MedMatch Network with Amos Dare, MD

Amos Dare, MD is a physician graduated from Yale University part of the EGLAVATOR Program. Medmatch is a platform on the web and mobile, where patients and doctors connect. 


MedMatch Network


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You guys are listening to Tech tv podcasting series. In our show, we’ll bring you the best in technologies, innovation to startups, FinTech, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and the latest and the greatest in technology world. This show is brought to you Byla Communications. Joy is brought at the ator in communications at the Ator in Boca Raton, Florida. Good morning, good evening, and good afternoon. You guys listen to Tech TV podcast from the Eton.

And today we have a great guest, Dr. Amos there. How are you, doctor?

I’m doing great. Thank you for inviting

Me. Can you get closer to the mic? Yes, I know, I know you, you hate mics, but,

Uh, thank you. Thank

You. Great, great, great. So Doctor, um, tell me like, uh, tell us a little bit about yourself, doc. Like say your, what’s your background, how do you became a doctor, and, uh, what’s your passion?

Well, I’ll save you the kindergarten stories, , but, um, uh, I’m, I’m born in Togo, uh, which is West Africa. Uh, for most, we don’t know Togo, but I arrived in the US uh, at the age of 18, uh, for college. And, uh, went to a small liberal arts college in Illinois called Knox College. I was fortunate enough to get a full scholarship to go to college and also, uh, was accepted to Yale Medical School and became a doctor, uh, the overachiever that I am. I pursued, uh, training in neurosurgery and became a neurosurgeon, a board certified neurosurgeon. I’ve practiced for over 20 years and, uh, more recently, um, pursuing my second passion, which is medical technology. And for the last two and a half years, I am the ceo, uh, and founder of Med Much Network.

Yes, and that’s why you’re here, Dr. Dr. Amus, because you are a technologist now. Um, and, uh, and a CEO and a manager, and you have teams in, um, I think it’s, uh, Ukraine, right? Or some other countries. I have

Teams all over the world. You know, the world has become a small place now with, uh, all the connectivity we have. I have teams in Europe, in South America, and of course, uh, here in the US that are, are helping us, uh, make our vision come true.

So just come back to the Vision Doc. So like, the vision for Med Match is, uh, I think the word Med match sounds like matching medical something . So I think people will, I implicitly, uh, have like an intuition of what it is, but why don’t you tell the, the, the, the audience what is Med Match?

So, med Match is really a labor of love for me. Um, we doctors, uh, at least when I was practicing and still, uh, have been using, uh, fax, uh, telephone, paper and pen to, uh, coordinating coordinate the care of my, uh, of our patients. And in fact, I had one patient die, uh, before getting to the care that, uh, he needed. And I said, listen, we have the technology. Why don’t we develop something that uses the technology that’s already there? So a mid match is become a platform, uh, uh, electronic technology platform that connects doctors, uh, as well as other medical providers or, or labs and, uh, other, uh, services, medical services. And they can communicate easily. They can exchange information about their, uh, about their patients. And most recently we are very excited that we are not connecting the patients to that platform so the patients can, uh, talk directly to the patient or find services on that platform.

Great. So, uh, and actually like one of the important things about Med Match is that you have, uh, an assistant always everybody dreams. Like, I wish I just call Alexa and say, or Siri, Siri, can you book an appointment with my Doctor ? And then you’re like, uh, nah, here can do that. Not Alexa, but Med Match can tell us about that.

Yes, we are very excited about, uh, our new, uh, innovation and introduction onto the Med Match network platform. Uh, dubbed ada, ADA is the virtual med medical assistant, and very soon everybody will be able to, uh, take, uh, ADA for test drive. Uh, it comes down to just ease and access and convenience, saving time and money and frustration for the patients as a physician. That’s always what I wanted to take care of patients when we started Med Match. So now you can tell Ada, ada, uh, please find me, uh, a doctor, a dentist, or a primary care doctor in my geographic area that takes my insurance. And, uh, I would like to see that doctor, uh, next week, uh, and ADA will come back to you in seconds and say, I found three that fits exactly your criteria and help you make those appointments without you having to go back and forth between the internet, the office staying on the phone calling. So pretty much your virtual assistant. That’s what ADA will do,

But ADA will be also a little bit smarter. It will be like a, like a nurse, right? It would be like an AI nurse. Is that right Doc? What’s, what’s the vision with that part?

? Yeah, you, I’m telling you the secret source here. So with, uh, gen, what we call generative ai, or most people probably heard of C G PT T, now, we can now leverage that tool where ADA will be able to give you, uh, information, uh, upon request. And that includes, um, checking symptoms or, um, giving you medical information, education, uh, as well as diagnosis. Uh, what we don’t want ADA to do quite yet, and I don’t know it’s going, if it’s going to happen any time, is be a doctor, we, you know, you still need the doctor, but ADA can connect you to the most qualified and readily available professional in your geographic area.

So I think, I think ADA will replaces that, the fact that sometimes we like, you know what, I’ve been having a back pain. Do you know a good, like back doctor , you tell your friends, right? Like, kind of like that very colloquially, ed will be your friend, like that. It’ll be like, oh, what else? What else you have in your pain? It’s like a Yeah, exactly. Is it like a, it is like a nerve is have you had any pro problems with your, uh, with your back before? Have you had any surgeries in the past before and you were a few questions, and Ed will be like, you should see Dr. Amos. Well, no, it’s not a referral for Dr. Dr. Amos here. It’s, this is for any doctor. It’s around your vicinity that could be qualified enough to Right. To help you. So, but, but in that A G P T world, I think you, you’re writing an article I guess, or I don’t know if you already wrote it, uh, about a little bit of the situation, the ethical methods and, and complications, contradictions in, in terms of that. Right. Well,

So we, we really, um, have to accept the fact that with every breakthrough, every technology or scientific breakthrough, there are going to be pros and cons. And we in the medical, uh, field at least have experienced that when it came to human genetic engineering and cloning. So there are some similarities between that and the application of AI right now. So some of the ethical concerns that a lot of people have is that autonomy and control that, you know, uh, we are going to build robots that will take over the world. They’ll have a mind of their own and may do harm. So this, this debate has been going on in the medical field

Like this, Skynet,

, something like that. , something like that. I’m sure you watch a few, uh, movies like the Terminator, not your Terminator, but we’ve had those ethical discussions. And what has helped us is several, um, several laws or even agreements, international agreements, and there are some really good UNESCO recommendations on the use of artificial intelligence, just like they leverage and they lean in when we were having the, uh, human genetic engineering as well. And it, it comes down to, you know, setting boundaries. You, you understand? And, and they just take one bad apple to spoil it all for everyone.


Let’s, let’s put a little bit of pause. , just gimme one second. Sure, no problem.

Hey, hey,

Studio, we’re, we’re, we’re doing, uh, DRMO. He has a technology called Med Match. What does you do? You have to listen to the podcast, podcast. Podcast. An advertiser yess, but I catch up with you with the guy yesterday. Okay. Can I call you tomorrow? Yeah, yeah, sure, sure. Anytime. Good to see you. Good to Byebye. Hey, did you, did you uh, enjoy the meeting with a Oh yeah. Amazing. I like it. Good guy. And he showed me what he can do. So we’ll talk about You can do that here, I think. And and he can do that like too. Yeah, yeah. No, it’s of course. Yeah. They didn’t wanna stop because he’s going to be one of your investors potentially. Oh, awesome, awesome. No, that’s, that’s one of them. And then Jeff from my friend Jeff, the guy, listen, you got, you got the podcast now we can send it. We need to cut it. They need to.


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