Expert Witness Consultant –  Electronics Engineer, MS ECE, PhD in Computer Engineering

As an Expert Witness, Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez assist legal firms and his clients with his intellectual property expertise and innovation specialist. Dr. Hernandez can testify in court on technical expert matters, Inter-parties Reviews (IPRs), federal court infringement, validity, and damages experts that includes reasonable royalties.

Dr. Hernandez graduated with a BS in Electronics Engineering, an MS in Computer and Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Computer Engineering.  He has worked as an expert witness.. A list of his skills is presented herein:

Communications Systems, Mobile Devices, Power Management, Wireless, Media Streaming, Storage Systems, Web and E-Commerce, Cloud Computing, Embedded Software, 4G LTE, Software Engineering, Wearables, Crypto, NFTs, Virtual and Augmented Reality, CAMBUS, IOT, Software Platforms, Hardware Devices

Tuck School of Business

 In December 2015, Dr. Hernandez participated in a class for entrepreneurs in association with Google in Seattle, Washington as part of their Executive Program for Entrepreneurs.

University of Florida

Ph.D, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, Major: Computer Engineering, 
Research areas: Mobile Computing, Wireless Networks, Handoff Optimization, and
Adaptable Network Protocols, Linear Prediction, Network Emulation
Description: Simulating Mobility was providing bogus results for a realistic environment, an emulation approach was required to test new protocols. RAMON was created to fix this situation (‘330 Patent) and a Mobile protocol that adapted to speed as also invented and tested using the RAMON environment (‘508 and ‘417 Patents)
Dissertation: An Adaptive Networking Protocol for Rapid Mobility Environments
Advisor: Dr. Sumi Helal,
Graduation Date: August 2002

M.Sc., University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Research areas: Computer Networks and Intelligent and Information Systems,
Thesis:  Adaptive Sampling for Network Management
Description:  A protocol using fuzzy logic controllers that would adapt sampling rates in a network management platform that performed better than random sampling and depending on the Hurst parameter on simulated network traffic would collect enough information from the traffic patter and would adapt sampling rate accordingly.
Advisor: Dr. Alan D. George
Graduation Date: December 1999

TEC Costa Rica

B.Sc. Costa Rica Institute of Technology, Costa Rica, Major: Electronics Engineering 
Thesis: Monitoring system for a packet data network, RACSAPAC
Description:  A 8051-based processor connected to a RUPI an X.25 8051 controller hardware and a Windows 3.1 service using an RS-232 interface that collected data from the RUPI interface. Also a sensor that would detect incoming calls for a PBX-based system in a dial -up environment.
Advisor: Dipl-Ing. Luis P. Mendez
Graduation Date: July 1995

Software &  Engineering Skills – Over 30 years working on programming languages and technology.

Operating Systems  Experience:  Linux Operating  Systems (Expert Level), Windows Platforms, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

Cloud Computing: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, VmWare & XenServer, Docker Containers & Kurbenetes. Cloud storage and platform development of multimedia delivery systems.

Mobile Programming: iOS and Android. Android OS including Smart TV, IOS Development for iPad/iPhone/TV, Embedded Development with Raspberry PI. Legacy systems: Windows CE, J2ME, Blackberry RIM SDK, Motorola SDKs, Samsung SDK  BREW, Qualcomm AMSS/DMSS.

Software Development languages:  React, React-Native, Python (Django), PHP, Javascript (jQuery, NodeJS, AngularJS), Objective-C, Swift, Java, Java/Android, GNU C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Platform Builder, Java Micro-Edition, J2SE, and MySQL.   

Machine Learning: Scikit, OpenCV, Python and Text-to-Speech Technologies

Multimedia Systems:  Cable TV, DVB-C, DVB-S, IP Multicasting, Streaming Platforms, Encoding, Transcoding, Metadata, MPEG TS,  Cable & Satellite Systems..

Wireless Protocols: GPRS, UMTS, 4G LTE Handoff, 5G XN, and NFV Platforms. Beamforming, Power Management, RRC Messaging, Femto cells, small cells, QXDM logs. Experience with Wearables, Bluetooth LE, BNEP, and many PAN systems.  Wide experience with GSM, GPRS, and other legacy wireless standards such as CDMA 2000, iDEN, and others.  Extensiveexperience with mobility protocols in UMTS, LTE, GSM, Mobile IP, MIH and research projects such as Cellular IP, HAWAII,AODV, and other systems. Expert level on WIFI, WPA-3, and IEEE 802.11 standards.

Software Defined Radios and Networks: GNU Radio, Propagation, RF and Software-based Emulation, Wireless Emulation, Fading, Modulation, & others

Internet Networking:  In-depth knowledge of IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, IP tunnels, TCP/IP, Web Sockets. NDIS driver design inWindows platforms, PCAP, Experience managing and securing Cisco IOS routers networks & firewalls and SNMP management. Fiber optics, IP Tunnels, VPN, Switching, Redundancy. 

Process Management:  Github, JIRA, TFS & SCRUM

Data Center:  Power Management, A/C, Electrical Distribution, Networking,   

Scientific and Engineering Tools: MATLAB, pSPICE, OrCAD, Network Simulator (ns-2 and ns-3), wide experience in electroniccircuit design, digital design, and low-level debugging tools, including PC-104 and circuit design.

Legacy Programming Languages:  LISP, PROLOG,  VHDL, FOXPRO, Pascal, Embedded design, Intel assembly code (i8051, x86), and TCL/TK.

Dr. Edwin Hernandez’s Latest CV can be found in PDF format here:

Expert Witness IPRs, Infringement, Validity, Damages on Technology-related litigation.


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