The GOP and Its Confused Values


The Republican Party, GOP, a paramount institution of conservativsm and right wing ideology is falling apart. The values of conservativism are challenged by greed and extremism now personified in the figure of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and most its leaders. These leaders and all the new ideology have fueled the Donal Trump movement. Donald Trump is just a better salesman for the GOP agenda than any of its contenders. The set of new “values” is confusing, contradictory, but appealing to many individuals who are just upset and watch FOX News, and Youtube videos creating a pseudo-reality based on misinformation and rumors.

The GOP officialy defines conservative values as follows:

Late 2010, a political movement called, the Tea Party, began rising. Mostly powered by the fact that the United States was lead by a black president, Barack Hussein Obama, that was said to be a “muslim,” evil, and wanted to take “all” their rights away. The birther movement, led by Donald Trump, took place putting in doubt Obama’s nationality! All based on rumors and speculation, but blindly trusted by the Tea Party movement. Another Tea Party member, Sarah Palin showed plain ignorance in many aspects of life and world politics. Once again, Trump has been like a hawk seeking and “investing” in all these ideas, gaining value and trust among many grass root conservatives.

In essence, the Tea Party movement complies with some of the values described in the GOP Platform website, but adds some others:

  • Defense of the right to bear arms and opposition to any gun control,
  • Supports a massive deportation agenda, and anti immigrant speech
  • Supports waging war against Russia, China, Mexico, or any other country that seems foreign (Ted Cruz and Doral Trump)
  • Support for the destruction of the IRS
  • Anti Abortion but no rights to immigrant children
  • Federal Reserve elimination or reduction

The conservative agenda has drastically shifted from what a right wing conservative was in the 80’s to what conservatives are in the 21st century. Just as the “Socialism of the 21st Century” was coined by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, the new conservatism of the 21st Century is being coined today, by Donald Trump.

The new conservatism ideology is based on several assumptions:

  • Immigration is evil, well, immigration of darker and uneducated, bad people from Latin America, aka Mexicans is a great problem that needs to be resolved by deporting all foreign and US-borned citizens, in fact remove citizenship to all those individuals,
  • Although, conservatism seems to agree with Christianity, it contradicts all Christian values that are based on solidarity, caring for the poor, helping the needy, and sharing your wealth with others.
  • On the contrary, Christian values are shifted or disrupted or replaced by an idolatry of greed, capital accumulation, rejection of all races that are not white. As an example, we have seen numerous times “Go back to your country,” from many conservatives although the other peson is a US Citizen, nationalized or US-borned
  • Attack on Washington, Washington is corrupt and many influence have saved big corporations. Ted Cruz actually claims to “Eliminate Corporate Welfare,” in fact Ted Cruz seems to support all welfare whatsoever.
  • OBAMACARE needs to be repealed, all types of government regulation need to be eliminated and all left to capitalism to decide.
  • PRO WAR, destroy IRAN, Palestine, support Israel and if possible use force to impose “Freedom and democracy.”
  • No Planned Parenthood, although the life of an immigrant child is not respected as no rights will be given to a child even if born in US soil?

Therefore, conservatism has been hijacked by a new type of values found in extremist ideologies like in fascism and national socialism, that are now replacing what the Tea Party was. There is infact a confusion on what national socialism is, and it’s not a leftist ideology like many tea party conservatives think, it’s actually on the contrary an ultra right wing ideology that changes what socialism is and that in fact, the Nazi party killed most of the socialists and communists in Germany in the 1930’s when Hitler took power.

There is no surprise that TEA PARTY conservatism turned to Fascism, many have discussed that already

As this transition occurs, the true republican party the party that Ronald Reagan revitilized and brought to power in 1980s.

Reagan may have made many mistakes and fought for freedom as he recalled, but was a wise man, he was able to handle the “Soviet Union,” at that time and unfortunately supported many corrupt governments in Latin America. Maybe, he thought that by handing out green cards he could gain friends in LATAM, while communism was rampant and growing from Mexico to Argentina. He had Cuba next door, in the south Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and many other countries were having many leftists guerillas looking for ways to overthrow their governments. So, why not hand out green cards to all those who were being threatened by communism? Obviously, Ronald Reagan had a less extremist agenda than today’s conservatives.

Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Romney

Now we see how Mitt Romney is attacking Trump, Cruz and Rubio are also attacking Trump. All seems ridiculous, as they all share the same points of view, the same values, the same ideology. The only change is that Trump is just honest about his beliefts. Mr. Trump does not lie and tell it how it is. Trump unveils what the GOP really is but Mr. Trump goes a step further and decides to go against the “Establsihment.” Trump reveals the true values of the GOP Party and goes beyond those values:

  • Trump is cleary not in favor of minorities. Trump ignored and did not condemn KKK supports. It’s obvious that all his rallies people of color and immigrants are not invited. Clearly Trump won’t sugar coat his position. The GOP has great issues dealing with immigration, minorities, and black people. Despite having Cruz and Rubio as candidates, it is clear that if Cruz and Rubio were pro-immigrant they will have a lot less support. Trump is clear about building a wall with Mexico.
  • Trump goes beyond what the GOP says, Trump really goes against the establishment, although Cruz, Rubio, and Romney are against “The Establishment,” they live and survive thru the Establsihment. Cruz revealed income of over $1M per year, and Rubio over $350K, Rommney in the Millions.
  • The GOP is pro-war and will bomb Syria, attack Russia, and rethoric seems to be of war. Trump on the other hand has an independent position on Russia, Israel, Siria, which is not in tune with the establishment
  • The GOP does nod discuss 9/11 anymore, in fact Obama killed Osama and very little credit is given to Obama. However, Trump may unveil who is behind 9/11, we all want to know!
  • Trump seems to have an ambivalent position on healthcare, who cares, if Obamacare works, who cares?
  • Trump on Taxes, of course he was tax reform, he wants to save his own tax situation
  • Trump will bomb ISIS, why has been so much hesitation in getting rid of ISIS? They rather bomb IRAN that is fighting ISIS, what a contradiction.
  • Trump is pro-life but once again, has no mercy on children born in the US to foreign parents.
  • Whatever issues that other agree, he simply agrees on.

Trump is practical, he uses conservatism and the new agenda as he fits in his agenda. Trump is smart to market himself to a group of working class white americans, he is playing the race card that is clear. Hispanics and Mexicans (Latinos) CAN’T vote, many are just green card holders, and few are citizens that will make an effort to vote. In their minds, who cares if all are sent back to “Mexico,” Latinos could share all the conservative values but their culture, color, and ideas are contradictory to their version of America.

On th other hand, black voters will vote for Hillary anyways, so in essense Donald Trump is playing a smart card, he just needs a few independents voters that will want to “Remove the Establishment,” the GOP grass roots will have to choice but or Hillary/Sanders or him.


The GOP is done as a political party, a split is the next step to occur. There will be a right wing with brains that will allow government with a democratic party that is more inclined to negotiate with the democrats, and an ultra right wing party that will be professing for extremism and a strong ideal of “Ayn Rand” world where there is no government. Trump is just the hijacker, the opportunist, that is using the GOP to become a president.

The failure and the “hack” that Trump is relying on is that new conservatism contradicts itself as selfish, individualistic, heartless, supremacist with a great deal of belief that there is no other truth than theirs. Bringing America Back, back to what? To what America was in the 60s? On the other hand it professes Christianity, which is selfless, sharing, caring, forgiving, and following a Christ that is pure and does not care about material posessions. The new conservatives follows an idolatry of the self and of those who have “made it,” and depsises the weak and the minorities.

Trump will clearly win the election in the GOP, no matter what Rubio, Cruz and GOP traditional individuals say, as Trump has hijacked the party using all those ideals that themselves have supported, created, and enhanced. Trump is just a better salesman that Rubio, Cruz, and Rommney.

Now all the inconsistencies of the GOP and unknown or unexpected results from a Trump presidency are a great unknown. We know for sure that:

  • A big wall with Mexico will be built, millions will be deported from the US
  • We know that Trump will play a practical card with the world, Russia, China. China may loose a lot of value as Trump may impose taxes to those exporting jobs to China, forcing jobs to be brought back to America.
  • Americans may become hostile with hispanics and latin american immigrants.
  • Trump might build build and build, which might not be a bad thing
  • Trump might be as unexpected as a random walk event

Who knows after all, Trump may not only affect immigration but may just destroy the GOP as a political party and bring back a new generation of people with an unknown outcome, maybe a new GOP or a new party after all with a new vision.

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