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EGLA COMMUNICATIONS is also working on a new project called, currently under construction but we are in the verge of creating a personalized TV experience for Mobile, IPTV, and the internet. Our model is to use the internet and our technology to deliver media experiences tailored, a-la Carte, to all users online.

The EGLA MEDIA PLATFORM is currently capable of many things, however media is high-bandwidh intensive, we need to support HD TV as well as mobile, and many set-top-boxes like Roku, Boxee, and others.  I am personally filing for intellectual property in this sector and we’ll be working on these ideas shortly with some demos
I read this article on Techcrunch and I do believe in a similar vision:
Dijit Media, a startup whose vision is to create the ultimate “hyperpersonalised social TV guide” mobile experience. Jeremy has over 11 years experience in the convergence of digital media, mobile entertainment, social entertainment, social TV and consumer technology working with companies like Sling Media, Mediabolic, Boxee, Clicker, VUDU, and more.”

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