Interview with Dr. Joan Wright Good

At the EGLAVATOR, we let other authors and experts to record their podcasts and produce their shows. We have had 4 shows made by Dr. Joann Wright-Good and this is a snippet from her website on who she is:

Dr. Joan Wright-Good is a Cultural Architect of our time, a dynamic International Speaker, Preacher, Business Coach, Best-selling Author, and, Award-winning CEO. She is a master at training and, teaching the art of being who you were created to be. Recently widowed, the mother of two was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She went from the corridors of the Maxfield Park Children’s home (a government-run home for orphans) to the White House in the United States of America. Joan overcame abuse, trauma and teen pregnancy to achieve millions in sales as a first-generation international CEO. The high school dropout, now a multiple college degree achiever, uses her influence to educate others on regeneration and wealth-building using their innate gifts/talents and passion. As an ordained Minister, Dr. Wright-Good teaches from experience that we can be wealthy, whole, and saved without compromise. Her conviction is, “without a biblical relationship with Christ, none of what we do on earth matters.”

As the Founder and Creative Director at the Business Mogul Academy, she teaches, coaches, and helps students and clients to start businesses and publish books. As the Founder and CEO of JWG Publishing House, she publishes books and magazines. Both businesses are A+ rated by the BBB. As a speaker, Joan has spoken across the globe on topics such as relationships, money, women development, youth development, and all things business. Her 14 city Good Life Global tour traveled around the US, the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, and Iceland. If you are looking for a multifaceted, well-rounded, experienced Speaker for your audience, look no further! Joan’s profound knowledge of business and her command of sound biblical doctrine sets her apart as a Game Changer.

Her books ‘From Brokenness to Victory,’ and “YOU are Different for a Reason – Maximize Your Difference” are bestsellers. Her new release “What if You Decided to Grow is a guide for entrepreneurs aiming for success.

Dr. Wright-Good was awarded by the White House as a game Changer in 2016, and a corporate responsible CEO in 2019 by the Wheatle Ball Association, a global platform with United Nations affiliation. She has also been honored and awarded by several corporate, private, and government organizations. Dr. Wright-Good has been featured on media platforms such as FORBES, Fox26 News, Sheen, Black Enterprise, RollingOut, The Tom Joyner Show, Huffington Post, Voyage Miami, CVM TV, The Gleaner, The Jamaica Observer, TVJ, BYTV Miami, iHeart Radio, Houston2Houston, Empower Magazine, MadameNoire and more. Her story of rising from the ashes after sexual and physical abuse, dropping out of high school due to teen pregnancy, and homelessness, is a compelling reminder of God’s grace. “His purpose will always supersede our pain,” she professes.

Dr. Wright-Good holds a Bachelor in Management Studies and Politics from the University of the West Indies (Jamaica). A Law degree (LLB) from the University of London, a Masters in Business Administration & Leadership from Kaplan University (USA) and a Doctorial degree (Ph.D.) from Liberty University. The corporate responsible CEO financially supports the Maxfield Park Children’s Home annually, by assisting female aged-out orphans whose dream it is to attend college.

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you guys are listening to TECHEDTV podcasting series in our
show where bring you the best technologies innovation the startups
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greatest in technology world wide

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good evening good mourning good afternoon this a doctor Edwin. Today we have
a great guest and a business woman and she has a recording here in
their studios the l k what you’re going to tell what the podcast is
and and now and let’s work on july and how are you look to drawn to
the doctor

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right away and luxury yeah delay i’m good how are you and are
phenomenal so that we have

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the her like doing a very great podcast i’m for use in it behind the

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but he is very inches doesn’t buy your broadcasts what is it about
okay so first of all thank you for having me and now shout out to all
of your listeners and those who are viewing am so the podcast is
called the black project and i know it’s not about culture or race is
not be l a c k it’s black meaning the business leader answer

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okay so how how this project came about was on i am a business coach
so i have a private community on facebook and i reached out to my
community is i was teaching them how they can have pretty much build a
business from anything and how they can make four five figures from
any things i came with the idea show them how they can be a part of it

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the investment three hundred dollars and ten people invested so that
was a first lesson that was the first article about was that was i was
your and repeat rikers that show them that in one hour they can me
three thousand dollars okay micronesia on a project and pitching it’s
the right people that that was the first less now the and wow that’s
actually a practical as and to make money and i got a degree a
business a you go

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as endless a real entrepreneur as i work as yes and so now each of
them have these cars it’s on is is thirty five cars in a pack is like
been a card game or guy educational game for it has thirty five
business questions it has a slew of answers on the back of why thirty
five we started with thirty five but we’re going to grow older now
opening up the pods has were

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open up the platform for people to send us questions that we will
research and provide the answers for them you know we’re we’re
creating a party years ago to me here in the incubator so we’re going
to have lego then be more shaw wish actually you guys have to listen
to the podcast to where he has his a business coach isn’t by he is
more from the i will say more all day

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of financial side of the story is very numbers guy so i seen that you
have the more creative side of the story and you while your business
course do or so but before we get into her arm cars and more her like
less learn about you on because she has a very impressive background
those about you

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how do you have the time when we have all the time and so that’s where
year we want to learn more i want people to see other business owners
i how they succeed have success thus them the main goal so chairs
whatever you like so i was born in the island of jamaica in kingston
jamaica and am i was born to a teen mom

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who had ran away from home or a half and so at the age of three i too
was placed in a home i was picked up by the police sent to our foster
home again i was there for our my guess two years a i was pretty i was
at about three or four at the time ago and in the home i was neglected
really and

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in the home at that time i never saw my mom solar i’d growing up i
didn’t have that closeness with my mom and then she stole me and why
as i’m just so so in order for not for her not to be arrested she sent
me to my gran on so i’ll again was

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my group with rejection because i kept been ejected from places sent
somewhere else i mean rejecting ejected send somewhere else so i grew
up with that so by the age of seventeen i too found myself as a high
school dropout and pregnant teen and been pregnant i slept on the
street i didn’t have places to go out and then i was taken in by

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my child’s father his parents and had my baby did not have a real
connection with her because i will i was traumatized by the whole
process and armed so that followed me all the way got married the
marriage was abusive so i was looking for love and all the wrong
places because i never knew what that looks like while so when i got
married first my husband

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in the music business i had by now gotten a first degree and i’m you
know he had signed a very

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shady contract without with music exec in in new york and he was like
okay why don’t you manage me so we started imagine company started
managing people and from that even though the marriage was abusive and
i had to go through a divorce i took everything i learned during that
time and moved back to the us and started my own business while get
this when i started my business

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i didn’t have money has just gone through a divorce you know i was the
guy revise couch want people’s floor everything i two girls ah my came
to the us and i was saying god i had a business had all these non
produced and nothing what do i do and i heard straight do a swot
analysis and everybody know that a swot analyses you record your
strengths weaknesses opportunism threats correct and i looked at

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my strengths and i had a hundred and twenty five dollars to my name
and i to that one hundred and twenty five dollars and register the
business with sunbeds started advertising on craig’s list that i’m a
business manager and in one weekend i was picked up by a company the
second weekend i was hired by a jewish family and the rest is history

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amazing you know i never heard a story for locating know from like i
never heard that borrow the story or was you are like a successful
woman she drives a very nice gorge as airport go to bring our friends
are low grade

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in there you know anyone else would it be blaming their story you have
to their feel yes or most of the people blame like or my jaw i was
rogue i grew up in the hundreds in south america that’s why i’m like
this and then they blame the system now and then now when you see
stores are yours a you’re able to empower yourselves or look out

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milan be believe this all the time i need to change and the you about
yourself invests hundred twenty five dollars hundred percent on her
but money basically into herself there and lugar de that so that’s
that’s as a what were you what will you tell a going into printer a
now that he’s completely like oh and know what i cannot be down i
don’t know what to do this is like a lot of problems while you tell
them to sell a lot

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i got like to the negativity we’ll be your first message to someone
that’s like complete a negative about their business a mother sauce if
you want a changed output you have to change input

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and so you have to take yourself out of the equation and thinking
they’re things happen to you it didn’t happen to you would happen for
you so everything negative that you’ve gone through the negative that
has happened to you you are supposed to take that and build on it like
you have to take that and find people that you can connect with who
will help you to see

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the the purpose in you because sometimes we don’t see the present
ourselves rice only take somebody who’s already gone through that
process to identify that and pull that out of your and not just pull
it out sometimes is pulled out with then you don’t know what to do
show you how to monetize a show you how to leverage a show you how to
diversify it the my story was what got me on the map

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like sometimes people hide behind their stories i say to people tell
your story don’t allow other people to tell him because then it
becomes like a chinese telephone as everybody else have a different
version a basically is a distorted version with this or a verges were
shown fifty or the rational one

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so the first and i did was to write a book oh can i wrote my first
book and because i wrote the book and i started promoting because i
was already in marketing people started inviting me to target places
now i’ve never spoken and got paid before and of when i put my book
out the out the first we can it went to number one so the book was
selling cars because i’d gone to have been abusive men

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origin was very public people thought they were buying to to get the t
forgot they heard other things that they weren’t prepared to so people
were telling people about the store so it was selling more and then my
first retreat i was invited all men’s retreat now i’m going back
almost twenty years right okay and when i was done or she looks or
your in fact that think larger when they

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when i was done they give me a check for twenty five hundred u s i’m
like you you get paid to speak

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i’d say it’s on then i realized that my story was the foundation for
everything i tell people all the time my story and that first book
turned me into a millionaire is basically when preparation made when
preparation there you go there you go opportunities are you are your
you get any like okay you run with a strong around as yeah

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yeah so tell me one more say like is a very interesting story i would
like to have you more times here to dollars to printers your league
better that the they can face all adversity fail basically i’m amy
aspergery personal likely financial as business or my where you may
your gaze even be had failed marriage again but you’re like okay like
that didn’t

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the slow you down the you’re you’re going you’re fine where are you
flying after this control where you go and those about our when i
leave here a flyer to georgian and i are in a few days i’m flying to
the uk and then after that i’m fine back to jamaica and my life has
been like that for the longest while but i’ve never stopped i’m in the
in the midst of what i’m going through

00:09:18.720 –> 00:09:38.820
just this year i lost my husband oh i’m so sorry about that thank you
and i never stopped because i know that i’m not doing this for myself
everything i do is people sent because i like to serve people because
i strongly believe that god gave put us here to do that and i don’t
address and the one is the so we did i basically you have you have a
or your day now

00:09:38.880 –> 00:09:59.040
in minister else about that how the happened i will how did the
process or hollander to take well i don’t like hiding behind my title
because been an ordain minister to me means nothing if you’re not
operating as god are in god’s purpose well yeah right so that was a
process arm so i’m a believer i’m saved them baptized will holds for
all of that

00:09:59.160 –> 00:10:03.270
so as far as i’m a child of god and because of my life

00:10:04.000 –> 00:10:19.480
that that people are always i tell people are always watching you will
go because of the life that i’ve lived and people that are served ah
you know my leaders decided to ordain the as a youth pastor so my
husband and i will use passes for a long while and then ah i was
ordained again

00:10:20.230 –> 00:10:40.240
after as a war as a woman’s arm as the leader of a woman’s director
group so i speak a lotta woman conferences but i speak at woman’s his
business conferences anywhere you folks are usually your speaker for
either religious or is good grisham the first three and bills about
one most embarrassing people really want to know like what’s your
position on to

00:10:40.240 –> 00:11:00.370
luckily are you have any amy are your ideas are in the relations to
technology was watch your back on their well i believe that technology
is a big component of the future right a lot of people money on the
table because the have not found the time and space to advance and
educate themself technological guy dry we see that the war has taken

00:11:00.400 –> 00:11:20.560
different things with the internet like businesses are now growing
because there is social media right to know how raises it the metal
virgil have as loud and get are not brick and mortar they’re not
actual business and they’re making people millions of dollars be as a
little company the it’ll all be car completely digital saw no you

00:11:20.597 –> 00:11:40.690
have to have a book you don’t have to have a brick and mortar once you
find yourself somebody like an edwin and learn how to start online
businesses and digital businesses you can also be successful so i’ve
met and married arm technology with what i do i have an online academy
am i have digital businesses digital products like i sell and all of
those are parts of the

00:11:40.720 –> 00:11:56.770
income streams that i have right now i’m at probably about fifteen
streams of income nine yeah refuse to recall guys are you got to
diversify diversify your income cause i read as a diversified
portfolio of stocks to learn how and glory though because it’s not
about how much money you make is how much money your money can make

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thus and one laughing for for everyone here how can be find you how
can they follow you on instagram street or whatever tells about you
handles so because i do brandy y’all know that you have to be
consistent and omnipresent randy so you find me at joan right good
everywhere as if you go to instagram you’ll find me i had joan right
good for ground if you go to

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twitter if you go to facebook you’re gonna see john right good on
facebook you may have to put the are before it doctor cause i saw face
where you know the limits you are but i’m john right good on all
platforms when you find me on instagram you seal all the other
businesses that i have found founded an arm manage phenomenal guy so
who for her she is or grow

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rape person to learn from my people are special the female does female
audience that feel that they they they can do it that inches a clear
example live example that you can overcome any adversity and still
succeed you you listen to the get three and the think of or join a
john howard richer back to georgia where are you a

00:12:58.000 –> 00:13:02.560
thank you thank you and i’ll the success in the world to you as well
or i thank you bye bye guys

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