Shibzoids 7,777 Shiba Inus


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he gets a little into the deck at the be broadcast series in our show
will bring you the best technology innovation startups didn’t deck
artificial intelligence cloud computing and the latest and greatest in
technology war by

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hi guys are we are here i would the chips are supporting cast

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what if the collection coming up on solana so we had pavel and the
letter hi guys hi

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where are doing girl we’re doing our part of the team the ads bring
into cheap so so far as i want to ask babel is that why the chips so
then it wasn’t what digital and sick own ethical action does a little
bit more about that

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ship zoya it’s says

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collection of seven thousand seven hundred and seventy seven

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that tease the for what a cute dog

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and though the your next question is

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why why she way into in the as there is that

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partially project was founded from on gains from law shiba inu and
boron last year

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and that’s was the inspiration so we wanted to

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give it to

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she bought community south and good looking the our

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variety of utilities and our

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one of them will the

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accommodation in the chain of luxury hotels worldwide

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throw a mall from hold in the year

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she observes and of t the collectors of it will be able to pick and
choose the your destination

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worldwide than the are pretty much stay in the hotel will be free for
the holders

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wow that’s a great attila dna comes back to atlanta atlanta like so
the chips are bored travelers is i right noises were wearing their
outfits and like the hawaiian shirt on those kind of stuff that is
correct ah she by a no dogs that travel and and i’m an article

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actor as off she was always will be able to travel with shapes oh it’s
i and stay at hotels worldwide and that stay well be on a ship is

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gray gray rates are the in if the utilities travel in then because the
is achieves it travels a and if the delhi has to be traveler so as
they go is there a lower the world yes sir

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wow so we can basically book a hotel to

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vegas australia

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he and anywhere gray great but that’s actually like of coming back to
in a question and like now so excited we had is beautiful seven
thousand seven hundred and seventy seven q are you know and collection
was the the lounge a mint they that we have a widely already

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we do have a white least

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white least all spots will be also raffle tall when we gonna start for
marketing campaign and later this week three their spaces

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can i say they were excited when there with the and if these year by
lake know we have any do have a date for the launcher other wow now we
will be in september usually and we should be able to announce

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mean they most likely beginning of next week

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okay so when he’s or actors space and bebo

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we’re gonna start with spaces are

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starting next week starts in the beginning of next year so more news
common more news gum is what we have prequels dove also by we have
potential is an old men throughout the features i see from the video
that you guys probably hadn’t seen that you a new a dancer right you
can dance anything our yes he sure can dance okay so

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is that they said dancing dog travel and dog and bringing kindness
bringing game is and them for each other a lower girls logo our lives

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was all and and we have more more comes to coming a mic and and or own
merits and i’ll do that what these launch going to be more stuff
absolutely you guys have to stay tuned we want reveal those onto next
episode of chips or both

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right the care

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joe is brought to you by like communications

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at the eagle of either in boca raton florida

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