MEVIA Platform Roadmap for 2021 and 2022

The Mevia Platform Roadmap for 2021 and 2021 is pretty exciting. I  have been working on a new roadmap for MEVIA Platform for 2021 and 2022, and the future.  Mainly,  I will be targeting:

  • Improved User Experience with Mobile, Smart TV, and Casting functionality
  • New intellectual property and software with artificial intelligence & machine learning
  • Blockchain and Fintech integration of our platform

I also expect to have a better and improved NEXTGENTV and CABSAT Broadcasting capabilities for Q42021 and Q12022.

Improved User Experience

UI/UX is required with a healthy  Mevia Platform Roadmap. MEVIA’s user experience will be enhanced with more advanced reactive user interfaces, integrated multimedia, and analytics components.


Patents and Intellectual Property

My team of patent attorneys has already prepared a response to obtain a 3rd patent in our portfolio and likely to file a 4th continuation or a continuation in part.  

Currently, we have:

  • US Patent 10,123,074
  • US Patent 10,524,002 
  • US Patent Application  16/152,606 and European patent EP3238457A1.

I expect the US Patent application 16/152,606 and likely to file a CIP


Updated Software and Technology – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning & Analytics

We will be updating the software in our servers to be up-to-date with latest versions, and include AI, ML, and analytics.

Blockchain and Fintech Connection

I have been working on a blockchain integration of MEVIA, possibly launching a MEVIA COIN, stay tuned for this article, whitepaper, and additional details.


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