New Mevia Patent – Thirteeen Patent Issued for Dr. Edwin Hernandez

Yes!!!  2021 is coming with a new MEVIA patent, not sure what’s the US Patent No. but certainly is a great add for MEVIA’s portfolio as the main focus of the patent was to cover inventions & claims that involved HTML-based and other components

I am obviously beefing up my intellectual property portfolio on all streaming fronts, now a new MEVIA patent to cover our streaming technologies comes to join our ranks! We have three now covering streaming and a new one that is under development!

Obtaining content corresponding to plurality of multimedia items from a source in a first format, and performing that over a first TCP-IP socket of caching unit. Rendering a web page by a browser using the content, and generating a temporal sequence of screen captures of therendered web page, wherein each screen capture defines all the content of the web page at a given time, and adjacent screen captures illustrate a dynamic change of a portion of the content over time. Assembling the media stream using the temporal sequence of screen captures. Provide the assembled media stream to content provider for broadcast on broadcast media channel, and providing a second TCP/IP socket of the caching unit, a status of obtaining, generating, and assembling.

We are excited with these new opportunities and the future for muy company EGLA CORP.

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