Updates since 2007

I will attempt to update my lack of posting for about a year.

  1. Job: Promoted to “Principal Staff Software Engineer” or E-10 in Motorola, recently Motorola went for a big round of layoffs where 355 engineers were let go. Most of my friends were impacted but I am still with Mobile Devices.
  2. Patents: Obtaining PKI certificates from USPTO to be able to submit patents on my own, additionally two more patents were issued:
  3. 7,331,793 Magnetic connector Motorola
    7,269,388 Bluetooth pan driver Microsoft

  4. Memberships: I became part of TPC for BROADNETS 2008, and editorial board for “Journal of Networks & Systems Management.” Please submit your papers to BROADNETS : http://www.broadnets.org/2008/ (TPC) and http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/5703/home/EditorialBoard.html (E. A. Hernandez Editor). I was also contacted by Honduran’s COHCIT to be part of an international network of researchers and scientists
  5. Teaching : I have been slacking off on teaching at undergraduate level, no updates on that subject. I prepared a Location-based Services class and blog, but no updates on this subject.
  6. Software Development: Gained experience on Android/DalvikVM, J2ME Developments, .NET and XML/XSD development.

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