Gluster FS Upgrade

Gluster FS has had several upgrades and updates, recently v. 3.3 is out. I recommend if you have Ubuntu LUCID 10.04 to:

add-apt-repository ppa:semiosis/upstarted-glusterfs-3.3
sudo apt-get update
sudp apt-get install glusterd

Now /etc/gluster/glusterd.vol is the default file to use.

If you have Precise or other Ubuntu, you may  do:

add-apt-repository ppa:semiosis/ubuntu-glusterfs-3.3

If you want to check in the cache what you can use, do

sudo apt-cache search gluster

If there is a mismatch between GlusterFS 3.2 and 3.3, it won't work. You will get an error due to different versions.

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