Ashton Kutcher on Being Sexy, Opportunities, and Creating your own World

Ashton Kutcher Speech on being Sexy, Opportunities, and creating a new world

Ashton Kutcher spoke  “on Being Sexy” at the Teen Choice Awards. I personally ran into Ashton Kutcher back in 2007, at that time, I was working for Motorola as an engineer and decided to participate in the casting of a show called “Beauty and the Geek.”  I went to a second round of interviews, or third, and found out who the producer was of the show, Mr Kutcher.  Ever since, I respected him as an actor, not only because I used to watch his show, “That’ 70’s show,”  but Mr. Kutcher was more than an actor but he was also a producer, and more recently we all know him as an investor to Uber, AirBnB, and Spotify.  Mr. Kutcher shows he got more than looks but brain.

Now i just ran into a recent video of him:

As a conclusion, Mr. Kutcher provides a great advice for your life consisting on three pillars:

  • Opportunity:  Opportunity looks like hard work, working hard from sweeping floors to whatever you do, do your best, work hard!!!  — Agreed 100% 
  • Sexy: There is nothing sexier than being smart, being generous, and being thoughtful, everything else is just “CRAP,” — Agreed 100% 
  • Create your own world – Be an entrepreneur, don’t let the man control you, even though that will make you being “sexy” per his definition, and even worst, work super hard to make it happen but when it does, it changes people’s lives — Agreed 100% 

That shows me that Mr. Kutcher has not made his choices by pure luck or by winning the lotto, Mr. Kutcher has obviously used his head and his looks to move forward in life, simply look at where he is today.

Amazingly the world as we know it depicts:

  • On Opportunity: Hard working — I hate my job, TGIF, wake up at 9am, again I hate my job – Wrong – work hard
  • On being sexy:  Great boobs, great rack, great arms, great legs, great chest, strong, and work out hard, not bad if you won the genetic lotto but not enough,  Short sided view only looks are insufficient for life’s journey! 
  • On creating a new world:  Get a job and work, back into item 1) Don’t dream with your eyes open, I envy you if you live your dream. Creating something is what makes you free. 

These three items are commonly found and usually criticized and are socially accepted by the norm. Don’t be the norm, work hard, be sexy, and be creative!

Definition of Sexy as an Object

The Huffington Post started a campaign to showcase the “Objectivization” of women, by which means that use a definition of “sexy” that simply use women as sexual objects without going down to the deep core of what women really are.  The most beautiful creation above all. Specially our mothers.

“My personal advice to women: Don’t become an object, be a subject, a verb,  and adverb. ”


 In conclusion, Mr. Kutcher understands the true definition of what will persists beyond beauty, beyond sex, beyond all, the true core of your heart, your soul, and your brains.

#WomenNotObjects Campaign on objectivization of women / La campaña contra la cosificación de la mujer que lo está petando en las redes

Posted by El Huffington Post on Friday, January 29, 2016


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