Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Hahn on TECHEDTV

Interview with Dr. William Hahn and Matt Trask 

Artificial Intelligence has been evolving and creating new opportunities for innovation, when in the past Artificial Intelligence was just an idea. We discuss at the studios and headquarters how sites like OpenAI, GPT-6, and others have become a reality. The MPCR Lab at FAU is working on several areas (

The MPCR lab is a multidisciplinary research group exploring the interface between mathematics, electronics, and the natural sciences. Our research consists of physical/digital agents that learn, evolve, and live within synthetic environments. We create embedded and embodied computational lifeforms using analog/digital hardware/software.

Dr. Hahn on TECHEDTV Podcast @ EGLAVATOR

As usual robotics catches people’s eyes, and the MPCR has a robot dog called Argo. As described by their website:

Astro has the flexibility and stability of other quadruped robots but with a very important difference: he has a brain too! Astro has a 3D printed head and ‘skin’ that contain multiple sensors and high-powered GPU computers to perceive and learn about his environment using a computerized brain. This means that Astro doesn’t operate based on preprogrammed code. Instead, Astro is being trained using inputs to a deep neural network – a computerized simulation of a brain – so that he can learn from experience to perform human-like tasks, or on his case, “doggie-like” tasks, that benefit humanity.

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