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Dr. Edwin has a podcast called TECHEDTV Podcast with the latest and the greatest in technology worldwide from the EGLAVATOR.  We use Artificial Intelligence to convert audio to text, generating standard WebVTT time stamps for viewers and listeners to access quotes from our interviews or shows. 

We are in all the major platforms, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, ITunes, TuneIn, IHeartRadio, etc.

Our editorial line is all about innovation, startups, trade shows, interviews with business owners, small business, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Those creating technologies are a great fit for TECHEDTV Podcast with Dr. Edwin Hernandez. 



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Some sample Episodes from TECHEDTV, subscribe!

Skyshare Episode – Audio Only

Interview with Ray from Evolux – Skyshare.

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TECHEDTV and EDWIN HERNANDEZ podcast are  brought to you as a personal contribution to technology, startups, and innovation by myself EDWIN HERNANDEZ. 

Video Podcasts

My podcast contains personal views, volunteering, technology, and other thoughts for more in-depth analysis go check TECHEDTV.

 TECHEDTV is in English and “TECHEDTV en Español”


I am avid inventor, run a technology incubator called the EGLAVATOR and an expert in media streaming technologies, wireless communications, cloud and other technologies. 


Founder of the EGLAVATOR And EGLA CORP, also work as an expert witness with a PhD in Computer Engineering and 12 US Issued Patents.

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