The new building was completed and now we are in business for MEVIA and the EGLAVATOR, my technology incubator and accelerator.

MEVIA is (covered under 3 issued patents) that brings web widgets to TV broadcasts, seamlessly integrating web into any entertainment outlet from Cable Television to Smart TVs, to Set Top Boxes, including Mobile Devices.  MEVIA enables a quick user personalization experience for TV Streams, by rendering web and other widgets on top of current broadcasts, replacing or enhancing a user’s viewing experience.  Moreover, MEVIA uses AI/ML to detect and display where those widgets are displayed on screen.

Additionally, MEVIA provides an over-the-top platform and apps for content distribution for mobile, web, smart TVs, including Cable TV and satellite systems. In fact, MEVIA can personalize traditional Cable TV by integrating web widget to a user’s experience, hence CABSAT systems become more appealing to subscribers.

Our new offices were open and now it is time to work, here some highlights.

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