Updates from the EGLAVATOR – April 2021

As usual,  I have been unable to post as since 2020, the COVI-19 pandemic was not benevolent to new ventures and unfortunately affected so many people.  My startup accelerator was able to stay afloat, but now that 2021 is coming and that new ventures are being created, there are many opportunities that my partners and teams are working hard on.

Fortunately, there are  new startups, new clients and ventures.

The main areas of my focus for 2021  are:

  • Multimedia – Streaming and Broadcasting – MEVIA
  • Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing – Stealth
  • Non Functional Tokens – eluxus.co
  • Imaging and Radiology – RAD4
  • Some startups form LATAM and other Blockchain-based ventures! Stay tuned.

I will name a few of the ventures and teams that are working around the EGLAVATOR::

RAD4 – www.radfour.com

This team is composed by myself, Moises De La Cruz,  Ray Gonzales, and Edwin Rodriguez  A mix of experience entrepreneurship and expertise in the areas of Cloud computing, Imaging, DICOM, and commercial deployment of imaging systems. 

  • Software Tools: C/C++, React, Native Images, Docker, Python, PHP.
  • Status:  Prototype in progress 
  • Business Plan:  Prospect customers
  • Launch Date:   Summer 2021


Non-functional tokes, derivatives, DEFI, and other areas are under exploration by our teams.  In one example, the use of blockchain tied to assets using NFT  being explored at the moment. EGLA CORP is establishing partners and customers for this opportunity. :

  • Software Tools:  Ethereum blockchain, solidify, React, Python Web3
  • Status: Pre-Seed
  • Business Plan:  Marketplace with commission-based transactions plus token
  • Launch Date:  Summer 2021

Natural Language Processing and Artificial intelligence

Creation and modification of content to rewrite and edit textual content from sites., a lot of time is used to create textual data and AI + NLP can rewrite many sentences at ease.

  • Software Tools: Python
  • Status : 
  • Business Plan : Potential Customers
  • Launch Date:  Summer 2021


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