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Cloud to Cast or MEVIA is an innovative platform that connects “Cloud” or “Web” based  apps to Broadcasting technologies and systems.   In the past, streaming content graphics was controlled by editing and by a content owner, not by the subscriber. Additionally web widgets were hard to integrate into any stream.  As presented in this blog, MEVIA comes to solve this problem and allows the generation of web-based generated content with streaming technologies.   

MEVIA is referred as Cloud to Cast or Cloud to Cable (e.g.

In TV Broadcasting, the MEVIA platform is a revolutionary technology covered by two issued US Patents and other US & European applications.

“Cloud-to-Cast” or “Cloud-to-Cable” brings social media applications residing in the “cloud” or on the “web” to be displayed as part of the video experience in OTT and Broadcasting systems  Our MEVIA platform is the best way to “Amplify your Reach®”

Mevia then permits the integration of web-based ads (e.g. google ads), widgets (weather, stocks, news), other websites including segments of a particular website (e.g. DIVs) and other HTML-based contents that  are usually rendered with a web browser.  

MEVIA : Stream Creation and Generation of Streaming Multi-Platforms


In the world of media, you can produce video and music content but without distribution, there will be no monetization.  Playing back video content in a sequence or a playlist can be used with Multiplatform.  MEVIA creates linear TV channels and VOD or Over-the-Top (OTT) streams that can be licensed to end-users, to operators, or any other carriers.

As an example, we created TECHEDTV in youtube at our studios in Boca Raton, Fl.  We recorded over 100+ videos and created a linear feed that can be found at and   The TECHEDTV feed is now ready for monetization at Cable TV systems,  Satellite, and OTT Outlets. Now the customers are subscribers at U-verse, FUBO, Sling, LG Streaming Platforms, Roku, and many others systems.

The User Interfaces for OTT and VOD look as follows:

TECHEDTV User Interface

Seamless Live or VOD Stream integration to Social Media Applications and Web Widgets

One of the main problems with video is the limited feature set in Smart TVs, as Smart TVs are made to decode video with great quality, computation and rending applications will complicate matter. Hence, integration of RSS Feeds, Facebook, Twitter, and others is not easy and complicates Smart TV application creation.  There is were MEVIA comes to provide an integrated user experience in a simple and seamless way.  MEVIA will work for live and VOD content seamlessly, integrating web widgets and cloud components effortlessly.

MEIVA (Cloud to Cast)  is then an innovative way to  integrate any web widgets including social apps to video and audio feeds.. As an example, the following web widget is a ticker that includes  stock information and news. This is a “React App” that loads into a container or cloud-based system and can include customizable content of stocks prices (my own portfolio) and my own news (keywords)

In order to achieve that, the MEVIA Platform connects the two worlds by integrating both into one stream: For example, using the TECHEDTV live stream creating an enhanced version of the Feed is created that includes my own HTML-based widgets.

Also, a network like Bloomberg can be also enhanced with that ticker.

Similarly, other widgets can be added such as Twitter,  Instagram, Tiktok,  Facebook, Instagram, or any other React, or Web App that resides in the cloud.


In the following picture, a screen shot from Bloomberg TV was recorded as of May 16h, 2021 and the contents from top and bottom replaced with the ticker widget containing a customized version of the stock portfolio.  The stock portfolio ticker (black) on top and bottom is generated in the cloud and made part of a real-time video feed,


Similarly, instagram can be made part of the Bloomberg or CGTV feed as shown in the bottom right of the screen, the video includes how to web elements are slide up and slide down from the screen, even animated with web-based standard technologies.


Similarly, the same stock ticker added at the bottom and top of the Bloomberg stream or feed can be added to any other feed in eluding TECHEDTV.

Stock Ticker Insertion to live Video Stream (E.g. TECHEDTV)

Stay tuned for more updates on our newest software integrations.

Bloomberg with Stock Ticker
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