Good People / Friendship as a Lesson

Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa Share Their Experience

Selena Gomez was diagnosed with “Lupus” and her desease progressed to the point that her kidneys failed, a friend from childhood and roommate, Francia Raisa became her donor. Selena tried to find a match and could not find anyone in her family, miraculously, and what seems to be God’s hand, her donor was right there next to her.

When “NBCNews” asked Francia, where is your strength comes from:

“The only answer I have is God, honestly,” Raisa.

Basically her faith, giving away even a precious organ like a kidney to save another person’s life.

In this process of helping her friend out with her kidney, Selena Gomez has turned into a great speaker for those who want to donate an organ, a true example of friendship and faith.

Francia Raisa is honduran, well her father is form Honduras, and her mother Mexican. They are both from L.A. and grew up on Television, stars, obviously Selena Gomez has been more famous than Francia, but Francia has been in TV shows, series, and all the glamour from Hollywood.

Despite that Glamour, fame, and a culture of selfishness, Francia Raisa has planted a good seed to her best friend Selena, that seed should be seen by today’s youth. God is no longer part of many millennials, teens, and young adults, Christian faith and values is synonymous to a Myth.

What an amazing story that I really enjoy viewing, and I hope everyone can see what I see:

  • God acts in mysterious ways, sometimes your help is around the corner,
  • Giving your time, friendship, kidney, to a friend, no worries, God is behind you,
  • Strength in faith will fill you up, even if you feel empty inside
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