EGLAVATOR – Branding and Updates

EGLAVATOR – Offices & Technology Incubator

As you guys may have seen, EGLAVATOR is an office space and technology incubator. 

We have now changed all branding and now have a business plan in place to create more instances of our facility. 


Our vision is simple “Create an innovation space where creators, investors, and entrepreneurs can flourish in an relaxed and hands-on environment”  

Everyone coming to the EGLAVATOR should be inspired to create from a podcast, to a patent, to a new app, a new venture.

Our goal is to assist you in the process with, a nice office space with snacks, drinks, cookies, cool spaces, and overall, a great experience.


For the entrepreneur is all about cost savings and thinking in liability reduction, we offer a one single payment to cover office space, snacks, internet, power, A/C, and all the fun.  We bring mentors, entrepeneurs, and people we screen to be legitimate investors, not posers, or expensive liabilities. .


Our offices run from $550/month to $800/month, and soon we sill offer desks and and mailboxes for $300 and $100/month.  Same principle, same financials.

If we see that your venture is great, we may actually invest on it, or help you get it to the next level. 


Patents and Intellectual Property 

Our team and myself personally will assist you with your filings, and for a fee we can advise you on how to commercialize your technology or innovation.  I have, as you know, an Expert Witness background in patents, trade secrets, and a hands-on software engineer.


TV Studio and Podcasting Environment

Modern communications use multimedia and video technologies to reach customers, deliver a better message and in general be a more flexible place for business.


Our incubuator is equiped with a modern professional recording studio powered by   MEVIA studios and ready to braodcast to any platform, including Cable TV.


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