Arduino Install fails on MacOS 10.7.5

The Arduino UNO is not functional and in fact when you have 10.7.5 an error such as: “Serial Port Already in Use” /dev/tty-ZCASDFASF in my case: /dev/tty-EdwinHernandez-1  is already in use may prompt. However, this is not what is going on.


The USB on the Arduino from OSEPP UNO R3 PLUS is not listed in the VID/PID of the FTDI Driver for the MAC

You MUST upgrade the FTDI Driver to get your Arduino to mount the proper /dev/tty.usbmodem driver

The link can be found :

And I used : x64_2.2.18 was installed, then I can see


And work with Arduino UNO R3 From OSEPP.

arduino1 As you can see the MAC OS enumerated the wrong thing /dev/tty.EdwinHernandez is NOT the right thing, usbserial or usbmodem should be the one that is enumerated to work correctly.


Note: I also read about the /var/lock directory that needs to be done:

$sudo su –

Enter your password here!

#mkdir  /var/lock
#chmod 777 /var/lock




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