Expert Witness

Dr. Edwin A Hernandez-Mondragon

Inventor, Expert Witness, Technology Professional, Entrepreneur

I offer my services as a consultant and expert witness for in the areas of technology licensing, damages, patents, software, code reviews & audits, forensics, cyber security, and other technological strategic decision needs for startups, ventures, and intellectual property matters. My CV is attached for your scrutiny. I have testified at trial and deposed multiple times,

I can provide my expert witness services to assist you in matters that include:

  • Inter Parties Reviews and Patent Trial Appeals Board (PTAB and IPR Expert Witness)
  • Patent and Technical Expert Witness
  • Code Reviewer and Analysis for infringement, claim charts, and evidence gathering & review of discovery information,
  • Damages Expert Witness experience
  • Preliminary Infringement Analysis
  • Experience in the E.D. of Texas, Northern District of California, Colorado, Florida, Delaware, and many others

You can contact me directly (via or EGLA COMMUNICATIONS  – Expert Witness) or if you prefer thru one my partners : IMS Experts, ORC, Thompson Reuters, GLG Group & Expert Engine.

Expert Witness Experience

I have assisted companies in intellectual property matters as defendants or plaintiffs including: Google, CDW, Motorola, Nippon Telecom, Verizon Wireless, BNR, Samsung, LG, NetApp, Proven Networks, Magento, Seven Networks, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Motorola, Keller Williams, TPI Cloud Hosting, Bank of America, Talent Mobile, Blue Radios, Express Mobile, DISH, CITRIX, KOPIN, and a wide-range of other clients (see below for a list of IPRs, Patent Cases, IP cases, etc.)

Claim Construction & Technical Analysis Laboratory

I have my own computer and networking lab and will be able to assist your needs on cloud, networking, wireless communications, software audits, data & flow chart validation, packet data capture, and technical evidence analysis.

From a TCPA litigations, to AI or Cloud computing strategy for 4G or 5G, or patent infringement expertise advice, and all software engineering matters, don’t hesitate to reach me.

Expert Witness for Intellectual Property

As a technical expert, I can assist your firm and your clients different functions: 

  • Assistance with Patent litigation: Invalidity Contentions, Claim Charts,  Infringement Contentions, and completing an “Expert Report”
  • Assistance with Inter-parties Review (IPRs / PTAB)
  • Assistance in trade secret cases and software-related litigation
  • Deposition and Trial Experience
  • Review software, log analysis, code reviews, hardware/software from networks to source code, hands-on dissection of code and hardware

Expert Witness Cases & Intellectual Property Consulting

Expert Witness Cases with Jury Trial

  • Talent Mobile Development, Inc vs Headios Group, Inc – Trademark Infringement in Federal Court in Santa Ana, CA – Advised counsel in winning verdict for my client (700k)

Expert Witness Cases – Ongoing or Settled (Patents, Trademarks, and IPRs)

  • University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc. et. al. vs. Motorola Mobility LLC.Filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida – Case settled 
  • Virtela Technology Services vs. Andrew Funk, File in the US District Court of Denver, Colorado, Representing Andrew Funk – Case Settled 
  • Del Castillo vs. Bank of America– Representing Bank of America – Case settled.
  • Seven Networks vs. Google-   Representing Seven Networks 
  • Blue Radios vs. Kopin – Representing Blue Radios – Colorado 
  • Mobility Workx vs. T-Mobile– E.D. Texas, Case Settled
  • Mobility Workx vs. Verizon Wireless, Representing Mobility Workx, LLC in E.D. Texas (Advisor to Dr. Suku – Technical Expert)
  • Mobile Manufacturer vs. Carrier, Eastern District of Texas, Representing Mobile Manufacturer (Confidential) 
  • Talent Mobile Development vs. Headios Group (California Federal Court, Trademark/Mobile Software)  – Jury trial testimonial with 700k award to my client. 
  • Key West Golf Club vs. Cable Provider – Preliminary study – Key West, FL
  • Express Mobile vs. DreamHost, LLCExpert Witness – US District Court of Delaware (Settled)
  • Stone vs AT&T, Velocity – Expert Witness – Representing AT&T and Velocity – US District of San Diego  (Settled)
  • Express Mobile vs Magento, BigCommerce, others – Representing Express Mobile, US E.D District of Texas. 
  • Workspot vs. Citrix– Expert Witness IPR2019-01002- – Representing CITRIX  – PTAB (IPR Reversed)
  • DISH Network LLC vs Multimedia Content Management LLC– IPR2019-01014 and IPR2019-01015, Representing Multimedia Content Management (Not instituted)
  • TPI Cloud Computing vs Keller Williams, Texas, Representing TPI Cloud Computing, trade secrets case.
  • LG Electronics vs. Bell Northern Research, LLC : IPR2020-00108, and Patent Infringement case, mobile, wireless modulation, MIMO, power management patents. (Settled) 
  • Barkan v. Sprint – E.D. of Texas, Technical Expert Reports, Invalidity and Infringement Reports, Deposed (Case Settled)
  • Kaiffi v. T-Mobile, Verizon  – E.D. of Texas, Technical Expert Reports  (Streaming and wireless) (Lawfirm withdrew)
  • Flexiworld v. CannonAmazon, Texas Western District, Technical Expert Reports  (Streaming Technologies) (Settled) 
  • Contour Data Solutions v. Gridforce, CDW – Pennsylvania E.D.  Technical Expert Reports (Data Center, Cloud, Trade Secrets) – Clean Room Review, Opinions
  • Mediatek, et. al v. Nippon Telegraph, IPR2020-01607, Declaration and Reports, IPR and US District court  (Modulation, RF, OFDM, other wireless comm issues) is ongoing.
  • Netapp v. Proven Networks, IPR2020-01436, Declaration and Reports (ongoing)
  • Advising – Pre-trial / 4 Confidential Defendants/Plaintiffs 

IPRs –

Great success assisting clients in IPR Matters, Many PTAB Decisions Denied.

  • Workspot v. Citrix– Expert Witness IPR2019-01002-– Expert Witness for CITRIX  – PTAB, (All claims held patentable) PTAB judges agreed with my analysis. 
  • DISH Network LLC vs Multimedia Content Management LLC– IPR2019-01014 and IPR2019-01015, Expert Witness for Multimedia Content Management, LLC (Not Instituted, Not Instituted)
  • LG Electronics v. BNR – Expert Witness for BNR – IPR2020-00108 for U.S. Patent No. 8,416,862 (Terminated, Settlement)
  • SAMSUNG v. BNR – Expert Witness for BNR – IPR2020-00611 (Denied) and IPR2020-00613 (Not Instituted) for U.S. Patent No. 8,416,862 – Settled (e.g.
  • Mediatek v. Nippon Telegraph, Inc – Expert witness for Nippon Telegraph  IPR2020-01607, (Instituted, ongoing)
  • Netapp v. Proven Networks, Inc – Expert Witness for Proven Networks, IPR2020-01436 (Instituted, ongoing).  

Damages Expert Witness

  • Mobility Workx vs. Verizon Wireless, Representing Mobility Workx, LLC in E.D. Texas, Patent Damages Model – Reasonable Royalty.
  • TPI Cloud Computing vs. Keller Williams, Trade Secret Valuation, Damages. (Settled)
Law Firms & Small to Large Corporations

Software Audits and Code Reviews – Forensics & Cybersecurity

  • Auditing the “Honduran Property Institute Technology Platform” that was transferred from the World Bank to the Honduran Government.
  • Auditing Honduras Elections Nov 2017 – Report and findings.

Technical Articles and Intellectual Property Opinions in my blog:

Mobile and Wireless Expert Witness Background

You are hiring a wireless & mobile expert with deep understanding and knowledge of smartphone technologies. An expert in computer and software engineering with several decades of experience in the field from the 1990s.

I worked at very early stages of the mobile and wireless technologies fields when systems and smartphones began proliferating all under my Ph.D research. I continue my research in the fields of wireless communications, mobile, media streaming, augmented reality, machine learning and internet networking.

I have worked for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Motorola. As a wireless expert I have 12 issued patents in the field of mobile and wireless technologies and over 5 years of experience in Federal Court.  As a media streaming expert, I have worked with cable technologies, CDNs, mobile applications, and have filed a patent portfolio in this field including an additional issued patent.

Areas of Expertise on Wireless and Networks

  • Expert in Wireless Networks and Infrastructure
  • Wireless Emulation and Simulation
  • Mobile IP, PMIP, GTP and 4G/LTE Mobility Protocols
  • RF, Signaling, and Protocols
  • Local Area Network Expert
  • Mobile Applications and software methods
  • Media Streaming and MPEG/Cable TV systems
  • MPEG-2 and DVB Systems
  • E-Commerce
  • OFDM, Beamforming, 5G Expert
  • Cloud-based Platform
  • High-Performance Computing

Web and Cloud Expert

  • HTML5 and widgets, JSON/XML REST API
  • CDN and Cloud-based Platforms Expert
  • Software-defined Radios and Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • Internet and broadband communication systems
  • Cloud Computing and Storage Platforms Expert
  • Internet Of Things Expert
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Network Function Virtualization
  • Bluetooth and WiFi Networks
  • 5G Systems with MIMO and Beamforming patterns
  • Location-Based Platforms
  • Wearables and IOT Devices
  • Linux and Networking Expert / Routing / Firewalls / Fiber Optics
  • Software Engineer with expertise in Java, Python, PHP, C/C++
  • Cable TV, Linear Programming, DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T Systems
  • Encoding and streaming
  • Drivers and memory optimization
  • Extensive PCAP log analysis
  • Hardware debugging and electronics analysis

Software and Technology Auditing

I completed a recent audit to a government institution called “SINAP,” which refers to the National Property Institute of Honduras.  This is a major software project with millions of lines of code,  managing TeraBytes of geospatial information, and modern databases.  The audit consisted in reviewing their Java code base, .NET systems, HTML/CSS, and many processes that  handled thousands of transactions. The software deals daily  with property titles and is part of the digital marketplace of Honduras. The audit was a success and we expect to help more institutions on that front.

30 years of experience with software, code, math, & algorithms


I came up with a Damages model using Key Performance Indicators for LTE that can be used for Cloud-based and software & Telco products (KPI Damages Model)

Retaining Fee

This is done in a case by case basis and usually is non-refundable. However in some cases we can allow up to 40% refund, as long as depositions have not been yet performed. Deposition and trial testimony is much higher.  

Please request “University” or “Academic” discount, which is 20% of the usual retainer fee and 20% on the hourly rate.

For a retainer agreement reach me via email to edwin at edwinhernandez d0t com

” Great Job Dr., We were able to find information and determine details in the source code that were unknown to us ” – UTS – Salinas

Lab & Hands-on Testing

As a hands-on expert witness, my lab has the following equipment:

  • ORC, Spectrum Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer, other equip.
  • Power supplies/Electronics
  • IP networks, GbE, Fiber, SDNs, a full cloud with Xen/VmWare
  • Access to AWS, Azure, and extensive expertise in them
  • PCAP capture and analysis
  • MPEG Tools for debugging and analysis
  • DVB-C and Signal Analysis
  • Access to NFV with IMS and 4G LTE system
  • Access to 3G/UMTS infrastructure
  • Faraday cage and propagation in collaboration with other labs
  • Other equipment can be rented upon request

” I back up my expert reports with solid evidence and arguments. As much as possible, I replicate scenarios in a lab, capturing  logs that replicate behavior, finally I present solid evidence with results for court ”  — Dr. Mondragon

Current “Going Rates”

My expert witness testimony rates are defined according to the work and depending on the case , my services will include:

  • Review of evidence and technical paper, write up of reports, and analysis in conference calls or in person.
  • Deposition rate which includes pre/post preparation timing, and trial rates.
  • Review of evidence and technical paper, write up of reports, and analysis in conference calls or in person.
  • Deposition rate which includes pre/post preparation timing, and trial rates.
  • Travel expenses and special 1/2 rate for waiting time.

Please make sure your attorney contacts me prior to sending me any evidence that needs to be reviewed, Ensure your attorney client privilege is in place.

Dr. Hernandez has wide expertise evaluation evidence as en Expert Witness.

I usually apply a 20% discount for Universities and Academic institutions involved in patent / intellectual property litigation.

If you want to hire my services as an expert witness please reach me via email at edwin at edwinhernandez dot com or call me at 561-306-4996.

Other keywords 

Mobile Expert Witness, Damages Expert Witness, DVB Expert, MPEG Streaming Expertise, Power Management, High-Performance Cmputing, Fuzzy Logic, Mobile Devices, Reverse Engineering, Code Optimization, Code Reviews, Artificial Intelligence,  Wireless Expert Witness, Smartphone Expert Witness, Mobility Protocol Expertise, Emulation, and Simulation



Startups are my daily routing with over 25 years of computing & technology expertise. My experience and current up-to-date knowledge is extremely relevant for a wide array of cases, since mobile technology applies to many different software products and electrical systems.

Mobile expert consulting  can assist you in  your cases involving   of software engineering, electrical  engineering, wireless communications, wireless networks, information security, computer networks, computer vision, computer engineering, mobile devices,  human factors engineering, computer science, and many other products and services pertaining to mobile technology, each of which could potentially become the subject of a possible court case.

Since mobile technology is utilized in such a high number of products and programs, mobile expert witnesses might be sought out for cases involving patent infringement and validity, patent analysis and licensing, and other issues concerning patent and copyright law. Other mobile cases may involve issues with product development, product defects, marketing, and other areas pertaining to consumer electronics.

My Curriculum Vitae – Expert Witness  



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