Global Mobile Awards Judge – MWC 2020

I am part of the Global Mobile Awards for MWC 2020. I also participated as a MWC 2019 Judge for the GLOMO 2019. I will be assisting this conference with my expertise in the fields of wireless communications, NFV, and 5G.  Get ready for our coverage in

“The Global Mobile Awards celebrate the major milestones and deep impact that mobile communications have had on the world over the last 20 years.” – Sunil Mittal Bharti

I am delighted to announce that I have been invited to join the judging panel for the 2020 GLOMOs, judging “Best Network Software Breakthrough (Companies more than $10 million”, part of the Mobile Tech group of awards. The GLOMOs, now in their 25th year, aim to recognise the best-in-class mobile technology that supports the everyday lives of more than 5 billion people.

I expect to see:


Smart Factories: Did you know we’re already working in Industry 4.0? Smart factories already exist, but 5G will play a pivotal role in smart factory continued development. Moving forward, the manufacturing process won’t be limited to the factory floor. From design to distribution, the entire chain of product development will be connected. Feedback from a customer will be fed to a designer in real time. Product from one location can be routed automatically to a different location due to weather changes and increased customer demand. The inventory that shows when you shop online will actually match what you see when you reach your local brick and mortar store! With the magic of connected devices and the IoT, 5G will help smart factories do amazing things. That’s why the manufacturing industry is outspending every other industry on IoT investment, and it’s expected to do so through 2020.

But that’s not all. Smart factories will grow their use of robots—robots powered by AI and machine learning that help them make real-time decisions. They’ll also be using more robots to do dangerous or arduous tasks, helping keep employees healthy and safe. We’ll see training become safer, too, as smart factories bring augmented reality and virtual reality into the training routine, allowing employees to learn faster and safer than ever before.

  • Mixed Reality: ThThe reason is that for AR and VR to feel like—well, reality—they need to operate at as 5G will have more bandwidth and AR and VR traffic will be more feasible than before, . 
  • Autonomous Vehicles: . Once again: 5G could be the technology that  pushes autonomous cars and self-driving vehicles. 
  • Smart Cities:  iOT Sensors, almost real-time responses
  • Edge Computing:  The cloud is brought closer to the operator or infrastructure, just like “Cloud to Cable TV” 


Global Mobile Awards

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