Yuga Labs Probe by SEC and Howey Test

Yuga Labs SEC Probe was issued this week and we analyzed the situation. We also bring our “AI bot”s to help us with the discussion as we also talk about the “Fort Lauderdale Boat Show (FLBS)” and how our startups are solving problems in modern yachts, connectivity and cybersecurity.  Right from the EGLAVATOR https://eglavator.com/  in Boca Raton, FL an https://eglacorp.com company.

Likewise, Yuga Labs probes brings issues on what you need to test and avoid, specially  issuing the “Howey Test” an 1931 test that reads:

The Howey Test refers to the U.S. Supreme Court case for determining whether a transaction qualifies as an “investment contract.” If a transaction is found to be an investment contract, it’s considered a security. It’s then subject to registration requirements under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an “‘ investment contract’ exists when there is the investment of money in a common enterprise with a reasonable expectation of profits to be derived from the efforts of others. The so-called ‘Howey Test’ applies to any contract, scheme, or transaction, regardless of whether it has any of the characteristics of typical securities.”

“Hence the SEC found issued a Yuga Labs Probe  to determine if the ApeCoins and their NFT (Non Fungible Token) would have constituted a Federal securities violation.

In simple terms, under “The Howey Test”, a transaction qualifies as a security if it involves the following four elements: 

  1. An investment of money
  2. In a common enterprise
  3. A reasonable expectation of profit
  4. Derived from the efforts of others

To be considered a security, a transaction must meet all four prongs of the Howey Test.

Yuga Labs faces a Probe

As part of many sources including https://coingeek.com/sec-probes-yuga-labs-over-alleged-sale-of-unregistered-offerings/ 

According to a Bloomberg report, the SEC has yet to make a formal accusation against Yuga Labs for any wrongdoing as the investigations are still in the preliminary stages. However, a spokesperson for the NFT maker said that the company has not breached any securities law and will work with the Commission to resolve any gray areas.

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

One of our startups, Marine Network Solutions and Marine Cybersecurity Services (Same team) are solving problems in Yachts, also soon to release a Yacht NFT and a network of yachts.   Stay tuned for the next episodes where we will bring Sato Ramdas and Cameron to discuss IOT, 4G/5G connectivity for yachts and our cybersecurity package for yachts and boats in general.



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