Edwin Hernandez Patents- September 2022 (14 Issued)

Dr. Edwin Hernandez patents are in the fields of:

  • Wireless Communications: Emulation, Roaming,  and Mobility Protocols
  • Wireless Power
  • Bluetooth/Wearables
  • Magnetic Bottom Connectors for Mobile Phones
  • Java Applications
  • Multimedia Streaming
  • Augmented Reality

A list of Edwin Hernandez Patents is found here:

  • E. Hernandez, A. Ayyagari, et al. “Method and system for managing power consumption of a network interface module in a wireless computing device,” Microsoft Corporation, US Patent7,564,810
  • E. Hernandez, A. Helal,  RAMON, “Rapid Mobility Network Emulator Method and System,”  Mobility Workx, LLC,  US Pat. 7,231,330
  • E. Hernandez, A. Helal, “System, Apparatus, and Method for Proactive Allocation of Wireless Communication Resources,” Mobility Workx, LLC, US. Pat.7,697,508 and 8,213,417
  • S. Poursabahian, E. Hernandez, et al, “Bluetooth PAN Driver,”  Microsoft Corporation,  US Pat. 7,269,388
  • A. Krantz, E. Hernandez, et al “Rules-based Network Selection Across Multiple Media,” Microsoft Corporation,  US Pat8,788,715, and 7,996,505
  • V. Bhanu, E. Hernandez, et al, “Smart Scan for Bluetooth PAN Services,” Microsoft Corporation, US Pat8,024,487.
  • E. Hernandez, K. Ardizzione. “Thumb-based User Interface for Camera Phones,” Motorola Corporation, submitted 2005 – Application
  • E. Hernandez, “Secure USB Drive,” Motorola Inc, submitted 2005 –  Patent Application
  • E. Hernandez, J. Tracy “Magnetic Bottom Connector”, Motorola Inc,  US Pat: 7,331,793
  • E. Hernandez, et al “Java-based PTT Initiation and URI.” Motorola Inc US Pat. 8,707,337
  • E. Hernandez “Augmented Reality Anemometer” – Patent application – April 2018 – US Application 62661186
  • E. Hernandez “System, Method, and Apparatus For Virtualized Operations for Biohazard Waste Destruction with Augmented Reality and Voice Commands”   US Pat. 11,441,773

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