Mobile World Congress – 2019

Coverage by TECHEDTV

I love technology and mobile is one of my passions, for not a bad reason three of my main patents are in wireless communications. TECHEDTV is, as you may recall, one of my media startups and coming to Barcelona has open my eyes in many ways. The world is changing, people are now mobile, everybody is connected in multiple ways, gaming, all high-bandwidth and that is driving many industries to success:

  • 5G : The multi-gigabit world over the air is now a reality, 1Gbps, 5Gbps are even higher bitrates are possible with MIMO antennas, modulation, and high frequencies under 6GHz or even higher.
  • AI: Artificial intelligence is now a reality, as you we have a high-wireless bandwidth the brains can be distributed and placed in the cloud.
  • Cloud: The cloud drives and creates virtualized experiences. Virtualization is now the key for “Software-defined Networks” and arrays.
  • IOT: Sensors and things are smart now, they connect to the cloud and are managed by our phones, the cloud, 5G with low-latency, are key elements for control
  • Connected vehicles: Now that artificial intelligence is in the cloud, then your car can be also connected. The old day of “your car computer” are I would say over, your car will be a thin client.
  • Smart cameras, doors, etc: Together with IOT, things like cameras are smarter now, instead of just recording it all, you may command them to record only people you don’t know or people you know at certain times.

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