Content Monetization in Cable TV for Video & Music Streaming Services

Content Monetization with Cable TV subscriptions has been very important for generating revenues for many media moguls like HBO, VIACOM, CBS, ABS, DISNEY, and many others.

Disney, reported $18B in revenues in 2015 from Cable TV and Broadcast deals

Therefore, Cable TV subscriber revenues still drive these media moguls balance sheets, whereas OTT or Application Streaming platforms are still falling behind in those revenues, and likely with balance sheets in the red (e.g. Spotify, Pandora). On the other hand, Netflix reported profit margins of 18% but declining subscribers.

Therefore, if you are trying to monetize your content using a video streaming application, you have to read this article, and understand that, it will be a risky business opportunity if you only tackle OTT and ignore Cable TV systems.

Cloud to cable brings your Music, TV & Video content to a unified platform that enables your content to be monetized or distributed to Cable TV or Satellite and OTT Platforms or streaming applications, at the same time.

Cloud to Cable effectively levels the playing field for application streaming owners, and creates a new market for these content owners to distribute and sell their content to OTT Platforms aka streaming applications (both Music and TV or Video) and distribute the same content to traditional cable and satellite systems.

Effectively, Cloud to Cable, will enable you applications streaming to compete with the large media moguls!

Just as “linear television” or media moguls like Disney and HBO are moving to the cloud, with Cloud to Cable, you can also move to Cable or do both in a simpler way. Although, many experts state that Cable TV as a “declining” business, beyond doubt Cable TV it is still profitable with more than 1 Billion subscribers worldwide.

If you review Cable TV subscription pricing in LATAM, Africa and Europe, OTT services have no way to compete with a $25 per month package with 200 TV channels bundled with Internet including in many cases HD and movie channels, when Netflix is $12 per month with no bundle.

Therefore with Cloud to Cable, your streaming company can offer a value proposition to all your subscribers in both Applications (OTT) and Cable TV from one platform worldwide

The keyword that, media moguls haver used as their “secret sauce” for decades is, “MVPD” or Multichannel video programming distribution (yes, it’s quite a mouthful) systems. An MVPD will sign a carriage agreement with the content owner for 1-5 years at a flat rate for 10,000 or millions of subscribers, usually a satellite signal is delivered to the MVPD and content appears in some lineup, however Cloud to Cable eliminates that, essentially using a server that connects via the internet to the operator, and voila you have your distribution deal moving forward.

MVPDs examples in the world are: COMCAST, AT&T, COX, SPECTRUM, TIGO, CLARO, CABLEVISION, SKY TV, and many multi-million dollar operators around the world. This list is being enhanced today with LTE and 5G operators, and new fiber systems with IPTV that are also offering TV services to their customers.

Who wouldn’t want to land MVPD customers and reach millions of subscribers as opposed to gaining a few thousands while competing with other applications?

Cloud to cable is the best way to “Amplify your reach®,” and more importantly. target millions of subscribers in Cable TV operators worldwide.

Content monetization is easier with our Cloud to Cable platform as a one-stop shop system for streaming and Cable TV distribution

Music and Video streaming and MVPD distribution is simplified with one system under  Cloud to Cable TV. As you distribute your content to Cable TV or Satellite systems, you balance sheet will move to the green while your application streaming system expands its reach to other markets. Therefore, you can make OTT Monetization span across cable TV, satellite, and IPTV systems with Cloud to Cable

If your Music or video streaming service already runs in the Cloud, Cloud to Cable TV will bridge it to Cable, IPTV, and Satellite systems.

Cloud to Cable  is a technology designed to broadcast & stream Music, TV, and Video to subscribers in all outlets: web, mobile applications, smart TVs, and Cable & Satellite Systems worldwide.

This is a patented technology protected user US Pattens 10,123,074 and 10,524,002, European Patents, and our proprietary software.

Most of the music and video streaming services now reside in the cloud and are nottaking advantage of content monetization with Cable TV partners.

In essence, Cloud to Cable connects multimedia services that reside in the cloud with IPTV or Cable TV operators and viceversa.

  • Cloud to Cable TV effectively opens markets for content monetization with traditional Cable TV and Satellite systems covering 1 B subscribers around the planet.
  • Cloud to Cable TV enables quick and easy broadcasting of media content to massive systems found on Cable and Satellite Systems and all mobile and web platforms.
  • Cloud to Cable TV is the true multi-platform experience to broadcast Music & TV channels to all platforms from mobile, to web, to IPTV, and to Cable and Satellite systems all in one-stop shop. Improving your chances of content monetization.

Now, with Cloud to Cable, any cloud-based streaming platform can be broadcasted and streamed to Cable TV & Satellite operators, opening more opportunities for monetization.

At the same time, all music and video content is also be available in mobile devices thru our mobile applications and Smart TV apps. Broadcasting is easier in many ways that you never thought possible.

Cloud to Cable TV is a true multi-platform technology that facilitates broadcasting and monetization to Music, TV, and video owners. We call this “multimevia” experience.


I will analyzed the business case based on publicly available information, but you can make your own numbers, as well, and validate mines.

In a patent infringement case, between Music Choice and Stingray Digital, the judge identified that Music Choice made deals with AT&T in the magnitude of $0.12c per subscriber and as low as $0.036 (3.6c) per subscriber in a set 50 linear TV music channels. 

This gives you a great pointer to consider as Cable TV revenues, as depict the number of subscribers:

Assuming, you are  OTT Provider or if you own content were to monetize with all Top Cable operators, you will be including about 86,601,254 subscriber at, let’s say,  $0.036 per subscriber:

that's about : 86,601,254x0.036x12 =  $37,411.741 per year

That only means that if you charged, $2.9 per subscriber you would need to acquire about 1 M OTTsubscribers on you own, which just on cost of acquisition could require $3-$10M to get that number and you would barely break even after licensing costs. 

Therefore, those millions of MVPD subscribers can be reached now with Cloud to Cable.

Music for Cable TV

An example of our Cloud to Cable technology, we created our own product “Music for Cable”  Music for Cable is a service available for Cable & Satellite operators in packages of 50 to 1000 music channels., broadcast-ready for their IPTV or Cable Operator system.  Music for Cable includes a mobile application, and supporting smart TV apps, and much more.

Music for Cable

The content is delivered in a server or several virtual machine instances ready for broadcasting to all your customers and delivered using our Cloud to Cable technology. The server or virtual machines are pre-provisioned with the best music.  Some of the music found in our service can be found on this list:

Latin Rock, Latin Music Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Modern Jazz
Merengue, Bachata, Urban Concerts in SD, HD, or 4K
Classical, Piano, Instrumentals Alternative
Rock, Hard Rock, Oldies Rock Dance Music, Miami Mix
Techno, Trance, Electronic Music Lounge, Chilltopia, others
Country, Christian, R&B Guitar, Instrumentals
Top 40, Top 100, Top Charts Mixes from Multiple Countries
80s’, 90’s, and today Mixes from SoundCloud
Christmas and Seasonal Your own music
Podcasts (Cannabis Radio, TechEdTV) and many more…

A server is the best option for a cable operator as it is placed at the headend. You can find the specification ready to download in PDF at Music for Cable Appliance and for more musical line-up offerings, you can reach us at 

5G Edge Computing Ready Technology

5G uses what is called “Edge Computing” or brings computing power to the edge or gNodeB which is where the radio is located. Cloud to Cable TV works the same way by bringing computation and content closed to the “Edge” of the network and by retrieving HTML or web-based Cloud streaming platforms to an edge with broadcast-ready media.

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