Intellectual Property Expert

As an “Intellectual Property Expert,”(CV as Expert Witness) I assist companies monetize and defend their intellectual property.  Intellectual Property is understood as patents, technologies and inventions at different stages:

  • Startups – Technology Incubation or acceleration, IP protection, Prototyping,   via my incubator and accelerator: the EGLAVATOR
  • Strategic Assessment and Assistance of your IP Litigation as an Expert Witness Testimony for IPRs or Patent Litigations 
  • Strategic consulting for Patent Licensing and Monetization negotiations with potential licensees (IP Licensing)

The Incubator – EGLAVATOR

Many technologies require more than just filing for a patent, in many cases pivoting, testing products with customers, and validation is required as part of an “incubation process”.  An incubation phase is then, a must to have, for any “Intellectual Property” asset to become valuable. I can assist you with the financial projection, market value, and technology strategy for your business. 


Patent Brokerage and Technology Licensing

I help companies licensing or selling intellectual property (IP)  for assistance contact me directly for more details.   Licensing must be done with careful attention to details, specially technical specifications, distinction of trade secrets over patents, and value your IP appropriately.


Expert Witness – Strategy, Technology Audits and Litigation  Consulting 

Dr. Hernandez is an independent Expert Witness with technical and damages reports surviving Daubert challenges in Federal court. 

I have also worked with Expert Witness brokers and nominated as an IMS EliteXpert. I have also worked for other organizations like ATS Experts, AP Experts, Thomspson Reutes,  but  prefer to be can be contacted directly to or if you would like to know more find out at  Dr Edwin as an Expert Witness

As an intellectual property expert, Dr. Edwin has worked in many patent/trade secret cases in technology and software, Wireless, Telecommunications, 4G/LTE, Cloud-based Systems, Augmented Reality, TCPA, Bluetooth, and all my areas of expertise.

Code Review under Clean room conditions or claim chart analysis 

As intellectual property expert,  I can conduct software audits and clean room analysis of your code, any software that is being acquired, pre-litigation support, and claim chart analysis. 

I completed an audit in 2018 to SINAP and the government of Honduras. SINAP is the “National Property Institute of Honduras.”  Their software included millions of lines of code, Tera Bytes of geospatial information and databases, Java code, .NET, HTML/CSS, and many processes to handle thousand and thousands of property titles and property information in digital formats for the entire country of Honduras. The audit was a success and we expect to help more on that front.

For more sample reports, on IPR or other public matter refer to:

Technical Expert Witness for Intellectual Property and Patent Cases

  1. University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc. et. al. vs. Motorola Mobility LLC. Filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida – Case settled
  2. Virtela Technology Services  vs. Andrew Funk, Filed in the US District Court of Denver, Colorado, Representing Andrew Funk – Case Settled
  3. Del Castillo vs. Bank of America– Representing Bank of America – Case settled.
  4. Seven Networks vs. Google– Representing Seven Networks
  5. Blue Radios vs. Kopin – Representing Blue Radios – Colorado
  6. Mobility Workx vs. T-Mobile– Case Settled
  7. Mobility Workx  vs. Verizon Wireless, Representing Mobility Workx, LLC in E.D. Texas
  8. Mobile Manufacturer vs.  Carrier, Eastern District of Texas, Representing Mobile Manufacturer (Confidential)
  9. Talent Mobile Development  vs. Headios Group (California Federal Court, Trademark/Mobile Software) – Expert Witness and Testimony at Jury trial with 700k award to my client.
  10. Key West Golf Club vs. Cable Provider – Preliminary study – Key West, FL
  11. Express Mobile vs. DreamHost, LLCExpert – US District Court of Delaware.
  12. Stone vs. AT&T, Velocity – Expert Witness – Representing AT&T and Velocity – US District of San Diego
  13. Express Mobile vs. Magento, BigCommerce, others – Ex[ert Witness, Representing Express Mobile, U.S. E.D District of Texas and California Northern District, Audited code for client, claim charts, invalidity defenses.
  14. Workspot vs. Citrix– Expert Witness  IPR2019-01002-– Representing CITRIX  – PTAB
  15. DISH Network LLC vs Multimedia Content Management LLC– IPR2019-01014 and IPR2019-01015, Representing Multimedia Content Management, LLC
  16. Bell Northern Research, LLC v. LG Electronics, Inc., et al,  Infringement & Validity Federal Court, IPRs (3), California, Settled 
  17. Bell Northern Research, LLC v. Samsung et al,  Infringement & Validity Federal Court, IPRs (3), California, 2020-ongoing  – Assisting infringements & damages
  18. TCL assistance & consulting for several patents and IP cases. 
  19. Barkan v. Sprint – E.D. of Texas, Technical Expert Reports, Invalidity and Infringement Reports, Deposed (Case Settled)
  20. Kaiffi v. T-Mobile, Verizon  – E.D. of Texas, Technical Expert Reports  (Streaming and wireless) (Withdrawn by Client)
  21. Flexiworld v.CannonAmazon, Texas Western District, Technical Expert Reports  (Streaming Technologies) 
  22. Contour Data Solutions v. Gridforce, CDW – Pennsylvania E.D.  Technical Expert Reports (Data Center, Cloud, Trade Secrets)
  23. Mediatek, et. al v. Nippon Telegraph, IPR2020-01607, Declaration and Reports, IPR and US District court  (Modulation, RF, OFDM, other wireless comm issues).
  24. Netapp v. Proven Networks, IPR2020-01436, Declaration and Reports 
  25. Advising – Pre-trial / 4 Confidential Defendants/Plaintiffs (2013-2014)

Damages Expert Witness for Intellectual Property and Patent Cases

  1. Mobility Workx CellCo Partnership (Verizon Wireless), Representing Mobility Workx, LLC in E.D. Texas, Daubert challenged, scheduled to testify in court for reasonable Royalty.
  2. TPI vs Keller Williams, Damages Report on Trade Secrets, Reasonable royalties

IPR Cases (Inter Parties Review)

  • Workspot vs Citrix– Expert Witness IPR2019-01002-– Expert Witness for CITRIX  – PTAB, (All claims held patentable) PTAB judges agreed with my analysis. 
  • DISH Network LLC vs Multimedia Content Management LLC– IPR2019-01014 and IPR2019-01015, Expert Witness for Multimedia Content Management, LLC (Denied, Not Instituted)
  • LG Electronics v. BNR – Expert Witness for BNR – IPR2020-00108 for U.S. Patent No. 8,416,862 (Terminated, Settlement)
  • SAMSUNG v. BNR – Expert Witness for BNR – IPR2020-00611 (Denied) and IPR2020-00613 (Not Instituted) for U.S. Patent No. 8,416,862 – Settled (e.g.
  • Mediatek v. Nippon Telegraph, Inc – Expert witness for Nippon Telegraph  IPR2020-01607, (Instituted, ongoing)
  • Netapp v. Proven Networks, Inc – Expert Witness for Proven Networks, IPR2020-01436 (Instituted, ongoing).  

Software Audits & Code Inspections

  • Clean room and code review for Patent and litigation purposes. 
  • Honduran Government, “National Institute of Properties,” Multi-million dollar platform transferred from the World Bank to the Honduran Government – Code Review for Java, .NET, and Cybersecurity.
  • Auditing of Honduran Elections, Foresnsics and fraud detection and analysis (Pro-Bono)

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