Honduras Global Podcast

Lately, besides TECHEDTV I have been producing and hosting “Honduras Global Podcast.  I am a founding member of a non-profit organization called “Honduras Global.” A group of Hondurans abroad that have done a significant contribution to science, technology, business, humanities, arts, and many other fields where Hondurans have flourished.   Hence, Honduras Global is a knowledge network of people that is interested in helping a very impoverished country in Latin America.

Honduras Global members are successful honduras in different fields that usually reside abroad, and that can provide a positive push to develop Honduras.  Most of them are in the United States, EU, England, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, and other countries. 
Honduras Global Members provide their time and experience to the foundation, and share their life with different Honduras Global programs. 

A new part of these efforts which  I am leading with support of our board of directors with Helder Perez another member that is an expert in biology and has its own podcasts in the field.

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As part of this effort, that we call Honduras Global Podcast, I have conducted four interviews with members of our foundation that happen dot be renowned Hondurans:


All the videos are in “Spanish” but we could record some in english format as well. 

– Episode 1 – Jorge Zelaya MBA

– Episode 2 – Ingrid Fromm, PhD

– Episode 3 – Patricia Ynestroza

– Episode 4 – Miguel Romero

Honduras Global Podcasts – Audio Only

The following are audio-only podcasts to be published to all podcasting clouds.

Episode 1 – Audio – Ing, Jorge Zelaya, MBA – Motivator, Entrepreneur
Episode 2 – Audio Only – Dr. Ingrid Fromm – Bern Institute of Technology
Episodio 3 – Audio Only – Patricia Ynestroza – Vatican Radio
Episodio 4 – Audio Only – Miguel Romero – Luthier Labs
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