Conduction Labs Interview – EGLAVATOR Tenant Series

A great Conduction Labs Interview with Bruce Borenstein, CEO!  Everything, as part of TECHEDTV’s podcast interviews and our show.

This dynamic CEO showed different perspectives and advice to new entrepreneurs and startups in the area, specially his great expertise with bone conduction technologies, a successful exit with a prior venture, and what’s all about his new mask! the Vybermask!  

In this Conduction Labs Interview, Bruce presents his team, mask features, and all kinds of interesting facts for you to learn more about this company.

Bruce & Conduction Labs is launching a new Indiegogo campaign for the mask, just in  time for the COVID-19 pandemic.



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@8.8225.2hello you're watching TECHEDTV to be here for the EGLAvator in EGLA communications and we have had a lot of surprises new people new tenants new projects so as you might expect this one is pretty cool isn't the world with
@25.5638.01some very cool conduction technologies here we have Bruce Borenstein or new tenant with conduction lab hi bruce high edward how are you and do a fantastic so
@39.2741.01tell the audience what is it about a year
@42.062.19an indigo campaign yes yes we have an indigo campaign that will be launching the first week of august and the product that were featuring is a timely one it is integrated bone conduction headset with a k and ninety five protective mask show that people now will be
@63.3375.69to have kind of a hands free solution while they have their mask on which in most places now required that if you can't maintain social distance that you do need to wear some form of a mask
@76.580.79this allows you to do that and at the same time allows you to take your phone calls
@81.63101.28listen to music which into a pod cast and because it's bone conduction your ears remain open so not only can you listen and do the phone calls but you can also still be aware of your surroundings people wanna talk to you you can be aware and respond back to them and and the audio quality is actually quite good
@101.67108.21yeah say i tried them actually i don't know if you saw the video going to show right now actually my bicycle right here
@109.26116.34my my house on and it was playing modifying headsets and you can see my ears are not cover
@117.45119.43i'm able to do
@119.49139.86ride safely correct because i don't is good for bikers hooray for people that actually i thought bike is excellent for runners anybody who has any outside activity also good for if you're working in an office where you have you know proximity to other people in the office you can wear this and still be
@140.58141.87where of of them
@142.44162.24if your boss comes over wants to talk to you it's not like you know you're playing a video game on your monitor you'll be aware that he's each come over to see if so it has many applications are i saw one of the things i went into this because with you was a little bit of conduct on that so we can go over the mass a little bit more stay tuned we're going to share a nice three sixty video here for
@162.57168.42with the mask so tell me what's your background bruising i know your background
@169.71170.19yeah now
@171.629355184.92tell tell the audience was where you come from and why does mass share shirt so i've been in the consumer electronics industry for over thirty years i stop usually at thirty because otherwise it makes me like an old far gina
@186.84199.83but in any case i've worked with a number of start up companies in fact most of my career has been in working which start ups i take great satisfaction in making something out of nothing
@200.76205.38and the conduction labs was really an outgrowth of my
@206.7216.72a previous company that i had founded and and a exited from called aftershocks and they were a manufacturer of a bone conduction headphones and in fact
@218.1225.06aftershocks really pioneered making the bone conduction headphones into a category
@226.41233.94that basically they had to have had to themselves we don't want to do exactly what they're doing we want to do variations on a theme
@235.02243.18we're going to be focused on doing some products that to utilize directional audio in addition to bone conduction
@244.32264.27we're experimenting with your help edwin and one of my associates larry most and exploring doing some modular concepts in terms of creating trained to do shoes that can be into changed with other devices so you could use for your headphone you could use it for blue to speaker
@264.93270.45and and provide a higher level of versatility in the category so for me
@271.23276.75this was a something that i wanted to to do
@279.12293.52to to give back to the world to the world and recognizing from it you know we actually change gears when the culvert virus broke out from doing a which we still plenty to do a truly wireless spawn conduction
@294.75314.37headphone but the seem to be something that was needed more right now and i shall we kind of flip the switch and put our focus energy and attention and resources to the mask so basically i'm sure where people usually are familiar with with a cane any fi mass or and they find mass like this one and
@314.82334.95in ass and this is kinda like a practical thing but he has a lot of problems far received a phone call for example then i have to remove because people hear me more for the boys were devoid doesn't sound right right and you want to listen to the other person or you want to see what's going on in the phone then you have to pull it out their star like touch
@334.95343.77i think raise the volume lower the volume that things like that so that's a that's a that's a sorts of potential infection right yeah without a doubt
@344.7354.63his hands free and this is totally hands free of technology that that you have already some prototypes insurance when three sixty right now guess we are you will see in that three sixty that
@355.56359.13that you're going to be having different materials as well
@359.82379.65we are we one of the divisions that the company has is being able to look at what may have already been done taking existing technologies but then providing improvements that are benefits to the consumer so for example this mask the prototype that we had was made out of neil preen
@380.07394.47neil pre is a non breather material right so we were able to find a vendor that has a product that they patented called vent to preen that to preen has all the attributes that neil preen as right to waterproof
@396.06408.66but the big difference is is that it's believable so that when you're wearing a vent to pre mask you don't have that closed in feeling in terms of the mash getting very hot that you would with a neo preen mask
@409.56429.33and as far as i know where i think we're the only people that are using this material in this way and the interesting part you're you're selling everything on indigo right in that crowd sourcing campaign we were right new company this is a new product launch for us and we felt that the best platform with which to do that would be indigo
@429.51449.61and while will be the the level of support a you will have spectrum from from the audience is you won the launch in day you said he's like i think i think we can have been shifting a little bit but right now it's looking like august fourth okay state june people one of your dumped a viper mass dot com the viper mass dot com as the launching
@449.85469.762441on august fourth one i basically he is less than a month i got a in fifteen days in our lives and and then besides that what other features would you have in the in the viper math a viper masses massa were shown on screen who have the material to breed the material breda bow material it does five point no blue tooth
@469.77475.08hi point know it will allow you to call up and and hey google
@476.31481.23it has as i mentioned you know the audio capability with
@482.4484.41we believe to be excellent audio quality
@487.95507.99i'm just trying to think care i think those are the key attributes or was a bad battery life in their in their in that ourselves so battery life from a standpoint of usage and again battery life is contingent upon like how loud you listen to it and how often you use it for the audio but you can expect about between seven to ten hours on
@507.99516.69the battery side so so so if i'm doing like a cross his session or yeah a lot of the gioia no problem i can wear my man whole time workout yes
@517.26526.32breathe swear yeah as a signal is into my music never touched my mouth that's right except we want to drink some water yes we we haven't worked destroy it
@527.520059528.12haven't done that
@529.2529.92wireless feet
@531.33531.99doesn't your path
@533.19552.39by the assuming that you have all that then it's perfect for for for you and then now what does it will whoever they have a boot was four point oh masked men for say a one right that's the one we were going to show in return of the screen as well but there for poor notify point know kind of tell the odd is a little bit while but ordinarily what defy point no has
@553.2563.91i guess the big call that is the fact that it provides lower power consumption so that your battery life is now going to be extended one of the problems with many of the
@565.29570.21headphones air budge wireless share budget is the is the battery life
@570.81590.46and fyi point no provides for a longer battery life in addition there are other call ouch that you can put on that chip which is four point oh it wasn't doing hey google or right right right five point i can do that for you so if i were no can actually recognize a little bit of your voice
@590.94601.92eggs are that's right pre programmed that and then trigger events into the phone so they can now or your mobile device in general yes and tell me like will support and or devises i phone device that eyelash
@603.0623.37rob android i believe with this new chip to will be able to do multi point what that means is that you'll be able to not only have connected to your phone but you connected to your computer at the same time that's a very good feature because they give you a remember when you're had an i phone or an eye on an anger and then you pair
@623.4643.53the say your headset to that then manually to unfair kind of like something or forget to the viceroy pair to none of them eyes and then start using that as a little bit of like a pain and the beauty of this is this a seamless yeah the multi point connection is seamless you're actually connected to both devices at the same time excellent news
@643.56645.63and tell me one more think bruce
@645.87663.72for conduction lab psycho your team is composed by a really high caliber individuals i've got a lot of experience on this team we have larry to every ah every most we have mocked abrams bill kimball who was a partner with me back at the aftershocks company okay
@664.35684.27and we also have eric she on who is our individual who is in seoul korea and when we first started the company he was directing a team to help us with this truly wireless bone conduction headset but since we shifted larry is also going to do a crowd funding can
@684.33685.836299pain he well in korea
@686.58688.83they have a platform over there called what is
@690.239993698.49he's going to do a crowd fund and he's also going to help manage our sales in the asian market excellent excellent sounds like a great team guys like experience
@699.45705.000227they gather like they're in the incubator here so yeah i want help and then as well
@705.72725.58we're very excited to launch this product i think he's going to help a lot of people especially those that are in fear of getting infected and even if you're not maybe you could be carrying the virus to have to a family member that you know that's another feature i want to mention and i'm glad you brought that up because one of the problems with masks that have valves
@725.94745.874268then this mask as a valve is that while it protect you as an individual when you exhale the air is coming out of the valve and potentially could infect somebody else were putting in a k i n ninety five desk inside that valve so that when you do exhale that exhale now has been filtered and will not contain any pathogens
@746.04766.38potentially could transmit to say will protect july because there there are those are you can replace the filter and remove the vow but this one will enable you to breathe out and breathing entirely cleaning north pole vault around direction correct and what's the price right now for this mask well it's going to have a full retail price of one hundred
@766.47786.54and forty nine dollars that's our target retail however if you come to the indigo campaign and you get their real early you could baby alibi for maybe seventy nine dollars we're going to have about one hundred and ninety nine offers at that particular price point right so go to vibrate mass dot com sign up so you'll get the word when the product actually launches okay
@786.57795.48get there early to check it out here are my friends the link below good a viper man's dot com right now that's right and china are in the next five minutes
@796.47796.918579yeah and
@797.88798.51sign up here
@799.59806.58till early as one more thing is i want you to launch it and you have it you have a certain amount of warranty or what will be
@808.14813.81well first of all when you buy it for whatever reason you get it you don't like it it doesn't day
@813.87819.69doesn't deliver to you what you thought it was going to deliver the first thirty days will take it back from you in return
@821.1824.19but as far as the warranty on the product that will be a one year
@824.79827.07warranty if anything happens during the one year
@827.76847.86because it's not a product that typically use going to get repaired or replaced okay and charges would have many years be keyboards yeah and shocking that connection for charging is from a micro you micro is my grown your much being hit us be perfect and the charger will come with the charger us are as yeah so in the box
@848.01852.09in the box you get in addition to the mashed you get three filters
@853.32872.85and you get also the charging cable and on the indigo campaigns you know a pet campaign and on our website we will also make additional filters available that are customized for this particular match any fi run out of filters and the next three months you'll be able to go to a lot of website yeah absolutely and we will be able to sell your replacement
@872.88890.49filters one thing that really like caught caught my eye guys is that you're cleaning your mask and you're like okay what do i do with this if it's if i believe is suspiciously has something or somebody was nice seeing are coughing next to me how do i or throw it away and no no no no no let me tell you that that was about that
@891.12901.47yeah yeah i saw it in addition you'll see on our campaign to were showing down the screenwriter god right so we have a we're going to have a carry case that in addition to being able to store
@902.07905.13the mask is also a huge be sterilized
@906.54907.35and then present
@908.16909.9next i charge extra for that
@910.29929.58but because it's part of the campaign were providing at much lower cost than you would find it for to buy it if you were just buying it like on amazon or something okay and that will be basically will you can keep the mass there you can manage diego put your keys and you can probably put your phone and maybe your wallet your weather wanted or whatever you want
@930.689473950.49a stall or something and i may be you suspect somebody was there right you can pleasure of things there and then like how much time it takes to for the you'll be to kill the virus this particular device and they vary based upon how powerful the u v re is this particular device will sanitize everything
@950.73963.03in it and ninety seconds wow yeah that's pretty well we're also going to make some other stuff available as part of the campaign that you'll see we're also going to be giving away as part of the campaign
@964.26975.628916a nice little ad on it's a one of those cutlass keys so when you get on the elevator and you don't want to lick your think i just use the touch with ski okay i'm going to come with a carbine are which
@976.83996.69is a lot of people use it for a key chain it's the kind of thing that you see mountain climbers uses they hope they retire at a clip on and this will also be provided with be a little promotional thing for us with our name on it now company colors but we're going to give that away in a campaign to everybody who
@996.961016.79contributed to the campaign you see guys you get the mass you'll get a carrying case can actually use to clean your mask or you're gonna die on saturday sanitize it doesn't will survive the ninety second hand can be you can feel safer than rolling with some alcohol your hands were gonna put your hands there right now and i don't touch it
@1017.121018.47light is not good for the skin
@1019.251023.24that's exactly right in fact that's that's probably why a lot of people die mars
@1024.051024.44are you
@1025.791030.47there is no atmosphere but but he says in the last in the last few minutes
@1030.981048.35bruising and this is something i've seen people are curious in your world to start to was right after shower you mentioned that this is a great project and everything but i believe that abu considered aftershocks like an exit is that right yeah i was a a partner with the chinese manufacturer
@1049.071054.8i had a contract with them for five years and at the end of the five years they wanted to buy me out
@1056.181061.37so they did my exit so you as a jazz and i retired for a couple of months i got very bored
@1062.211063.65i needed to keep busy
@1064.431065.33saber bruins
@1066.111067.37i'm not sure is an interpreter
@1068.211074.51by you're not originally from florida right now no no i'm from upstate new york well originally originally from brooklyn new york
@1075.111081.65but i lived in syracuse new york for about thirty years and that's where aftershocks was based on race since i left date since moved to austin texas
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