MVPD Technology Licensing for Music Streaming

Why Cloud to Cable?

Cloud to Cable is a patented solution for music streaming providers to distribute content to MVPDs (MVPD Technology Licensing). Amplify your offering from online streaming to Cable TV & IPTV systems with linear channels and SVOD subscritions. Create visually appealing streams with great sound, bundled with a mobile experience through the MEVIA app.

Music and Video are ready in all broadcasting platforms for easy monetization from your affiliates in MVPD, IPTV, Smart TVs & Mobile systems.Cloud to Cable are high-performance servers ready for your customer’s CABSAT headend, with a fault-tolerance design forquick integration. The content is available in mobile applications and Cable TV Broadcasts as SVOD or linear channels, all at once.

For more details:

Technology Licensing

Some existing patents, now expiring, cover VOD linking and Visual Complement to generate music streams for MVPD (Multi-video Programming Distribution) providers and achieve Music Streaming for MVPD (MVPD Technology Licensing)

Music streaming for MVPD is made easy with Cloud to Cable. Our innovative technologies achieve better results and more benefits under patents US Pat. 10,123,074 , US20190037271, PCT 16/152,606 and EP3238457 (under prosecution) with 39 approved claims.

The MEVIA App is in charge of interfacing with the end-user via mobile phone or smart TV.

These patents are implemented in software and hardware for music broadcasting as a “Music for Cable TV” service for operators.

The software includes modules in Python, C/C++, and PHP, Linux OS-baseline only. Servers are configured for high-reliability and fault-tolerance designed for MVPD systems.

The system creates visual components and mixes high-end audio with the HTML-based interfaces that are then broadcasted into the CABLE TV System, IPTV Network, or to the mobile devices.

The technology and patents are available for licensing or acquisition.


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