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Dr. Edwin A Hernandez

Inventor, Expert Witness, Technology Professional, Entrepreneur


Dr. Hernandez is available for expert witness work


Intellectual Property Areas

  • Patent litigation,
  • Inter-parties Review (IPR)
  • Trade secret and software-related litigation

Mobile and Wireless Expert Witness Background

Our consulting rates as expert witness in patent cases in wireless, mobile computing, smartphone technologies, and  media are based on our PhD-level of expertise with 10 issued patents and experience in court. I have over 20+ years of experience in mobile, software, and have evaluated and written thousands of lines of code in the area of my expertise.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Wireless Networks and Infrastructure
  • Wireless Emulation and Simulation
  • Mobile IP, PMIP, GTP and 4G/LTE Mobility Protocols
  • RF, Signaling, and Protocols
  • Local Area Networks
  • Mobile Applications and software methods
  • Media Streaming and MPEG/Cable TV systems
  • CDN and Cloud-based Platforms
  • Internet and broadband communication systems
  • Cloud Computing and Storage Platforms
  • Internet Of Things


LTE Base Station



No_Hope_Wireless_Access_Point_clip_art_smallRetaining Fee

This is done in a case by case basis and usually is non-refundable. However in some cases we can allow up to 40% refund in cases where depositions have not been yet performed and settlement required no affidavits from Dr. Hernandez.  Please request “University” or “Academic” discount, which is 20% of the usual retainer fee and 20% on the hourly rate.


Current “Going Rates”

My expert witness testimony rates are different and set as three:

  • Review of evidence and technical paper, write up of reports, and analysis in conference calls or in person.
  • Deposition rate which includes pre/post preparation timing, and trial rates.

Please make sure your attorney contact me if any evidence you need me to review, as any discovery may require me to disclose any messages you have sent me. Ensure your attorney client privilege is protected, Dr. Hernandez has wide expertise evaluation evidence as en Expert Witness.

We usually apply a 20% discount for Universities and Academic institutions involved in patent / intellectual property litigation.

If you want to hire my services as an expert witness please reach me via email at edwin at edwinhernandez dot com or call me at 561-306-4996.


Mobile Expert Witness, Wireless Expert Witness, Smartphone Expert Witness

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