Phonegap is my choice

As I was reading the link provided by  I have found that my comments on what framework is best can be summarized as follows:

  • PhoneGap is multiplatform, relies on Webview so render the page and you can then use javascript to control the device, obviously if there is a lot of back and forth or event feedbacks from the platform those need to be controlled in PhoneGAp. I modified already iPhone, Blackberry, and android’s versions of phoneGap very successfully.
  • DroidDraw, this article includes DroidDraw but DroidDraw is just a way to create GUIs in android without you typing XML 
  • Appcelerator. I think it’s a cool GUI but again, a seasoned developer may want to see the guts of the code. There also could be long-term dependencies to their server-based approach that could hinder your future.
  • Google’s App Inventor, it seems there is no access to the code and obviously it may not be because Java is just an intermediate step used by Google Android to generate Dalvik-Executable files. I assume then that going GUI to Java to DEX was not efficient and hence Google decided to go from GUI to DEX
  • WebViews: I don’t understand why DroidDraw and Webviews are even here, if you want to keep writting code on top of WebView you will end up with Appcelerator Titaniul or PhoneGap.
  • I have not tried Rhode and AML

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