This weekend was, another weekend as usual, full of work, but also I think somewhat fun as well. I helped organizing with “Startup Weekend” Boca Raton, and as a part of the excitement I decided to create a new thing and teamed up with Lucie Allaire and Henry Incer, who are part of the “HulaDrive” as well.  Personally, I had a few items I wanted to do or learn:

  • RaspberryPI
  • DropBox, Google Drive Synchronization
  • HulaDrive work

I spoke about this idea before with Rob Strandsberg at EDC (Enterprise Development Corporation) before and I was sure that a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) could be built but didn’t know how. Friday evening, I started under the assumption that you should be able to create a small device, an embedded device, that will synchronize anything  to the cloud with the push of a button. This device should be able to be a standalone station where you can synchronize with any cloud of your choice, the contents on a hard drive, a camera, a mobile phone, tablet, or another PC. This will alleviate the needs of your PC being that hub, but having the convenience of having a standalone unit capable of that same work liberating your desktop or laptop for your normal tasks.

After discussing a name with Mike Miller, from, our mentor and adviser, we decided to call this device, the “Hula Sync.”

Here a sample of the device in action:


After a couple of hours of coding, the RaspberryPI using a wheezy image was able to connect to DropBox and load files into it, after doing the corresponding OAUTH sequence and several issues with the iPhone — really why is it an USB Ethernet device instead of a Mass Storage Unit?   Even a website was up and running with some information at

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”7AJz3tQPLmo”]

We will file some IP (Intellectual Property)  from this work, as it seems still feasible and now disclosed we have to do it fast!

Thanks to the team : Lucie Allaire and Henry Incer for creating a great video and a powerful presentation.  We did not win anything at Startup Weekend, but well, this is going to be part of EGLA’s portfolio.

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