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Melissa was born in Cuba. She, along with her mother and father, uprooted their lives and moved to the US when she was about to turn nine. Her parents knew it was an enormous risk leaving the rest of their family behind. However, the thought of passing down their family home to them was comforting. Days after their departure, their home was overtaken by the government. That was the first-time she experienced hopelessness. Melissa learned at a very young age the importance of security in property rights. Since then, she made a commitment to dedicate the rest of her professional life to helping others obtain it.

As a Miami native Melissa has an effective combination of charm and tenacity. Melissa recognizes the value her clients place in her, and strives every day to exceed their expectations. She likes to win for them, and does so with a calm demeanor and a smile. A high-touch agent known for her extensive market knowledge and unmatched devotion to her clients. She earns their respect by working tirelessly on their behalf and by always offering them candid advise.


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he gets a little into the deck at the be broadcast series in our show
will bring you the best technology innovation startups didn’t deck
artificial intelligence cloud computing and the latest and greatest in
technology war by

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but in a good afternoon the morning and this is a trailer and then
that you’re getting back at them broadcasting service today would
bring a great guess melissa castillo cheat is a real door and to the
starting her podcast helmet a hi hello i do and thank you for having
me am very happy to have you here so tell me you tell me how was what
how’s the weather

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miami actually today ways way too high what a surprise hot when a
surprise miami’s are usually very warm or hot there’s only one season
they already know yeah but it’s full of hot people do so ah so we have
a representative here too beautiful ladies seeking where her assistant
here soon to the show and

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and that she tell me want to buy your product as what is it about him
so my podcast it’s all about becoming your best self and the journey
to get there i feel like i have strive to my entire life tried every
single thing read so many bugs to get to my best self and

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i’ve come to realize that the only way to get there is to really
listen listen to myself go inward rather than outward so now i’m
dedicating and opening space for experts to have done the same thing
the best of the best to come in and teach you how to become your best
self your way so that your your der

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going to become version three point no for point know yourself is that
for in the technology terms as well that’s what you’re looking for
absolutely and then tomorrow six point now than seven point now and
never stops grey day in the what that what was your inspiration for

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have you seen this like you have a mentor or something like that

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no not really it’s just really been a journey of finding myself and
were actually makes me happy and were to compromise myself and were
not to and and tying my well being with also the real world and the
fact that we have to make money also and and

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that’s a huge thing and how to do that without compromising yourself
in the process so you’re saying the basically or news cried compromise
and means that sometimes some people tried to go to the the short but
take to tucson shortcut to make money and then they fall into like bad
stuff that we’re saying you know that that’s a good point but
precisely what i’m

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talking about is a lotta times we choose to not listen to our
intuition why i guess it’s exactly what you’re saying would choose not
to listen to our intuition because we think there’s an easier way to
go about things when your intuition is always leading you where you’re
supposed to head so the moment where you start negotiating with

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yourself you’re compromising your core your identity okay and then
like for example give us an example like a thing or audience me want
to know like be my okay what do you mean are i was a while and easy
example being a young woman

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the young one women and miami get proposed things all the time going
to dinner

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i’m going out for drinks all of that comes with expectations as not a
free drink you say so he has a burly like can sort of a favor

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yeah doing something

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in exchange for there’s something i’ll give you that yeah there
there’s nothing free and this world even if it’s not monetary currency
in the are exchanging something so a lotta times as women were will
think you know where faith in were faced with a decision now what are
we do ogre and then you start negotiate

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with yourself well even though i don’t like am a would be nice if we
did this and oh wow you know it doesn’t have to be and and in that
moment you’re compromising your integrity

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okay so so does disagree point because the i do’s head and parcel
event we choose made this lady at the or the other a russian and then
choose very you interested and okay fine this exchange for information
but didn’t pay attention to who he was and then i was you know maybe
issue as where he needs to grow

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because our know when was this person is in there and you had a whole
only fans be shown caso messages from the bunch of guys are like and
hours and and then star like decks and me like ale is go out to my of
them look unfortunately incredible with him as an only pounds because
you’re not my type unfortunately like you are you you look

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very real if i don’t know why you do that i mean why do you have to
denigrate yourself like that the mean

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want to use work or mean a thing you could do it them in but

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my anyway so obese person has different tastes in the world but i
found that a little bit of a compromise are you saying because she’s
compromising her

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though body basically in exchange of may be paying for bills exactly
yeah and and in the moment we might not think like it’s a it’s a big
thing right even the smallest decisions we we don’t think they have a
big impact but it’s actually those moments where you shape who you are
and your character and suddenly there

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as you cross that line where those those things start becoming things
that you do and my just start becoming the person that you are so it’s
important to catch those things before they become a habit grey grey
grey and then in terms of your recommendation right now for those
women that are in nome may be compromising position

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how can they exit that situation the say like maybe they have of my
boyfriend is like an abusive relationship and they have to compromise
because they don’t want to i’m leaving this more house or me the
getting a car where were you will be your recommendation to them how
to exit that situation

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well why want to preface everything by saying that it’s much easier
said than done ray and and nothing is going to change and one day at
all and that’s why i also have a problem with seminars that are
supposed to change you completely in a day or so that’s not going to
happen at you constantly have to choose

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that path that you want to take for guy so it’s all about your mindset
that’s where everything’s stems from your your ideas are so power for
your mind is so powerful and that’s worked out what that’s what we
have to watch right so the first step is being aware of our thoughts
and where they’re coming from and why right

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and once you start tracing those things then you can catch the pattern
and you can create new patterns

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so ah

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the and and you want to give me an example i will to talk about know
i’m just saying i fear in the right track and thing is basically the
the female character in this particular situation has to be aware that
the her value me no be just come from the traditional way of diminish
because a little male delay see women as a as a serve as

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i will say like and in a in a in the diminutive way lady trying to
diminish the value when yeah when you fact i have two sisters and my
sisters have suffer from that situation in the past and the now we’ll
see i don’t like that because yeah they are both engineered the her
masters degree the have had high quote qualifications may many cases

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employers or or even the dirt their boyfriends see him as a piece of
meat the in a way like there and they now they basically a we’d they
are the ones losing the value because they do not have the capacity to
they have and by diminish them and they believe in themselves that
they’re better because they’re just men then the my be losing the eat

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when business opportunities because that’s how the email partner could
it be like look that’s a good deal does both on a good deal with her
and then now but okay so in that sense or a i think that woman need to
like you said try to learn more about themselves yet this is authentic
gonna change overnight rate something that has surprises yeah and your
product as will be an enabler

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or for that process like it’s kind of all about loving yourself right
so so let’s take your your sister for example of

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if if your sister is at a place in her life where she loves herself
more than she loves the external validation that her boyfriend is
seeking they will never be a moment in her life where it’s she’ll let
him walk over her gonna case she loves her sophomore she respects
herself more so it’s all about

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well being your own best friend you know being your own cheerleader
how are you talking to yourself because we talked to ourselves all the
time are you being nice yourself or you know it it’s all about your
mindset greg radio this is very important to actually or for men to
because in some areas of the many men have like this a bad habits or
bad situation where they don’t

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have these will say legs self esteem is a self esteem issue my many in
my view agreed but the thing they need to listen to or they can see
people are you there has basically identify the issues figure out like
okay with in the bring this line above all who enter printers
successful people that will bring value to your life and then by least
and into this

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people then you should be able to have a better position to move
forward in life absolutely so so what what are you mean accomplish or
a no limit to it less get a leg is this go to the audience a urinal
see her but she’s wearing a very nice offered years and assistant
she’s very successful in miami i remember when i meant hurt she was a
acquiring a property and they did

00:09:31.200 –> 00:09:51.240
oh will be about about your so how have you succeeded in miami of
thank you very much so i began my real estate journey and commercial
real estate which is not the traditional way to go if you are familiar
with real estate most agents began in residential and then they make
their way to commercial i decided to die then had first

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and had success there but i noticed that it wasn’t my passion i wasn’t
sat my i was i’m feeding my soul i was feeling my bank account that i
was i wrong with that

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oh so now i’m at a place where i took a giant leap of faith a couple
months back and i went into business for myself so now i’m building my
own team and doing things my way but when i first veered off from
being a part of somebody else this team the first three months

00:10:25.060 –> 00:10:27.340
it was very difficult for me because

00:10:28.330 –> 00:10:48.430
now suddenly it all the responsibility as me right if i if i if if you
fail you fail because of the yeah and now suddenly i did you succeed
because you do yeah my fear of failure came so apparent that i needed
to work on my fear of failure to move forward and that just opened
everything up to okay i need to take a call

00:10:48.490 –> 00:11:08.590
well of mine’s were my priority needs to be my mindset once i was able
to recognize that my productivity their their relationship with my
friends my health everything stems from my mental health and how i
think about myself and how much i love myself it was kind of like
doors every single door start

00:11:08.590 –> 00:11:19.540
did on open opening you know i unlocked it okay yeah were you saying
he is a for one or a recap your thought is that by locking the value
that you so bring to yourself

00:11:20.140 –> 00:11:34.150
the values da recognizing was your value than you automatically in a
way like reflect that since yeah to the outside world and then they’re
capable of seen that through your own eyes absolute in the in
everything has a

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assholes normal reaction because now everything is stores know bowling
and your direction yeah so i think we have like i don’t quote me on
this it like a one hundred thousand thoughts per day or something like
that rare anyway i’m thinking that to say that there’s a set number of
thoughts that we can have per day there’s only the only four hours a
day grow more somber man

00:11:54.730 –> 00:11:56.230
yeah some people think more than others

00:11:57.790 –> 00:11:59.530
okay a gag open points you know

00:12:00.430 –> 00:12:02.710
there was there are those are very low points but em

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so if if i spend most of my day criticizing myself i’m not leaving a
lot of room for creation right and if you’re an entrepreneur a
business owner any type of creative if you’re in any industry and you
just want to believe in yourself and do things your way and not follow
everybody else is doing you have to have that room to

00:12:23.710 –> 00:12:43.870
create rent you know why we’re here for the rather by creators and an
incubator so yeah like you know we we know that any kind of hard
because we see a little people or that cannot be to on what do you
want to do that is a was you’re crazy this like there’s no market for
that of course something they might be right so we’ll have to listen
but you can not obey and why

00:12:43.870 –> 00:13:04.030
one thing is listening one thing is obey and and what people wanted to
do to obey to to be like a toy you don’t do that do so that little kid
road but the thing into printers well you may have the type of mine
said and seen this a great advice for entrepreneurs very lonely for
female entrepreneurs we have to have okay find yourself find a good
value that you can bring to the table or

00:13:04.030 –> 00:13:24.190
identify how can you have more positive thoughts instead of just
negative side because for negative so the thing we have it there were
plenty yeah there’s no need to have more exactly and there in that
evolution the sale i will be you mean advise that you will provide to
say these a young female or into printer and a strain to start a new

00:13:24.190 –> 00:13:34.390
as like you did a mean that in an area perhaps that is polluted with
negativity or maybe like a or a meal eagles and things like that all
be your first advice to that person

00:13:35.440 –> 00:13:44.110
if i could give one thing and it would just only be one thing it would
be change the way that you see failure

00:13:44.830 –> 00:13:51.490
also a lot of people fail at something and that they take that as an
indicator to stop go

00:13:51.610 –> 00:13:57.190
but it’s not a stop sign it’s it’s a yield it’s a pause

00:13:58.030 –> 00:14:18.190
look at what you did wrong and start over it’s failing should be the
first step to getting good at something that’s how you should look at
things expect to fail be happy when you fail and learn from that
grades who basically like a little kid he falls the first time xactly
he does the mean there’s never going to walk exact

00:14:18.520 –> 00:14:38.350
but at okay perfect example so a baby when they fall they don’t know
that they could actually walking out there like figuring it out but
the parents are telling them the whole time and supporting them know
you could do it you got this you know but instead let’s so let’s say
you’re the way that you speak yourself your your own parent but
instead the parents are tell

00:14:38.438 –> 00:14:57.700
the baby no stay down stay down you can never walk in memory is the
real sure yeah you can do this here now here the wilshere like here
yeah you’re right as i think he’s a similar now you for life exactly
and so now the you joaquin in your path to becoming a big to printer
how do you see yourself in the next ten years

00:14:58.510 –> 00:15:18.670
man that that that’s a loaded question because i have like seven
billion ideas every single day and i’m like well my as they think
entire like every every time we your creative writing oh a big time
and like okay this is how we’re going to make this twenty times better
she’s they are gay like writing things down okay so ten years from now
ideal the i

00:15:18.670 –> 00:15:32.980
wouldn’t like to have i’m a community of like minded people were we
understand that it’s not perfect and success is not linear you know
we’re going to fall went to get back up but as long as we’re getting
back up and

00:15:34.210 –> 00:15:34.930
i wonder

00:15:36.400 –> 00:15:51.490
i want people to know how important it is to be a good person so if if
ten years from now i could have impacted the world in that way where i
at least some people understand that being a good person is kind of
all you need in this world

00:15:52.030 –> 00:15:52.810
then i’ll be happy

00:15:53.710 –> 00:15:59.980
great i love that i was very selfless thought you were going to say i
want to be a billionaire or that’s here but that’s it

00:16:00.670 –> 00:16:20.830
it as a fact he has a rag okay great great maybe now five years he
said ten ah ok okay sorry say i use i use missed a couple of years
little bit of a gap nebeker and thus that’s a great that you’re
ambitious you have a great passion and if he defied the uk my would
that even for you would have been on what your heart reflect the you
are or a person that’s like

00:16:20.860 –> 00:16:21.970
looking after everyone else

00:16:22.510 –> 00:16:37.930
looking after yourself which is in business actually that could be a
good big failure because use thing only for yourself say yourself
first and that will lead to a my opinion the usually hear of see least
two corruption least two absolute partners retrain showed her lawsuits

00:16:38.590 –> 00:16:41.110
most likely not a successful career yet

00:16:41.830 –> 00:16:46.960
or i great so we had a great time i think will remember time because
we usually do his widow for fifteen minutes

00:16:47.470 –> 00:16:49.720
in there were opposite the mark and they were used

00:16:50.590 –> 00:17:10.630
introducing her new podcast that you guys who will be the name of your
bunk us were gonna call it a highrise tuesday’s nice every tuesday
hire a tuesday so yea subscribed to the podcast when it’s coming out
camp are you sure you have an instagram facebook page everything else
he has a meal your handle that you want to chair we are with their
audience yeah you can find me area

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at the milliseconds t out there melissa castillo a for that’s a
beautiful ammo and the you guys have a good afternoon that stay tuned
you guys are listening to take it to be broke out these errors

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oh wow

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