Latest Invention: MVPD Distribution with Cloud to Cable


MVPD Distribution is made easier with Cloud to Cable.  a patented technology that integrates cloud and cable tv systems. In 2016, Dr. Edwin decided to rebrand MEDIAMPLIFY and replace it with “MEVIA”.

MEVIA is the mobile application with smart TV support for music and video that an MVDP or Cable Operator can distribute as part of its offering,


Hence, MEVIA is a companion app for Cable TV operators that want to expand their reach with our music and TV content and their own TV content, or TV/Music Streaming partners that are searching for larger distribution channels in Cable TV and Cloud.

All these efforts are coordinated under EGLA COMMUNICATIONS. MEVIA was also used to brand the “MEVIA” technology to deliver media/music/video content to operators, MSOs, MVPD Distribution, and Mobile.

Cloud to Cable Appliance MVPD Distribution

For more details on What is Cloud to Cable?, please refer to the following link.

What is this invention?

Cloud to Cable brings your Music, TV & Video content to a different level, and more importantly address millions of subscribers in Cable TV operators worldwide.

Cloud to Cable TV effectivley opens markets for content monetization with traditional Cable TV systems covering 900M subscribers around the planet..

Cloud to Cable TV enables quick and easy broadcasting of media content to massive systems found on Cable and Satellite Systems and all mobile and web platforms.

Cloud to Cable is the true multi-platform experience to broadcast Music & TV channels to all platforms from mobile, to web, to IPTV, and to Cable and Satellite systems all in one stop shop.

All music and video content will also be available to mobile devices thru our mobile application. Broadcasting is easier in many ways that you never thought possible.

Music for Cable TV is a musical service offering 50 to 1000 high-fidelity channels available to Cable TV operators,  also available to IPTV systems, OTT Platforms, and other Internet-based systems.   The “Music for Cable TV” product is powered by “MEVIA Cloud to Cable“.

Music for Cable TV offers to Cable & Satellite systems a fully multi-platform musical service available to mobile devices, web, IPTV, and all connected devices.

After an operator purchases our service,  we will ship a cloud-based appliance provisioned with music and video content. The server is ready-to-broadcast to your system and all platforms. We can also provision your own cloud-based TV system or an MVPD Distribution.

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