Costa Rican Elections. & Latin American Politics

Costa Rica goes today to the polls and elect a new president All seems that “Partido Liberacion Nacional,” PLN or National Liberation Party, a Social-Democrat organization, leads the polls and ex-president (peace nobel laurate) Oscar Arias Sanchez will replace Pacheco. Incredibly enough, in th US there is a Social Democrat party.

A red rose held in a closed fist usually identifies this political organization. If you want to learn more about Social Democracy (Wikipedia).

There are several leftist organizations now in power all over latin america :

  • Partido Socialista – Argentina with Kichner
  • Parido Popular Socialista, PSDB, PDT – Brazil (Lula Da Silva)
  • Partido Socialista – Chile
  • Partido Encuentro – Uruguay (a coalition of leftists movements, center-right)
  • Movimiento Bolivariano – Chavez – Venezuela
  • Evo Moralez Movement – Bolivia
  • Toledo (center-left) – Peru
  • Lucio Gutierrez – Ecuador ? – ala Chavez also
  • Some are not clearly defined but seem to be drift to the left :

  • Torrijismo – Panama. Generally left… but not clear with Torrijos Jr.
    Quoting Pradva (Russian newspaper(

    Martin Torrijos, son of the popular Panamanian leader Omar killed by a CIA plot in 1981, also took part in the celebrations. In response to a question of Pravda.Ru at the Bolivian Palace of Government, Martin said: “My father would have been very proud of the brave Bolivian people”.

  • Dominican Republic – No idea ?
  • Clearly to the right or center-right

  • El Salvador – ARENA, right-wing
  • Nicargua – Partido Liberal bur there is an increased popularity for Daniel Ortega’s FSLN.
  • Guatemala –
  • Honduras – Partido Liberal is pretty much a center-right
  • Colombia – right wing
  • Read this interesting article on article, SocialsmToday article and a CNN’s article

    Is 2006 Mexico might be either turing left or center left with PRD and PRI (both parties call themselves Revolutionary?( , and also PERU, a socialist frontrunner (this guy is a-la-Chavez.

    Quoting the People’s daily online (Chinse newpaper):

    Neo-liberalism is very popular in present-day world, but has been said “No” from Latin America in polls and votes. As pushed in the tough globalization tides, Latin America has developed a lot of misgivings towards free trade as some countries are picking up again the shield of trade protectionism. Whether or not they’ll make it in their new path, perhaps only time can tell.

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