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EGLA CORP are true Expert Witness Services and technology consultants.

 EGLA has intellectual property experts with hands-on engineering experience that can substantiate your reports using specifications, logs, code reviews, technological samples, etc. 


EGLA CORP counts with several tools for engineering design, for starters a  patented mobile simulator for emulating “Evolved Packet Core” LTE systems using 3GPP Rel-10 and validate cloud-based backends.  LTE and 5G NR analysis and review. 

Hence we can assist your firm with all expert witness services, from IPR declarations, validity and infringement, source code reviews, and damages report.


As part of my Expert Witness Services,  me and my team have access to my own laboratories that can assist your company in tasks in in several areas, directed to claim construction, evidence of use, and other material findings to confirm specifications. :

  • Cloud computing
  • Hardware Development
  • 3GPP and Wireless Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Auditing and Cybersecurity


3GPP Test Lab & Validation Lab

We can connect any eNodeB (pico-, micro-, and macro-cells) to our packet core, either locally or via VPN and validate messaging exchanged for example, 3GPP TS 26.331 or other specifications.  Our R&D Emulation for 3G, 4G LTE, soon 5G environ mentation environment is capable of:

  • Drive test analysis and reports
  • Analysis and emulation of packet Logs at the S1AP, X2 Interfaces
  • Analysis and emulation of packet Logs at the UE with QXDM Support
  • Allocation of resources, RRC-level messaging
  • MME, Location-based Services interfaces, and all other interfaces

We use RF Shielded boxes to test all UEs (User Equipments) or Client Devices in any frequency with Test Sim Cards.


Cloud Computing, Electrical Engineering, Signal Processing Lab

We have our own system for testing, prototyping, and claim chart construction lab for software platforms, networking-based equipment, hardware, and 3D Printing.

Expert Reports and Rebuttal Reports

EGLA CORP has provided Expert Reports for many cases in LTE including support for Mobility Workx, LLC v. T-Mobile, Mobility Workx v. Verizon, BNR vs LG, and other confidential clients.

  • Expert Infringement Reports and Declarations
  • Validity and other rebuttal reports and declarations
  • Testimony and deposition time
  • Deposition practice and assistance counsel in discovery matters
  • Trial testimony and other assistance to counsel, Amend Infringement Contentions, etc

Technical Expert Witness for Intellectual Property and Patent Cases

  1. University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc. et. al. vs. Motorola Mobility LLC.Filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida – Case settled in 2014 (Deposed)
  2. Virtela Technology Services Andrew Funk, File in the US District Court of Denver, Colorado, Representing Andrew Funk – Case Settled in 2016
  3. Del Castillo vs. Bank of America– Representing Bank of America – Case settled 2017
  4. Seven Networks vs. Google– Representing Seven Networks – 2017
  5. Blue Radios Kopin – Representing Blue Radios – Colorado – 2017 – ongoing (Deposed)
  6. Mobility Workx T-Mobile– Case Settled – 2017 (Deposed)
  7. Mobility Workx Verizon Wireless, Representing Mobility Workx, LLC in E.D. Texas – 2017 – ongoing (Deposed)
  8. Mobile Manufacturer Carrier, Eastern District of Texas, Representing Mobile Manufacturer (Confidential & Settled) in 2017
  9. Talent Mobile Development Headios Group (California Federal Court, 2018 Trademark/Mobile Software) – Jury trial testimonial with 700k award to my client (Trial Testimony)
  1. Key West Golf Club vs. Cable Provider – Preliminary study – Key West, FL, 2019
  2. Express Mobile DreamHost, LLCExpert Witness – US District Court of Delaware – 2019
  3. StoneAT&T, Velocity – Expert Witness – Representing AT&T and Velocity – US District of San Diego, 2019 (Deposed)
  4. Express Mobilevs Magento, BigCommerce, others – Representing Express Mobile, U.S. E.D District of Texas and California Northern District, Audited code for client, claim charts, invalidity defenses, 2019 – ongoing
  5. TPI vs Keller Williams, Inc – Trade secrets, software, Texas, 2020
  6. Bell Northern Research, LLC LG Electronics, Inc., et al, Patents, California, 2020-ongoing
  7. TCL and others
  8. Barkan v. Sprint – E.D. of Texas, Technical Expert Reports, Invalidity and Infringement Reports, Deposed (Case Settled)
  9. Kaiffi v. T-Mobile, Verizon  – E.D. of Texas, Technical Expert Reports  (Streaming and wireless) (Withdrawn by Client)
  10. Flexiworld v. Amazon, others, Texas Western District, Technical Expert Reports  (Streaming Technologies)  (Withdrawn)
  11. Contour Data Solutions v. Gridforce, CDW – Pennsylvania E.D., Technical Expert Reports (Data Center, Cloud, Trade Secrets)
  12. Mediatek, et. al v. Nippon TelegraphNippon Telegraph vs. Media Tek  IPR2020-01607, Declaration and Reports, IPR and US District court  (Modulation, RF, OFDM, other wireless comm issues, Deposed IPR, Validity and Infringement).
  13. Netapp v. Proven Networks, IPR2020-01436, Declaration and Reports, and Federal Circuit Case, Proven Networks v. NetApp, Deposed for IPR
  14. BNR (Mobile / Wireless Patents) – ITC Case at U.S. International Trade Commission Investigation No. 337-TA-3568, Certain Electronic Devices Having Wireless Communication Capabilities and Components – Ongoing  – Mobility Patents, WIFI
  15. L2MT vs Google – moved to the Northern District of California, Claim Construction Assistance (on hold) 
  16. Gravel Inc v.  T-Mobile, Amazon, and other defendants – E.D. of Texas 
  17. Advising – Pre-trial / 4 Confidential Defendants/Plaintiffs (2013-2014)

Code Review Expertise

EGLA CORP counts with 25+ years of experience in programming, software engineering, specially driver design, C/C++, protocols, including collaboration on patents for “Wireless Zero Configuration” for Microsoft Windows,  Handover protocols, and low-level signaling expertise. Our engineers have worked with LTE Signaling, RF at companies like Motorola, NOKIA, Blackberry, Microsoft, and others.  

We can assist you with our “Clean Room” expertise, optimize time,  and assist counsel with motions to compel.

Software Audits & Clean Room Code Review

  • Honduran Government, “National Properties institue,” A Multi-million-dollar platform transferred from the World Bank to the Honduran Government – Code Review: Java, .NET, and Cybersecurity in 2017-2018
  • Auditing of Honduran Elections, Forensics and fraud detection and analysis (Pro-Bono) in 2018
  • Code Review and clean room in case Magento v. Express Mobile

IPR Support

EGLA CORP has assisted patents in the areas of MIMO and modulation, media streaming, and handover patents and IPRs against PTAB.  Our team can prepare a declaration for your case.   

IPR Cases

  • Workspot vs Citrix– Expert Witness IPR2019-01002-– Representing CITRIX – PTAB (Instituted)
  • DISH Network LLC vs Multimedia Content Management LLC– IPR2019-01014 and IPR2019-01015, Representing Multimedia Content Management, LLC (Not Instituted)
  • LG Electronics v. BNR – Representing BNR – IPR2020-00108 for U.S. Patent No. 8,416,862 (In Progress) and others against Samsung.

Expert Witness Services on Damages

EGLA CORP works closely and has submitted expert reports on damages in patent and trademark cases.  “Georgia Pacific” factors damages report using of Key Performance Indicators © model. Our rate is a flat fee of $60,000 includes deposition time.  


Damages Expert Witness for Intellectual Property and Patent Cases

  1. Mobility Workx CellCo Partnership (Verizon Wireless), Representing Mobility Workx, LLC in E.D. Texas, Daubert challenged, scheduled to testify in court for reasonable Royalty (Deposed)2019
  2. TPI vs Keller Williams, Damages, Royalties.


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