Honduras is Great mentions me :)

Usually I don’t like people tagging me in photos or articles on Facebook, but today I got tagged by a friend in an article published by a Facebook page called “Honduraas is Great,” with a membership of over 3000+ Hondurans/friends, I was featured for what I have done thus far which I think has been “good”  but to my standards “good” only not great. I want to thank those Honduras who think that I have contributed something to change our very pessimistic  outlooks but even more to acknowledge other Honduras who are trying to be different and go against a difficult set of prejudices, stereotypes and an avalanche of bad news coming from Honduras.

As you will see in my blog, twitter account, and our facebook pages for my company and products, we are doing a lot more and expect to see better things coming up.

Thanks again @Honduras is Great. 



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