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Today is January 31st, tomorrow we begin with the month of February. For some, February Valentine’s day will be a memorable moment, for others will be just another day. Independently, many things have been discovered, unveiled and many more things to figure out. For me will be a month to work hard.

After a week out, I am now back in Florida. I was able to see my family and spent time with my parents, btw Thanks God for my dad’s health and my mother’s. This trip, I used the time in Honduras to volunteer for the “Honduras Global Foundation,” organization that I am founding member.  Honduras Global is part of the “Marca Pais” and I am proposing a new project which involves e-learning and mobile education for Honduras with  MEVIAm a  set of educational TV channels for Cable TV systems and a mobile application with a safety feature.



Tmeviaapp0he new MEVIA product has increased my excitement. This app will change the way we educate individuals, with an innovative e-Learning platform that provides Music, Video, and Safety outlets to consumers.

The Music service includes all generes, music from all countries, and is quite attractive as it comes with its Cable TV outlet.

Our video service arrives with great learning and teaching videos, from web design, to math, to programming, all in one great repertoire  of options also available on mobile and Cable TV.

And our safety feature, great option to alert friends and family in case of emergencies.


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Honduras Global

As I mentioned before, for one more year, I volunteered with “Honduras Global” and assisted them with a  “Global Week” in Tegucigalpa. I spoke and presented my projects to universities and professionals and MEVIA as a new e-Learning platform.   This project aligns with Honduras Global main three focus areas:

  • Knowledge
  • Citizenship
  • Entrepreneurship

Members and founders of Honduras Global members will present projects and participate according to those three main focus areas described above. The current proposal is presented in these slides and in my view fits 1st and 3rd areas perfectly well, feel free to review:

“Fact: Honduras is a Millennial Country  with 70% of the population under 30 yrs old, however 800K honduras does not work and does not study”


Additionally, the main TV network, Televicentro invited some of the members to participate on TV and I made an appearance at ShowtimeHN: Here the interview:



Thanks be to God that my father suffered no injuries after falling from a desk, thanks God no issues and he has recovered quickly!! Amen!


Ediwn Toncontin Jan 31Bye for Now

Thanks Honduras for all your warmth, kind hearts, and overall for helping with HONDURAS GLOBAL. All the projects our foundation have, might change what we know as Honduras today.

We can all dream, but we have to work hard too.






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