Pioneers Academy – Interview with Bimal Shah

Bimal Shah and EGLA CORP have partnered to form the “Pioneers Academy” and what Bimal calls, the “One Year Breakthrough”  The Pioneers Academy three flavors:


  • Learning Pioneer
  • Growing Pioneer, and
  • Scaling Pioneer



In this episode, you will find out how:

…… you make money and money is you know is is a
byproduct of had to go value creation a lot of people and businesses
the number one reason businesses fail is because of money ran out of it….. 
understanding money you know is key that you know when you are just b y

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good morning good evening good afternoon you guys will isn’t a deck at
the report gazprom the igloo eight or here booker at all florida while
more dinah have the gas of on our beam all how are you we wash our
great thank you for having me your doctor and when it’s a great
pleasure always with you grey grey like you know guys that you have
heard all the stuff about the pioneers academy the

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one year break through and today we’re going to bring you one more
episode where we have some no leash exchange with but be more so all
of into printers out there in south florida can learn from now the
pioneers academy and i want to do like her ass you a question or two
about that like don’t tell us was the purpose of the of of the book

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number five the of the series of the band years ago enemy so book
number five is based on leveraging his strengths you know when you
leverage your strands you become stronger and one of did it that code
says you know if you have a immediate say in a gimme a lever strong
enough to place it or know fulcrum and i shed more that world so it’s
about building your leg

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where and building a fulcrum so you can actually move your business to
the next level

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and that’s that’s book number five you know that so this book the
whole pioneers academy the old mission is making pioneers out of
entrepreneurs because i believe that you know when you do become the
only one in your own business and you become

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the one that is totally different and unique you can scale
exponentially so those are the to principles that i believe that keep
businesses sustainable and growing

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for decades and decades to come excellent news so i wanted to ask you
about the that the new and academy of coming out a series

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when you will is that

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his schedule for so we’re planning to launch it in february

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and start date in you know certain areas in south florida and the goal
is to get entrepreneurs and pioneers to join and and learn how to
achieve their next level girl accountability that three your business
school in one year there’s going to be three goals are still learning
buying years that growing pioneers and the scaling pioneers so that
learning pioneers i’m kind of legs

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start ups and and businesses that are just looking to how we gonna
start a business and the going pioneers they have a business but it
kind of stuck in scale their plateaued businesses so those are the
three cohorts that we plan to start dies in february excellent and
then basically for those that are have a business here in south

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yeah you know we have a one shot to win here so then what would you
recommend to those pioneers they’re like may be just they just lost
their jobs in the corporate america are two thousand people been

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fire from google during i need it so pretty sure that’s going to
replicate in a little different

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companies was your suggestion i was your advice to those are like
maybe trying to become a pioneer and and printer after they lost their
job so what are the things that really saddening his dad in our
culture coach oh so important in or the last two years we have learned
that you know if you don’t have a proper culture and why

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firemen a workplace it can dramatically impact the company and you
know the last two years with all these layoffs it has determined that

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you know you can get laid out just like that he and i had idol heard
stories about you know people love at google were taking care of their
parents who are terminally ill and they got laid off even just with an
email the activation there was ninety one a phone call not even
something that they would say to them so what i would suggest to all
of those folks his dad

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you know it’s time to look back and see be want to start your own you
know why why weren’t for someone else when you new the knowledge even
you have the resources when yeah that capacity and that’s all we were
trying to build the you know it ever since college i have held down to
printers i started my own business straight out of college and held
down to burners for more than two decades now to scale and grow their

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since are now build it into a whole system ninety day leaps and weekly
sprint and infrastructure and even a software that people get access
for accountability so the whole you know you learn from writing on the
back of either so you don’t have to make the same mistakes and figure
out you know years and years of putting into it and equity in do it to
learn how to build it

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business you can learn from us and actually scale it in here and and
start get getting up and running dad exactly like because if you have
been working for a corporation do like add the the before and then
that i had to join the interpret north you world he has been exciting
journey grad you need those tools you i’m pretty sure you need that

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you need to invest because you cannot make money without putting money
upfront is and to market these sales and and training so was the cause
for for an interpreter to join the the first court so so there’s three
calls are still learning pioneers you know it depending on if you’re
having the software or the things but it may learn about four hundred
a month

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you know and

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the other is running about two thousand in the last court is about
four thousand so depending on the first call are days where your
started i’m saying your entrepreneurs and you just want to build a
business were giving you complete tools so there’s not a single
academy single training institution i even had m be a some harvard
said that they weren’t with me they learn more in more

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on year then you know being all this money to harvard

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see you get all the tools you get all the resources you get
accountability you get legally accountability that nobody else does of
the entire planet to help you scale you grow your business and as they
do have some what guarantee or i was a guarantee you offered to the
and so well we guarantee that as long as you do everything that retail
and we followed through with you and make sure that

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you achieve the goals that you say these are your goals you know we’re
going to help you achieve your goals and and you take the accent and
we hold you accountable on a weekly basis you will see at least five x
return on on the investment of five hundred percent are like so
basically like eve

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if they don’t make defy hundred the five the say them they don’t get
their money back from their investment what what what is a be my do to
help and to make we will make sure that we work for free until they
get that your guys there’s a big deal because if you come here and you
learn and and basically use your may be if you’re as

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lacquer thing your honor their right by the yeah yeah my deanna days
there’s an action takers guarantee whoa that’s why we had the tracking
and accountability of every action item of every week so there’s every
action item that we lay out this is you know day one day to day three
and know everything that is laid out and he feared if you have taken
so you and you know all these some of those

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action items and you

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you know taken those you will see the results for sure

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yeah okay excellent and now just one second

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so national again the same question get through to repeat that

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this cluster with the price because them to a point that stuff

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so we got be more here so we get the pioneers again me your law
looking at the at the at the the recording here couple of books from
be more shop and be my has a website has a all kind of resources books
and notebooks and and of course you be around the bay you’re
surrounded by your peers a your follow the same journey of that

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that the you’re following so was the cause of this an opportunity
because of your to printers someday you have to see like things as
opportunities are still have been expenses you’re investing instead of
of right so the investment is very nominal and minimal foreign
partners i mean you probably be a lot more in and other expenses even
personal expenses and and

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and so this is like four hundred a month for entrepreneurs to get
started and just you know invest in learning pioneers startups and
then you know that next level a lesbian you have a business and you
are learning it also includes your team it includes everybody that
you’re working within your company and that is roughly about two gay
and the other one is about four thousand so

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at at four hundred bucks a month you know you you literally can get
know if you can scale your business you can be held legally
accountable you can get the expos you can get the tools you can get
the software that it’s no question that you know that would be avoid
while investment for almost any entrepreneur out outta yeah exactly
save you think that’s an interpreter right now and then

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you question yourself okay four hundred dollars maybe view thing like
that and into printer of would you pay to have a consultant to join
your your workforce either you have to give inequity blows cash right
nobody were for hundred dollars a month right right and okay so then
the said you have been like three thousand dollars a month plus you
have some equity and you to have any guy

00:09:28.104 –> 00:09:48.180
antes so then you have to thing like going into bernardo thing like an
employee because as an employee for hundred dollars you’re thinking of
this is my car lease but here you’re embarrassing yourself you’re
basing your business and what happened after you try you did
everything you could you your new during you can’t all the classes was
you guarantee be more from the said a guarantee that you’ll see it

00:09:48.240 –> 00:10:08.400
least five eggs or five hundred percent i rely on your investment and
you know be a and this in action takers guarantee an action takers
candy meaning that we have laid out specific actions sour whole
concept is ninety day leaps and weekly sprint meaning we we build and
ninety daily for you and every quarter and then every quarter you have
weekly spring

00:10:08.715 –> 00:10:26.685
legally action items that be tracked and accountable as long as those
action items that we have in the tracking software are done and i
monitored through and very able to hold you accountable and understand
that you’ve been taking actions you will see the results so that that
is the five hundred percent five x r oh i guarantee on the investment

00:10:27.585 –> 00:10:41.175
excellent and that’s that’s a very very good value proposition because
i don’t think this is is there any economy that offer that like twenty
wrong as over that knowing to tony romo is good decks your money and
the make you very happy for a weekend in and then he goes away

00:10:42.258 –> 00:10:55.425
i mean of course that’s an exaggeration on my part but obviously like
this is something that is here locally south florida we going to have
right here at the glove eight or we may even open a new location soon
in a in and in a different women going to announce that ones that have
the solid

00:10:56.385 –> 00:11:14.595
response from the owner of that locations well but i think you’d be
surrounded a mania into printer some of the started up some coming
from from from other businesses and a motivator for many was engineers
is that a lot of people get laid off and you have this brattle
knowledge you see the start use silicon valley movies

00:11:15.225 –> 00:11:35.265
why do you recommend to those are getting unfortunately terminated
this week or the wherever they terminate in the last month said prone
the tech world so there’s three things one and for yeah no one if
you’re laid off the and obviously you have your assets and your
retirement plan so you you don’t want to jump into decisions on role
or anything because a lot of be

00:11:35.295 –> 00:11:55.425
but will be after your money if you had assets and you’d also don’t
want to invest your four o one k money to have been that your
retirement as said by working hard that your build you want to keep it
safe and it there for your time the second thing is we have a tool you
know if anyone he goes and link three my link to link tree da da da

00:11:55.485 –> 00:12:15.585
one you break to there’s a link said bill find your ideal dream come
true employers that if you are looking for a job you can actually
build a profile and will be as work also work as a headhunter
recruiter and weekend actually find new your dream don’t just take any
job just because you got laid off and you need another job you know
find the ideal match because it’s very important because that will
help us

00:12:15.585 –> 00:12:35.745
sustain and lastly you know you don’t have to work for anyone you can
start your own business and we can help you start your own business
because you know the most important thing you have is you your
knowledge and and what i say it’s cash flow with a gay knowledge
attitude skills habits you know your take things to the finish line
you leverage yeah

00:12:35.745 –> 00:12:47.895
oh we’re omnipresent and you win every day so if these are things that
are free you don’t have to put money in to get these things to get
this cash flow and with this cash flow you can actually make money

00:12:48.525 –> 00:12:56.175
and actually get your business up and running and get it started so
that’s that’s what those are the three elements that i would say for
everybody that laid off

00:12:57.405 –> 00:13:05.205
did did think about and think twice and may maybe there there’s a
great opportunity for you to start your own business you don’t have to
be dependent on anyone

00:13:08.385 –> 00:13:26.145
axel excellent new so we have here be more sure that he’s a or mean
coach here for us basically we can call it a fractional a coach
investment toward four hundred dollars a month you could get access to
train into a couple of beers you get access to a website you get
access to a lot of stuff and all

00:13:26.145 –> 00:13:46.305
you see we can give us some these council give cars for you guys would
you guys contact we mall or contact me we can issue a promotional card
the will be a nancy pretty soon and one but about now list be more
like how many people have you help those far and i her a little
success stories one that you can share that may be used for have

00:13:46.305 –> 00:14:06.465
for a beginner like a learning pioneered that you took from their new
pony or two and a be i’m you know a girl bernier so so one quick thing
i not just a website it’s a software there’s no no academy you
actually has in their own proprietary software and offers them you
know tool and resource and a software that can track the

00:14:06.465 –> 00:14:14.175
their actions and results are now and daily and weekly basis and a
quarterly basis for that also people get access to that’s a very sweet

00:14:15.105 –> 00:14:35.265
and what i would suggest you know a story that i would share your nine
helping buying years of was one guy was literally starting off and we
took him from fifty k to a million and a you know we had started we
met in starbucks and then we went from one just himself to five people
theme and and to like ten people to

00:14:35.265 –> 00:14:55.425
team in a matter of just eighteen months so that is like a twenty x
crowd you know in in just eighteen months in his own practice and by
focusing on at key target audience into one of the things i would
recommend you know for anybody starting a business the most important
element did after edwin is is he

00:14:55.425 –> 00:15:04.515
who now what and who means you know who is the customary you want to
serve and if you if you know everything about the customers that you
want to serve

00:15:05.535 –> 00:15:07.755
you know you can make things happen

00:15:08.385 –> 00:15:27.495
that that that will help you make money and money is you know is is a
byproduct of had to go value creation a lot of people and businesses
the number one reason businesses fail is because of money ran an
understanding money you know is key that you know when you are just by

00:15:28.325 –> 00:15:48.225
you want to create ethical value for your ideal customer and you
should know your ideal customer you know beforehand when you start
your business grey grey grey that’s a that’s a great advice you guys a
of you have if you have some money’s on capital that you want to
invest or you are they have an idea and you may be made a little bit
of money on line and the com

00:15:48.225 –> 00:16:08.295
mers platform or or you’re doing some console doom of the proposition
that the your for do or online to oak all kinds of people were
recommended you to join the cohort that we’re we’re opening in
february and them and you will see progress and you will see those
sales going on and was your last advice for net

00:16:08.385 –> 00:16:22.395
out now downturn that would people are calling the the recession
upcoming a lot of do a me what was your recommendation to so so we are
in a stagflation stagflation meaning that we have in inflation and
recession at the same time which is a double whammy

00:16:23.265 –> 00:16:31.365
in any this had happened in the seventies said we’re also going to a
currency crisis you know there’s a lot of different types of currency
that we’re facing

00:16:32.175 –> 00:16:36.015
so this is a period where it’s a dead zone where you have to really

00:16:36.975 –> 00:16:57.105
look at you know how you gonna generate value for who you are working
with or who you want to provide your products and services and the
more value create the more you will make and that is that is the key
do actually generate money you know during a recession times and our
tent share a quake store

00:16:57.105 –> 00:17:05.715
three about if anybody knows one of the companies that became a
billion dollar company during recession when they started and they are
right now

00:17:06.353 –> 00:17:26.355
that’s the insta card and insta guard you know was actually ran by in
india nepal will matter and you know he figured out that everybody
wanted groceries but didn’t have time and during the pandemic people
didn’t want to go outta ya for service where he had teams and drivers
they will go out and get groceries from different locations and bring
into the door

00:17:26.415 –> 00:17:46.545
for a fee and a service and put it all together and there’s a
billionaire so you have to look at how are you creating value value
makes money excellence oh thank you guys i hope you guys get motivated
to join the cohort that we have infirmary we’ll be announcing that
just look at our website follow the links that are are below right
here and thank you very much be mall or

00:17:46.545 –> 00:18:01.455
got your back and we’ll we’ll if we going to go back with more of
sessions where we going to be teaching you very important information
for derive from the bernieres economy and obviously from of be months
experience think i’m making you a pioneer your opponent whereby for

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the show is brought to you by eagle like communications at the eagle
of either in boca raton florida

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