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In this exclusive interview & podcast for TECHEDTV, I spoke with Harald Braun, a friend and advisor to the EGLAVATOR. Harald opened up about his beginnings as a software engineer, taking us briefly thru his journey from Siemens to Nokia and Aviat Networks. Harald is now the founder of Guident, his latest venture, an Artificial Intelligence venture. Guiden is creating software for the autonomous vehicle industry, right now is a startup located in Boca Raton, FL.

Harald is a seasoned CEO with experience at NOKIA SIEMENS, board member and CEO of publicly traded companies! Aviat, Dialogic (with exit in Dec 2019), CLA Direct, and many other ventures. Being a CEO of a publicly traded company is not an easy task! The Forte Ventures page tell us that:

Harald has been a prominent standards influencer and spokesman for the telecommunications industry. He has served as treasurer of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) and was a member of its executive board. He served on the Board of Directors of BigBand Networks (NASDAQ: BBND) and is currently on the Board of Directors of Tarana Wireless, Inc. and is Chairman of its Advisory Board. In addition Harald is on the Board of CLAdirect INC., a Solution Technology provider and Dialogic INC., a leading provider of cloud-optimized real-time multimedia processing solutions and network infrastructure solutions.

Now with Guident, this new venture wants to dominate self-driving software technologies including Artificial Intelligence for autonomous vehicles. From the @eglavator in Boca Raton! Watch next!

Guident will take care of two use cases

Case 1

Immediately following an accident or a difficult maneuvering situation, the AV will automatically report to the remote monitoring system. Whereupon, a remote human operator will take control of the AV using input from the vehicle’s cameras and sensors.

Case 2

Immediately following the occurrence of an accident, the AV will auto report to the appropriate government agencies, first responders and insurance companies the accident. The AV will need to auto-request assistance based on an AI assessment of the accident and occupant

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