Cloud to Cable TV Patent Issued Today.

US Patent 10,123,074

Today, the US Pat 10,123,074 issued for Cloud to Cable, after a provisional was filed December 2014. This patent covers the currently commercialized Cloud to Cable TV system.  The process was not that long, considering that the initial firm, NOVAK DRUCE was disbanded and I had to transfer the case to Greg Nelson and Fox & Rothschild, LLP in West Palm Beach, FL.

The patent issued  is titled: Method, system, and apparatus for multimedia content delivery to cable TV and satellite operators 

A patent continuation was filed in October to cover other aspects of the invention, as shown in the picture the patent generates video with an MPEG Transport Stream that is compatible with a Cable TV system.

What is Cloud to Cable?

The main aspects and novelty of the invention include but are not limited to the following items:

  • Integration of web-elements, web pages, or HTML5-related content with rendering of this content on OTT, IPTV, and most importantly, Cable TV systems. 
  • Virtualization and use of containers in the distribution of music and TV content to cable operators, by provision at virtual machine or docker container with the web page plus content for rendering purposes.
  • Essentially, the patent covers music and TV distribution to cable operators and systems for broadcasting. 
  • Over-the-Top, IPTV systems, or Cable TV operators can now integrate novel ReactJS, Javascript, and all advanced mechanisms for designing user interfaces into their video feeds.
  • Audio and music channels can be integrated and created by just connecting to the web-based content provider.
  • Fault-tolerance and high-reliability is presented in the disclosure. 

In many ways, the invention covers a device, system, and methods to accomplish media distribution with ease, reducing costs, and implementing a novel mechanism that replaces satellite delivery, hardware encoders, and many other devices, 

Cloud to Cable Video

A video can be found at EGLA’s Youtube Channel:

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