Social TV Streams

MEVIA creates personalized TV streams with a patented technology that brings web widgets to broadcast TV streams.  Those web widgets could be your twitter feed, Facebook likes, even a financial news ticker, anything that can be rendered via a web browser. 

Therefore, MEVIA can be loaded into any Cable TV system, Satellite system, Smart TVs, Set Top Boxes, etc, you name it, if it can stream a video feed, it can have MEVIA. Even a 3rd party application, like Sling TV can integrate MEVIA easily.

We make your streams personalized with social content and the web! . 

Moreover,  MEVIA is protected by US Patents 10,123,074 and 10,524,002 and US Patent 11,140,441, and pending continuations plus European patent EP3238457A1. 


MEVIA is the distribution platform

MEVIA is a patented platform designed to integrate cloud-based web widgets with TV broadcasts. A web widget is anything written in HTML and Javascript. The web is full of “web apps,” “social apps,” “productivity apps,” all of these appear to be disconnected from massive broadcasting systems. MEVIA enables the link and connection between broadcasting and web widgets. MEVIA bridges the gap between distribution of TV streams with personal web widgets to be distributed to web, mobile, Cable TV and replace any satellite delivery systems that existed in the past for TV broadcasting.

How MEVIA Works?

MEVIA retrieves web content, as widgets, pieces of websites, anything written in HTML that can be seen on a web browser and brings it live to your TV Broadcast.  You can be watching a movie on-demand, a live sports event or news, or simply listening to some music. MEVIA creates a personalized TV experience.
Facebook for example, already has many widgets.
How to Add a Widget on Facebook

How to make your Social TV Streams?

Now, you can give MEVIA your #hashtags, people you follow @tags, etc and any other information that is usually found on social media and voila, your TV streams are customized.  You may even add  links to sites you are interested ub, or add from our own widget from our marketplace. Therefore, all the TV and Music Content is customized to your needs and interests, fully personalized! 

In fact, you can add your own stock widget ticker with the stocks you follow:


Or,  you may want to see the latest Tweets from your friends while you are watching your evening news.

As a result, anything is possible with 

Be ready for a personalized TV streams, or the Multimevia experience.

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