TECH TGIFridays with Dan Gudema for TECHEDTV Podcast

TECH TGIFridays on TECHEDTV Podcasts, one more Friday with Dan Gudema.  We spoke about Hurricane Ian and how a system like DART could be a good option for deviating a Hurricane, but that does not exist yet. DART is a project by NASA to change a meteorite or asteroid trajectory. 

We also spoke about Hurricane Ian and Fort Myers, Hurricane probability, we have Bimal Shah from the EGLAVATOR community trying to help those in need. Funds are ready to be deployed, join FEMA as a provider and much more (This is not in the podcast), but we will bring Bimal to TECH TGIFridays.

South Florida and probabilities to have our next CAT-5 hurricane, possibly we might, by simple probability, close to a new hit. Let’s pray we don’t.

Dan is a great twitter follower and “Live Building Concept,” and live building a transparency treat on twitter. Pretty much advertise what they do.

Sharing progress on twitter and other places might be the next thing!!!!



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