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What is 5G? Podcasting with Dr. Edwin Hernandez - Edwin Hernandez, PhD

What is 5G? Podcasting with Dr. Edwin Hernandez

5G is what is called the fifth generation wireless communication technology or standard. The current wireless communication standard is called 4G or the fourth generation.   Therefore, there was a third and a second generation, or 2G and 3G? Who wouldn’t recall purchasing an iPhone 3S with 3G enabled?

All of these wireless communications generations are nothing but ways for carriers to marry or meet and match certain “terminology” to a set of standard or standards, and consumers to identify what they are getting into.  Not only consumers, but investors, media, and even their own workforce.   It is a bit complicated to make precise mappings, but I will try to explain it in the following paragraphs.

What happens is that behind the scenes, there is an organization called the “3GPP” or the “Third Generation Partnership Project,” that establishes and deals with very complex standards.  The 3GPP groups is composed of other standard bodies and all boils down to a group of companies that are 3GPP “members.”  This club or “members” get  together in multiple committees meet with the purpose to define, literally, to define how things will work or operate into the future.  

Some people may say on youtube videos that 5G is the devil and may even hint that the 3GPP is part of the “new world order” and is here to control us all, the answer is no!!!  That’s just fiction and conspiracy theories from youtubeers.   3GPP is just a group of companies and several other standard development organizations worldwide that have built or developed ways to improve and make things better, faster, higher-performance, and meet to agree on how to get this process done. 

Let’s start with 4G or the fourth generation wireless network,  which we already use, or you maybe using to read in this posting.

4G corresponds to a mapping made to the 3GPP organization via a set of “Technical Specifications” has labeled as  Releases 8, 9, 10, and 11, and maybe 12, and 13,  whereas 5G corresponds to a set of “Technical Specifications” improved and changed that are labeled Release 15 and 16.


@4.895.07Welcome to 5G Podcast
@29.0737.62today's bought guess is about what's five g so what it is in defied specification that's so interesting and so
@38.6442.96new that makes us understand what does that's fine
@44.5848.63The 5G logo that we see in many of our phones in our mania for iphones.
@49.1459.01that subscriber for an anti that you'll likely to see that that sign that says five eat on the right upper corner of your phone
@60.979.41find nothing but the fifth generation of wireless communications the standard in fact there's a mapping created by the file system dad is basically it specifies everything that is on the 3GPP or the third generation partnership program
@80.0188.05that brings several technologies that are more of van to the for generations
@88.890.33stand 3G to 4G
@91.62111.51the specification these mostly what is called the release fifteen or sixteen of the three stander so that's something that can very handy when we understand that the in the show communications system for example were more
@111.63131.88lower releases of the same his standup all we'll see the incremental value of each release brings more opportunities more technologies there are going to make things better for us as listeners or sorry as experimental users or subscribers officer
@131.97132.51and system
@135.78144.03for g indeed corresponds to a mapping made by the three g or three g p b organisation or of the third generation partnership program project
@145.05154.89to the label releases eight through like about twelve or thirteen whereas the five just stand there correspond to releases fifteen or sixteen
@156.66158.4but there is a little bit of a blurry
@159.54179.04coverage area we can say that terminology to determine what release fourteen or sixteen are in fact covering for example release for dean of the theme is stand there he goes technologies that are related to the internet of things which is i will t
@179.37183.63or smart things vehicle to everything which is supposedly be
@185.01192.48a new feature for five g as well up on the radio and problem is that bring this new innovation to practice
@194.79202.62the main thing that we have to remember is that defied eat local that we see in a d n t
@203.76209.61phones is not the fight in our or to find find you new radio with that
@210.69228.84usually the modern systems will relate to so when we go to a conference for example to mobile world congress or the consumer electronics show prices and they percent was would have five phone refers that five g phone can't connect to the five new review
@230.01245.91dad's brings a lot of differences between four and five new radio the main differences substantial difference is bandwidth in fact bandwidth if i g s in the expected to be into five gigabytes
@246.96254.82our two point five gigabytes per second for example which is a very very high as the los de for downloading a movie
@255.48256.17right now
@256.98271.41your phone for g four and you may have been about thirty megabytes per second of download speeds or even upload speeds whereas in the world you will get one debit or till you get it or even higher
@275.94276.99another interesting
@277.65285.63difference that is brought to the stand there is the saw for as a service implementation
@286.23303.3words defy geo specifications brings something called never function fertilization or and v as part of the mechanism that control the phone control the network in general the phones then connect to a network that runs now
@304.83316.59fertilizer environment or what it's called a cloud so divert told his asia unnecessarily brings the cloud however the clough cannot exist without brutalization is gonna let conundrum
@317.13333.84however diverted decisions systems that are created would would does new computer system enables the carriers or the manufacturers to create what it's called net or entities for example the mobility management and jane the back gate
@334.53354.69oh system the rowdy particles everything dawn as a level of the software entity so in other words before like in the past when we had same or you empty as would even see the amazed and then they were multiple boxes that were multiple a specific how to work
@354.72374.85devices that were being built to run each and every single component of the network and that was kanno expensive and it was very limited as the interfaces to those components was mostly proprietary is now today with fertilization any just regular server that you can purchase on amazon or
@375.21390you can rwandan amazon allow for example what he can run in as sure cloud or he can run in any of the cloud environments that we know today it is possible to create new network and infrastructure or what is called the core
@391.32392.52to run in the cloud
@393.45408.96this cloud basically environment enables other aspects of brutalization basically you can have multiple network running simultaneously which defines will double soft for define ned forks
@409.53426.93in a way a software defined network is nothing but a virtual network ross on top of the real hardware so one set of high were can wrong two three four fi or and different software to find networks in the same hardware
@427.68429.81that brings a new event because then
@431.19432.75til decision of the hardware
@433.8440.73and they bozo the use of other tools that are already been used for cloud based environment
@441.87461.79those tools are for example cover needy or opens dec or any other of those technologies that for clouds and this mechanism in the telecommunications world is called orchestration goes like an arc or on orchestration is a is a process by which the configuration
@462.0468.87gordon asia a management on the computer system is basically handled by some sort of a tool or some sort of
@470.79475.02software package that handles this type of oh engineering
@476.01479.97so in many ways that one or the other aspects of this
@480.9500.7this technology there were delays asian is that as you can just run any server anywhere to connect to the network then why not move resources closer to the base station in other words is it possible to move computing power next to the tower instead of juice older
@500.88504.45be a borrower be in a remote location at the central office
@506.58526.77and the answer is yes and this term that he was going in as power of this process of bringing computational power next to the base station is called h competing ish computing is nothing new in fact when we connect to net flicks or whole and with him a video copies of the video
@527.19546.93the movie are been sent from hello or ethics as as copies of down those two compton deliver a network discontent deliver a never brings the files closer to you by making copies of those images or those video files nearby your
@547.08567.21your phone or nearby your you were smart tv that means that then these this late to see and he's more more efficient that way however bringing data to closer to devise is not the same as being bringing competition closer to advise and the brain competition or him
@567.21585.03makes it more complex than the competition now is is possible so know you can separate for example certain amount of computation that takes place in the age of the network meaning at the base station and then certain competition to they will take in the infrastructure or the core of the network
@587.52594.81the reason why this is possible now is because and now all the network is i p bass you know the worst the internet protocol
@595.35615.51what we see today in our computers is now what connects all of the base stations and all the elements on the network base station is connected to one at a base station based agent was connected to a need to be or connected to on me or connected to a game or a series was game over ip in japan
@616.45636.37two and three g iranian three g or door you see some internet use on three g it was called a circus switch telecommunications network circus which means that this network is utilizing on the circuits and those and used in his early data on the networks in other words the ib
@636.55656.5layer is amy later on top of on top of a circuit use like if you're a member of your recall when you had a dial up modem back in nineteen ninety six ninety ninety eight then you will use a circle switch which is the phone line to emulate data packets that were running to the
@656.56676.69internet so that type of emulation is is now gone in for g and obviously he find g and then that's that's a break and other value play to the five new networks so they find you then they can see that is a combination or multiple technologies the first one is a facet of
@676.72696.4with relation technique that enables get per second download and upload pictures or movies or your data as the same time and they infrastructure in the back and then them is more of own more software to find more software based software driven architecture for all the components
@696.85697.87that comes to
@699.28716.44bring a new concepts or all cancers that are managing the clouds so the cloud for example that is being used by amazon google or horizon then he pretty much the same and organization that they open that working foundation which is a nonprofit organization days
@717.04734.89actually created by old is entities is they won dad is pushing for and this and there is asia or the software to find network and juice in something called the open flow protocol the open floor particle then he is the one that controls the clock competed functionality of these particular networks
@735.76740.05in the past day in another problem that we had is that that
@741.4749.56we were a costume to receive a single for one single antenna you know the words we we will assume that there was one and dana and the know
@750.61770.74the base station where we're connected to add i most want and then our we connected to but the day in and reason advances in what is called care of it i regain asian or now in five something called being for me is what brings the higher speed because multiple
@770.77785.14and then as can't interact with would your phone simultaneously in other words the single come from four five six different tennis this is not new this is something that you don't really see today when you purchase a base station for a wife
@785.92806.05and your wife has may be your wife i access point has maybe six and then as or in some cases even nine and ten as that's basically what that means all those and dentists are meeting i receive is simultaneously the information and creating what it's called that before me and managing all the signals simultaneously
@806.35812.23doing hands performance reduce noise and basically make you a better experience their user experience
@814.66833.14another an application that we see a lot and the mobile world congress and that can testify on bad because i was a judge for the mobile call congress to dance and they didn't barcelona and us am i jealous right now for two thousand and twenty in barcelona they will find that the low latency capabilities of those know
@833.14853.06works the low latency then brings and other precision another another proposition value play for the user robotics for to use and the color control for to use in general in any sort of remote control application were late as he is a factor dan now you can have games that are faster
@853.3869.35you will have precision control robotics you will have more automation and damn some telemedicine and general and then because the late does he has increased substantially and communication path between your phone and the network then five g s's a better technology
@871.45890.05in summary find something that will bring those three main components like a sunrise in very rough terms the first one is much higher bandwidth with multiple and then as interacting with each other including more phone be or second will have a never day is mostly fertilized running or
@890.11910.21saw for using the power of the cloud and the cloud basically enabling new features for that never and the third one is that is a next generation particle that brings low latency and remote control applications to work well in this environment as the computing of
@910.24925.54course reduces the latency then this will bring more more plays more applications for example in terms of my home development in terms of remote monitoring and robotics which is something that we can discuss later in the further
@926.59929.59in future in the future broadcasts so
@933.22946.21say a thing as well as a thing and this is doctor either hernandez and you release it into a tv broadcast serious you can find us on youtube and facebook and instagram it as deck at v and you can actually see these broadcasts
@947.2949.69visually and they do it
@951.37951.91thanks for this
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