The MEVIAVERSE – Our Metaverse

We are METAVERSE and NFT Experts at EGLA CORP.  The MEVIAVERSE is our METAVERSE version and is nothing but a multimevia, or a multimedia world with 3D assets and worlds. These assets can be used i in Augmented Reality Environments or Virtual Reality spaces, with VR headsets or just your phone.

I even have a new US Patent in augmented reality interfaces covered under US Patent 11441773. 


All of the 3D models are llicenced or  created or modified in MAYA, Blender, 3DS Max and other tools. We edited by applying filters, light plugins, textures, and all those capabilities.  This has been done in collaboration with “Bridge to the Universe Labs” a tech startup and NFT creator at the EGLAVATOR
with our own NFT Incubator for all NFT, Metaverse, and Crypto Projects. (

NFT Incubator at EGLAVATOR
NFT Incubator

Blender Experts

Video Samples of our METAVERSE or MEVIAVERSE

What have we done, here some videos representing: an NFT Museum in the METAVERSE, Discord Management, and AR/VR Samples done by our team.

A full NFT Project to SOLANA Launchpad already : SHIBZOIDS

SHibzoids NFT Project

Our expertise expandsl skills in the METAVERSE from animation to Web3 Projects.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Samples

METAVERSE with Web3 Integration (soon)


NFT BlockChains Supported

Experience in Ethereum, SOLANA NFTs, and even Polygon. As song as there is code in NODE, Python, or even C/C++, we have decades of experience in software engineering. This expertise consolidate us as METAVERSE and NFT Experts in all chains.

NFT Experts
NFT Non Fungible Token blue text on mobile phone screen, dark background. Cryptographic token, blockchain asset, crypto art concept. 3d illustration

NFT Generation

The NFT Generation is automated, by capturing layers via AI, or manually, we can generate 2D and 3D objects from PNGS to Blender 3D Renderings. Collections can be automatically generated for any of the blockchains in the market.. NodeJS and Python tools for automation.

Automated Log generation, rarity comparison, and many other features from our software:

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NFT Membership

As Metaverse and NFT Experts, we have also an NFT Membership widget. Our NFT Membership approach connects wallets to websites, enabling access to services. We have a set of APIS and plugins for several sites to validate this, including:

  1. FOODVERSE NFT: Guitless to GO
  3. EGALVATOR : Office Space NFT Membership
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