technology that I call
“CloudtoCable TV” with a more advanced featuresset.

EGLA currently owns also the cloud storage platform called the “Hula Drive”, which will provide affordable cloud storage available for media and assets.   Mediamplify was hosted in several data centers, EQUINIX. and Amazon Cloud.  Today, EGLA hosts the entire platform only on AWS and locally at our facilities in Boca Raton.


EGLA has been finalist in several startup events with Mediamplify, including MediaSparks, Emerge America’s and ETBS 2015. At EGLA, Edwin is still working on wireless computing and mobile systems, in fact, Edwin’s cloud hosts a 4G/LTE Network in partnership with Cirrus Core Networks, in Boca Raton FL.


The platform designed, implemented, and invented by Edwin, “Mediamplify® Amplify your Reach® ,” brings the cloud and Cable TV together, effectively simplifying the distribution of music and video content to web, mobile and Cable TV subscribers.

Recently,  Mevia has become the main focus with a new brand and great User Experience, renaming all devices to Mevia Cloud to Cable, Mevia Box, Mevia App, and Multimevia.

On November 2018 and December 2019,  Edwin was awarded with US Patents 10123074 and 10524002, as well as recently in 2021, 2022 and 2024 (here)

Dr. Edwin currently works on the MEVIA Studio set of products based on this patent as well as other projects.

MEVIA Studio comes to solve issues found in broadcasting from mixing video, audio, graphics, and broadcasting in general to the web and cable TV & satellite systems.

In addition to all media streaming technologies, Dr. Edwin has also worked on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, winning a competition with the project called “Bitcoin Caster.” and at its incubator has worked on patents involving “Augmented Reality,Big Data,  mobile apps, Computer Vision, and medical devices.

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and all interesting machine learning technique is of his interest.  You can find one of his articles in the online at on Radial Basis Neural Networks.



In 2016,  Edwin met with a new team and decided to rebrand MEDIAMPLIFY and replace it with “MEVIA”

MEVIA was projected to be a safety, music, and video application with an all combined proposition specially designed for students in the fields of e-Learning for LATAM/US focus. Additionally, MEVIA is a companion app for Cable TV operators that want to expand their reach with our music and TV content and their own TV content, or TV/Music Streaming partners that are searching for larger distribution channels in Cable TV and Cloud. All these efforts are coordinated under EGLA COMMUNICATIONS.  MEVIA was also used to brand the “CLOUD TO CABLE” technology to deliver media/music/video content to operators, MSOs, MVP, and Mobile.

For more details on what Cloud to Cable is, please refer to the following link.


Mobility Works, LLC


In 2016, Edwin and Dr. Helal crated Mobility Workx, LLC a company just dedicated to license essential patents for 4G. We have offices at the incubator, Gainesville, FL, and Texas. Recently, Mobility Works reached a licensing agreement with Verizon Wireless for all its portfolio.

Patent, Startups, and Innovation Assistance | The EGLAVATOR


Besides my daily routine, I help other with their patent issues and work together with all startups at the EGLAVATOR. The EGLAVATOR is my technology “Incubator / Accelerator” fostering innovation and creativity with other engineers and entrepreneurs in Boca Raton, Miami, and Tegucigalpa, Honduras


I enjoy attending Hackathons, Startup Weekends, and any event that requires the use of some creativity. For example:

  • HackaNUI – “Airthenticate” FAU – Winner  – Identified a signature in the air by following gestures
  • Bitcoin Competition – Runner-up #3  – Bitcoin Caster – uses Amazon’s Alexa to process the blockchain.
  • The LAB Miami – Hula Drive extension for aggregating space on  Amazon S3, Dropbox, and Google drive
  • Office Depot & Palm Beach Tech Hackathon, Eye of the Storm – series of cameras computing wind speed from a OpenCV service. – 3rd place
  • Emerge Americas Hackathon 2018 – Computer Vision Anemometer – Runner-Up
  • NBC Universal & Telemundo Hackathon – Beam me Up – a tool to insert your live video on TV Broadcasts
  • Startup Weekends 2010, 2012, and others…
  • Some others that I don’t recall…

Patent Brokerage and Technology Licensing


I help companies licensing or selling intellectual property (IP)  for assistance contact me directly.


Auditing and Expert Witness Consulting  – EGLA CORP Services (2014-Present)

Dr. Hernandez is an IMS EliteXpert, and has worked for other organizations but can be contacted directly. If you want to hire Dr Edwin as an Expert Witness

As an expert, Dr. Edwin has worked in many patent/trade secret cases mostly in technology and software, Wireless, Telecommunications, 4G/LTE, Cloud-based Systems, Augmented Reality, TCPA, Bluetooth, and all my areas of expertise.

Regarding software audits, I also  completed a recent audit for SINAP, the National Property Institute of Honduras, a mega project with millions of lines of code, Tera Bytes of geospatial information and databases, Java code, .NET, HTML/CSS, and many processes to handle thousand and thousands of titles and properties in the digital market of Honduras. The audit was a success and we expect to help more on that front.

2010-2014 – Rapid Mobile Technologies, Inc 


In 2009, Edwin founded Rapid Mobile Technologies Inc which received an exclusive license from the University of Florida for US Patents 7231330, 7697508, and 8213417.  The UF Research Foundation (See link) is one of Rapid Mobile’s shareholders.  Rapid Mobile’s main products are the MobileCAD, a wireless emulation technology, and the MobileIPP, a wireless mobility protocol to enable 3G and 4G mobility.  The ‘330, ‘508 and ‘417 patents are currently licensed under a non-exclusive agreement by a major technology player in the wold of wireless communications and mobile.

Motorola 2003-2010

Back to Florida

In November of 2003, Edwin left Microsoft and moved to Florida to take a position with Motorola as a Senior Software Engineer. While working for Motorola, he worked as part of the company’s technical leadership team. There he worked on many different software platforms such as BREW, Java/J2ME, Android, Windows Mobile, and he helped develop multiple devices including Gemini (i930 Windows Mobile), i1 (iDEN Android device), dual-mode CDMA iDEN (ic402, ic502), and many more.  Dr. Edwin was also part of Motorola’s software patent evaluation committee.

In 2007, Dr. Hernandez was invited to join the editorial board for the International Journal of Network Management, and was part of the Technical Committee for BROADNETS 2008 and LCN 2008 where he contributing to the International Journal of Simulation (IJSIMM). In 2009, Edwin published an article in IEEE Pervasive Computing (Jan 09) and was invited as a presenter for the “Mobile Commerce 2009” in Miami FL. To this day Edwin still volunteers with the organization’s committee for Mobile Mondays in Miami and continues to be part of their executive team.

2003-2010 – Motorola – Life after Microsoft 


In 2009-2010, Edwin was heavily involved with the Google Android leadership team at Motorola while participating in their first competition long before the company chose the Android as their unified platform (e.g. Ad2Location) .  Through his experience at Motorola Edwin has a wide expertise working on the Google Android at all platform levels.

Aside from his several academic publications, throughout his career, Dr. Hernandez has submitted 12 wireless and mobility patents with 8 of them being issued, which are now owned by either Microsoft, the University of Florida, or Motorola, Inc.  He has also been invited to speak at various venues including the “Mobile Commerce Americas,” “Webconf Latino 2010,” and the “First Tuesday Honduras (Web).”

Links for Reference: Motorola |  International Journal of Network Management | BROADNETS 2008 | LCN 2008 | IEEE Pervasive Computing |  Mobile Commerce 2009 |  Mobile Mondays Miami | First Tuesday Honduras | MoMoMiami

Microsoft – 2002-2003 – Life after UF

In 2001, he spent the summer interning at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA, where he was awarded his first patent and was invited to meet Bill Gates at Mr. Gate’s home.

After his internship, in 2002-2003, Edwin was offered a full-time position with Microsoft, which is when he moved to Belleveu, WA.  While working for Microsoft, he worked as a Technical Program Manager in the Windows Networking Organization department and was able to file 3 US Patents that are now issued.

1997-2002 – University of Florida and Gainesville, FL


In 1997, Edwin was awarded a Fulbright scholarship while admitted to the University of Florida (UF), Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in Gainesville.  While attending UF, Edwin worked at the High-Performance Computing and Simulation Research Lab under Dr. Alan D. George.  Dr. George was influential and known for his first journal publication and exposure to distributed computing and cloud systems. In 1999, he completed his Masters of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering publishing his Master’s thesis published “Adaptive Sampling for Network Management“.


In 1999, Edwin was admitted to the Ph.D. program at UF in Computer Engineering under the guidance of Dr. Sumi Helal.   During that time, Dr. Edwin Hernandez, became a researcher at the Harris Mobile Computing Lab investigating the effects of speed in mobile devices handoff. His research and efforts developed a hardware and software device called RAMON. RAMON is a mobility emulator in which developers may test mobility protocols in realistic emulation environments. As an example, Dr. Hernandez implemented a predictive Mobile IP protocol to show how proactive registration mechanisms could improve throughput at different hand off speeds, using a “Ghost Mobile None and a Ghost Foreign Agent,” resembling what Proxy Mobile IP does in 3G/4G Networks.. Both components became part of his dissertation, publications, and patents. While completing his doctorate at UF, Dr. Hernandez was also a tutor, teaching assistant, and instructor in several of the University’s undergraduate and graduate courses, specially managing the “Killer App – Mobile Application Competition,” a predecessor of what apps are today in Android and iPhone.

In addition to his research, Edwin was also an active member of “The Entrepreneurs Club,” being part of the founding class and participating and winning several business plan competitions in Gainesville with his friends at NOVORIS Technologies. In 2002, we won the “Technology” track with “Smartfit”, a pioneering software for handheld devices (Pocket PC) for Health and Fitness.

Links for reference:   University of Florida |  High-Performance Computing and Simulation Research Lab  |  Dr. Sumi Helal  | Harris Mobile Computing Lab Microsoft


1995-1997 – COMTELCA and Honduras 

Shortly after graduating as an engineer and at only 20 yrs old, Edwin joined the Central American Telecommunications Commission (COMTELCA), and was in charge of the creation and planning for their Internet presence.

Additionally during that period (1995-1997), he also became one of the Internet pioneers in Honduras due to co-founding COMPUNET (aka with his parents in 1996, which happened to be one Honduras’s first Internet service providers.  COMPUNET worked under the license id “#FM15” and was part of “Telefonia para Todos” project under a different license.

Links for reference  COMTELCA

1990-1995  – Undergraduate Life in Costa Rica 

Edwin moved to Costa Rica and lived in Moravia and Cartago from 1991 thru 1995. In 1995, Edwin graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Electronics Engineering from the Costa Rica Institute of Technology.  While attending, “El TEC” he wrote his first big software project, a point of sale point of sale and inventory management software for a very well-known book publisher.  This software was in use in Costa Rica with thousands of books and sales. He also developed hardware and software systems for RACSA (Radiografica Costarricense), which was the country’s main data networking company. While working for RACSA, he developed a monitoring system for their X.25 Packet Data Network using the Microsoft Windows environment, which happened to be a very innovative project during that period of time. Edwin also worked one semester at the Masters degree program in Computer Science before moving back to Honduras.

Links for reference:  Costa Rica Institute of Technology |  RACSA.

Honduras – The Beginnings

Dr. Edwin Hernandez was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  He attended  elementary and secondary school at  ”Instituto Salesiano San Miguel” in Tegucigalpa. Around 1989-1990, Edwin took advanced and combinatorial math at the Honduran National University (UNAH) under Dr. Ferrufino.  In his High School years, Edwin won math, science, and cartoon drawing competitions. In 1990, he wrote his first software program using “BASIC”  in an “Equity I+” (Epson PC). The software simulated physics movement equations (kinematics  e.g. v=x/t) and dynamics (e.g. Force), including animations to illustrate and help with learning. In 1990, after several years of practicing Tae Kwon Do (TKD), Edwin passed the black bet exam and all additional requirements under Great Master Bong Kyung Song. Edwin won a third place and participated in Honduran TKD national tournaments and practiced briefly with honduran national TKD team.

EGLA’s Acronym and Meaning


EGLA has no meaning, it’s just an acronym composed with the intials of  “Edwin,”  and his parents  “Gladys” and “Alcides” which are the owners and main shareholders.

Mediamplify is now in use and being deployed in several cable operators in several countries, Mexico, Brasil, Honduras, and many other countries.  Mevia the new branding, CLOUDTOCABLE, for the mobile application for the former Mediamplify platform.

More Links: Rapid Mobile Technologies Inc | UFRF |  EGLA COMMUNICATIONS | Mobiltiy Workx| MEVIAUBIWIRELESS  |  linked in

Curriculum Vitae

March 2024 – Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez – Expert Witness Curriculum Vitae


Wireless Expert Witness, Mobile Expert Witness, Software Consultant, Chief Technology Officer, Inventor, Patents

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